Oh why, hello! (that was spoken in my horrible attempt at a British accent, incase you couldn't tell.) I'm Allison! I'm a creative entrepreneur, photographer and blogger and I live in Kansas City with my cat child, Mr. Purrie. 

This corner of the internet is dedicated to helping you start, launch and grow your online business and blog in a fun, colorful way! I give you a detailed behind-the-scenes look at my own experience of going from being a zero income blog to being a full-time income blog over the course of a year while also being a full-time creative entrepreneur for the past 7 years with tips, resources and tutorials to help you stand out and make a living doing something that you love. Are you ready to kick ass and take your blog + online business to the next level? Enroll in my free 7-day mini course, From Side Hustle to Success! 

So how did it all start, you might be wondering?

The day I turned 16 and got my first job (as a waitress at Steak'N'Shake!) I vowed that one day, I would be my own boss and start my own business. 

After graduating from college and trying my luck at being an actress in Hollywood for five years, (yep, totally did that. Ha!) I finally started my own photography business which ... awesomely enough ... I was able to work full-time from the very beginning! Fast forward a bazillion years later (okay not quite that much, more like 7 years later!) and I can officially say that I've been working for myself full-time in a business that I created for the past 7 years.

 And I freak'in love it.

However, back in 2014 after working my photography business for 4 years, I realized that I had fallen in love with the business side. Marketing, blogging, advertising, branding, social media ... I loved it all! And I wanted to help other people learn how to do it, too.

So in 2015 I officially changed my blog (which I had been blogging on for fun for over five years), and rebranded to Wonderlass with the mission to help as many people as possible start and grow their own profitable online businesses! 

And so here I am.

In the past 7 years I've done everything from blogging to photographing weddings to starting my own Etsy shop. I've designed (and then re-designed!) my own website, have spent countless hours looking at business resources just for fun and have worn just about every single business "hat" possible! Including brightly colored, sparkly pink ones.


Having a job that I love that gives me the freedom to live the kind of life that I want has made my quality of life go waaaaay up. Like ... by insane amounts. And that's why I'm so incredibly passionate about helping YOU do the same! After all, we spend so much of our lives working, shouldn't we love it? 

You can be yourself and grow a profitable online business that you feel damn pumped about waking up to in the morning! And I'm gonna be your crazy, colorful sidekick to help you make it happen.

I believe that working should be fun, embracing your inner quirks should be the norm and that wearing sweatpants multiple days in a row is perfectly acceptable! You don't need tons of money, years of schooling or "luck" to start a profitable online business that you love. You DO however need the right tools, resources, drive and pixie dust! (Just kidding about that last part.) I started Wonderlass to help creative women who want more fulfillment (and color!) in their lives build something they adore that they can also call their job. So if you're ready to get weird, have fun and kick some serious online business butt, you should start with my free From Side Hustle to Success mini course!

So grab yourself some coffee, we're about to get down to business.

Me (aka Allison)!

p.s. I get really excited and tend to talk in exclamation points, randomly break out into weird accents and am constantly obsessing over cats and coffee.