10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Doing Webinars Like Yesterday

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Doing Webinars (Like Yesterday!) How to do a webinar | Wonderlass

You know what I used to hate but now love?

(Like ... seriously love even almost as much as coffee?)


Webinars have literally been one of the biggest game changers for my online business this year. Which is hilarious to admit because guess whose actually quite shy in real life and was utterly horrified at the idea of doing webinars last year?

This gal.

Yep, I’m not even joking when I say that in high school, I used to eat my lunch in my car because I was too terrified to eat in the cafeteria. (Yeah … kinda sad I know!) 

A lot of people are shocked when I tell them that I actually identify as an introvert! I love to be by myself, working in large groups stresses me out, networking events and having to make small talk gives me anxiety and I definitely need to spend quality time at home alone in order to recharge!

However, I kept hearing about how amazing doing webinars was for business AND a bunch of other leaders in my industry whom I admired were also hopping onto the webinar train, so I told myself that I needed to try doing at least one webinar.

Then, after doing just one I could rightfully say “See?! I told you that webinars wouldn’t be a good fit for me!”

Yeah … that totally didn’t happen.

Not only did nearly 500 people sign up for my first ever webinar, but I also made over 2k during the live event (and I wasn’t even planning on selling anything in the first place!) Oh, AND I ended up having a total blast! Like, I seriously fell in love with doing webinars. Hard.

As an introvert, I suddenly realized that doing webinars was actually perfect: I could connect with people and make money from home. Alone. With my Lumpy Space Princess themed leggings on.

I am literally SO freak’in excited that I could spill my coffee everywhere!!! Why?

Because webinars have been a game changer for my blog and online business, and I know that they can be for you too. And not only that, but they have given me confidence. 

If you’re feeling a little “eh … I’m not sure about doing webinars …” then allow me to present to you 10 reasons why you should!

10 reasons why you should definitely bite the bullet and do a webinar ...

1. You become seen as an expert in your niche.

Like … a mega expert. Things like blogging are great and can definitely help you to be seen as an expert in your niche, but doing webinars takes it to a whole new level. Being on camera teaching and interacting with your audience live? Can't beat that, baby!

2.  They make you and your brand stand out.

You know what’s really important now adays with the bazillions of other online businesses out there? Standing out. Doing a webinar makes you stand out because a.) not nearly as many people are doing them and b.) you get to show your awesome personality even more!

3. Explode your e-mail list with the right people.

Getting 500 new subscribers in a couple of days sure does sound lovely, doesn’t it? Oh wait, it IS! And doing webinars makes that happen. And you don't just get any 'ol subscribers, you get subscribers who are actually interested in you and your content!

4. Build trust and connection with your audience.

Is one of your lovely, fluffy clouded dreams making money online? Because if it is, then building trust and connection with your people is essential. I mean let’s be honest … would YOU buy from someone online that you didn’t trust or like? Probably not.

Doing webinars helps you to build trust because you're providing awesome value for free and they help you to connect with your audience because people get to see you, hear your voice and really get an opportunity to see your personality shine! 

5. Make way more money.

As much as I was terrified at the idea of selling, there’s no question that doing webinars is amazing for actually making sales! And not only that, but they are great for making passive income, too. Yo … you don’t even need to sell anything during your actual webinar presentation in order to make money with them!

(Psssst, I talk all about the different ways you can make money with webinars even if you don't actually sell anything during the presentation itself in this blog post!)

6. Grow your business faster.

When I started doing webinars it was like something finally “clicked.” I was getting more e-mail subscribers faster, making more money, getting more traffic, making new connections, getting more collaboration opportunities … my business was literally growing faster in every possible way!!! (Which was pretty dang exciting.)

7. Connect with others in your industry.

I have partnered up with others who I seriously look up to since doing webinars! (Yeah, I’ve had a fan girl moment or two.) Doing webinars allows you to build meaningful relationships with others in your industry, which is kinda important in the online business world. (Yes, even for us introverts!)

8. They’re super fun.

And perfect for introverts!!!! (No, seriously.) I couldn’t believe how much I actually enjoyed doing my first webinar after it was over! Connecting with people in the chat box (who were actually excited to be there), feeding off of everyone’s positive energy and geeking out about something that I was passionate about to people who actually wanted to hear about it? AWESOME.

9. Validate Your Product Idea & Launch with a bang! (Yep, super smart.)

Launching a new online course, service or product? Webinars are great for making sure that you launch with a bang! They can help you validate your product idea BEFORE you waste any time or money creating it AND they build your e-mail list with people who are actually interested in the topic of whatever it is that you’re launching. Oh!!!! And they get people excited about whatever you’re launching before you even launch it. (Which is pretty amazing if you ask me!) 

10. Gain more confidence.

That feeling after you hit “end” on your live broadcast? Wonderful.

That feeling of when you see people in the chat box excitedly thanking you for such a great presentation? Freak'in fabulous.

I felt a huge boost in my confidence after I finished doing my first webinar, and that confidence just continues to build. And not only that, but the continual boost in my confidence as given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone to try even more new things!

Even if you feel anxious, uncomfortable on camera, terrified of being salesy or dumbfounded by the tech, I can help you bust out of your comfort zone and kick things up a notch. (Trust me, if I can do it so can you!)

And if you'd like to give 'em a shot, I've got a free webinar crash course for creative entrepreneurs to get you started! It's a 1.5 hour long workshop that includes a goody bag with checklists, cheat sheets and a workbook. Just click below to watch the course!

Are you convinced that you should do a webinar yet? ;-)

Trust me, they're so much fun and GREAT for growth.

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10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Doing Webinars (Like Yesterday!) How to do a webinar | Wonderlass

What about you? Have you thought about trying to do a webinar? Why or why not? Let me know below, yo! 

And now, it’s time to go do one of my favorite things; sweep the living room. (Don’t laugh, I totally get satisfaction from sweeping up dirt!)