10 Things Brilliant Brands Do

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Today's blog post.

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Today we're talking about branding, (one of my absolute favorite topics!) and 10 things that brilliant brands do so that you can do them yourself.

You know ... incase you'd like to create a brand that's absolutely f*cking brilliant.

And why wouldn't you?

If you're not clear on what a brand is or why it's important, check out this post!

Okay let's dive right in shall we?

Here are 10 things brilliant brands do!

1. Brilliant brands have a very clear purpose and mission in everything they do

This is the CORE of everything a brand does and is the guiding beacon of light for every single decision! Brilliant brands are extremely clear on their purpose and mission and they make sure that all of their decisions and actions are in line with it.

They don't do things like create content for the sake of creating content, they create ALL of their content with a very specific purpose and mission in mind!

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2. Brilliant brands know their ideal audience inside and out

Brilliant brands don’t try to appeal to everyone. Nope!

Instead, they get very clear on a very specific type of person and get to know them extremely well. Their interests, fears, passions, likes, dislikes, values, dreams, frustrations and so much more.

Remember that free workbook which I mentioned above?

Grab it right here, because it'll walk you through getting clarity on THIS too.

3. Brilliant brands have a distinct voice

No matter what platform they’re speaking on, a strong brand will maintain a consistent, clear voice across ALL of them.

They have a certain vibe and a clear mission that is always at the heart of everything.

And not only that, but because they know EXACTLY who they're talking to, they talk in a way that appeals to their ideal audience.

Makes perfect sense right?!

Can you think of a particular brand whose copy (aka writing) always resonates with you?

Oh! And here's a blog post all about how to discover your voice.

4. Brilliant brands use color + graphic elements to evoke particular feelings and emotions

Brands that are the bomb diggity don’t just choose colors because they “look pretty.”

They choose their particular colors, fonts and graphic elements based on exactly what they want YOU to feel.

It's all a part of their master plan to attract their ideal customer!

Speaking of feeling ...

5. Brilliant brands make you FEEL something

The best brands aren’t just recognizable, they actually make you feel something.

Anything! They will give you the feels. They might make you feel calm, empowered, playful, energized, inspired, motivated or moved.

Or depressed.

Which is a little depressing.

Probably why most brands won't intentionally try to make you feel depressed! :P

And speaking of feeling, this all leads me to ...

6. Brilliant brands make you DO something

You feel compelled to get involved with them and take action!

Whether that’s joining them in their mission, supporting them in some way or doing something on your own that you might not’ve done otherwise.

Brilliant brands make you take action.

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7. Brilliant brands are consistent

If you’ve been following me for awhile then you’ve probably heard me say this before but … strong brands are consistent IN everything, across everything.

This means that not only are they using the same visual elements (like specific colors, fonts etc.) across everything, but they also maintain the same voice, vibe, experience etc. across everything.

Say it with me out loud: strong brands are consistent!!!

Did you say it out loud? Don't worry, I'll wait while you do.

Think about a brand like Starbucks for example ...

no matter what country or state you're in, when you walk into a Starbucks there's the same logo, the same set up, the same colors and fonts, the same music station and the same frigid air conditioning in all of them.

Total side note but ... is anyone else always freezing inside of Starbucks? It's like sitting inside of an arctic freezer!

On another side note, I worked at a Starbucks for five years when I lived in southern California pursuing my dream of acting in film.

On a third side note, I auditioned in front of George Lucas for his "Clone Wars."

Sorry, that was a lot of side notes! But hopefully slightly amusing side notes.

8. Brilliant brands are passionate

The BEST brands have passion, baby!

They are passionate about their purpose and sharing it with others. They’re passionate about their beliefs. They’re passionate about what makes up their foundation and core values.

They're passionate about drinking yummy, tasty beverages while working.

Or maybe that's just me.

Whatever. I always encourage people to grab their favorite beverage because it's something that I'm truly passionate about! Working is so much better this way.

9. Brilliant brands both understand and leverage their unique quirks

The brands that actually stand out and attract people who truly resonate with them are not only AWARE of all of the unique little things that make them different, but they really embrace them!

This one really is SO important for standing out.

And standing out is SO important because there are ten bazillion online businesses.

For example, I embrace my love of bright colors and doodling by using them all over my website! My brand colors are bright and my graphic icons are my actual doodles.

I embrace my slightly oddball sense of humor / way of thinking in my writing, and as a result people tell me that my writing style is very distinct ALL. THE. TIME.

It stands out.

Speaking of standing out, here's 27 ways to stand out online!

10. Brilliant brands provide relevant value by responding to what is happening in the world

Brands that are strong are also relevant. They’re not purely based on the latest fads or trends but actually grow with and respond to what is actually happening in the world!

Plus, brands that base themselves on some fleeting trend get outdated. Fast.

Not to use Starbucks as an example again but ... what the hell! :P

They do things like frequently respond to real world events by actively contributing to relevant causes that they are passionate about.

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Sorry, I have a real potty mouth today!

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Are you feeling one step closer to having a brilliant brand yet? 

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Are you missing something on this list that you need in order to be brilliant? Do you have a favorite brand? Let me know below!

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