10 Tips to Promote Yourself Without Being Annoying

You're probably aware that self promotion has kinda gotten a bad rap.

Yep ... just the two words "self promotion" probably send a shiver down your spine as you picture a sleazy online salesperson obnoxiously bombarding people with their annoying attempts at getting some one to buy their services or products!


Unfortunately, self promotion is a MUST if you are trying to grow your blog and business. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be sleazy, tacky, annoying, obnoxious or any other of those negative adjectives! Can I get an AMEN?! What about a HALLELUJAH?!?!

Today I'm here to share with you how you can promote yourself without being annoying! If you keep these things in mind every time you open your mouth about your business, you'll be able to promote yourself in a way that is authentic and genuine. People like authentic and genuine WAY more than annoying and sleazy! 

(And if you like annoying and sleazy more ... well ... then you're a little weird. Just say'in.)

1. Know exactly WHAT you're trying to promote.

This might sound a little obvious, but you need to know EXACTLY what you are trying to promote so that you can promote to the people who actually WANT what you're promoting. Which leads me to ...

2. Know exactly WHO you're talking to.

You know what's really annoying? Constantly getting "pitches" about something that you're not even interested in! I'm sure you've been on Facebook before when you noticed an ad in your feed that has absolutely nothing to do with your interests and you're just like ... what the hell? Before you promote yourself anywhere, you want to make sure that the people you're communicating with are actually interested first. You want to be in front of people who will actually BENEFIT. So if you're trying to promote your "Healthy Tips for Raising Healthy Babies" blog for instance, don't go blathering about it in front of a bunch of people who clearly don't have children. Know what I mean?

3. Believe in what you're promoting.

You need to be PASSIONATE about it! If you're trying to promote something that you don't actually believe in or only have luke warm feelings for, it won't come across as very genuine. But if you are literally bursting at the seams with excitement over something that you have to offer the world, well then ... keeping it hidden would be greedy!!! So go on, shout it from the mountain tops!

4. Focus on adding value.

Every time you mention something about your blog or business, think about how you can add value for whoever it is that you're speaking in front of. What can you offer them that will be a huge help? Better yet, can it be something valuable and FREE? (Speaking of free, if you'd like to create a brand that's strong, consistent and totally awesome then you should check out my free Strong Brand mini course!) Which reminds me ...

5. Share freely.

No, this doesn't mean giving away all of your products and services for free because well ... that would be bad for business! What it does mean is that you should be generous with your knowledge. Be as helpful and kind to everyone as you possibly can! Answer questions, point people to free resources, etc. (Oh why, speaking of FREE again, I've got a free workshop + workbook to help you grow your traffic, audience and income that you might find useful!)

6. Don't compete.

It will show. You can either be nasty towards your competitors, or you can encourage and grow with your competitors! Build relationships with them. (Who knows, it could lead to a future collaboration or partnership!) Speaking of "competition," why not just eliminate it all together by being yourself? 

7. Tell a story.

If you can share a personal story that will inspire, educate or help the people that you're talking to, then that's a a wonderful way to promote without being icky! The more you can tie what you're selling into your personal experience (that will also relate to THEIR experience) the better! (Pssst, you might also like 10 ways to engage your blog's audience!

8. Answer people's questions on social media.

Social media is a great place to self promote without being icky! Instead of just posting a link to your website saying, "go check out my new product," join relevant Facebook groups filled with your ideal customers and when some one asks a question or expresses a need that you can fill, respond in a helpful and genuine way by pointing them towards what you have to offer (preferably for free!) 

9. Spread the kindness.

Go on, promote others. You're not afraid of competition or other people's successes right? There's plenty of that to go around, trust me! Compliment others in your field when they've done a good job, they will appreciate the kind words and will likely remember you (and maybe even spread the word about you too!)

10. Be genuine and think before you promote.

In everything you do, be genuine. Before you promote, think about whether or not it would be annoying if you were the one on the receiving end!

If you take these tips to heart and incorporate them into the way you share your business, you will NOT be that annoying, sales-pitchy sleaze ball.

Trust me.

In fact, think of self promotion this way: Turn away from the idea of promoting yourself and simply try to be the most genuine, helpful, awesome person on the planet.

Got it?


:::grabs fake walky talky::: I'm out.