10 Tips to be Ultra Productive

10 Tips to boost your productivity like crazy!

If there's one thing that drives me over the top bonkers, it's when I 'm disorganized and feel like I'm wasting time.

Yes, wasted time makes me sad.

As a business owner and also as some one who would like to dedicate my time to people and things that are important to me, I'm always looking for ways to be more productive so I can get more things done and waste less time! I've learned lots of things over the years that have made me into a more productive person, so today I'm sharing 10 of my favorite tips for getting lots of shizzzz done!

(Yes, that's "shizzzz" for "shiz," aka "shit." Incase you were wondering.) 

1. Be friends with time.

It's true, most of us give time a pretty hard time! There's never enough of it, it flies when we're having fun, time is cruel and blah blah blah. But anytime you think of something as the enemy, it's always going to be a source of pain in your life! So instead of viewing time as the enemy, make friends with time! We all get 24 hours a day to get things done, so it's time to make time your new best friend.

2. Make your morning routine nonnegotiable.

I recently wrote this post about the importance of having a morning routine to set yourself up for success! I always spend time in the mornings to enjoy some coffee, read my favorite blogs, give Mr. Purrie some morning pett'ins, stretch my body and go over my to-do list at the beginning of each day. Yeah it's true, SOME days I might not get in my morning routine (like if I have a plane to catch at the butt crack of dawn or if it's the weekend and I am taking the day off,) but I almost always stick to my morning routine on workdays.

3. Use a calendar + planner.

Oh man, I'd be SO lost without my Blog +Life Planner! I'm now in the 6th year of running my own business full-time (DANG has it really been that long?!) and I've learned that using a calendar and planning out tasks ahead of time is essential for getting things done and also maintaining my sanity.

(Yep, that's one of the planners I designed specifically for bloggers and online course creators which you can check out right here!)

Whether you choose to use a digital planner on your phone or a tangible one like mine, scheduling things out is super important! While everyone uses calendars differently, I like to get pretty in depth with mine. I few things I do are:

- Color code. I know, I'm such a nerd. But color coding is so much fun- even my CLOSET is color coded! (Did I really just type that out?) But well, it is. Everything to do with blogging is written in orange, everything to do with my photography business is written in blue, fun things (like coffee dates with friends,) are in purple, etc. This allows me to see with a quick glance what types of things need to get done, what I'm spending my time on, etc. Try it, I swear you'll love it and never go back, hehe.  ;0

- Weekly & monthly overviews. At the beginning of each month I'll write down goals for that month then I'll break those goals down into actionable steps over the weeks. It's super satisfying and is really important in making sure that you're taking the necessary steps to getting what you want accomplished, well ... accomplished!

- Daily to-do lists. You know how I break down my monthly goals into weekly actionable tasks? Well, I always make a to-do list for the next day before bed. It helps me to sleep better with a clear head and then I've already got a road map set up for the next day! If you're struggling to stay afloat with your business and blogging, make keeping up with your planner and finding a schedule that works for you a priority. Plan specific tasks and to-do's out ahead of time so you're not left feeling like you're caught inside a tornado of swirling stress and endless tasks! (Nice picture eh?)

4. Block out your time.

Breaking down my work days into chunks of time really helps me to get a lot done and to focus on the task at hand!! For example, a typical workday for me might look like this:

8:30am - 9:00am "Me" time 9am - 10am E-mails and social media 10am - 12pm Blog work 12pm - 12:30pm lunch 12:30pm - 2:30pm Photography Biz work 3:00pm - 4:30pm Running/training 4:30 - 5:00pm E-mails/to-do list for next day

So during the 2 hour block for blog work, for example, I'll try and knock out as many blog-related tasks on my weekly list as possible!

10 Tips to boost your productivity like crazy!

5. Get your sweat on!

Working-outboosts your mood, brain and ability to focus.It also relieves stress and is a nice break from the daily grind! AND it boosts confidence. In fact, there's a million reasons why you should incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine and boosting your productivity is one of them. So just DO IT!!!! Or I'll send Mr. Purrie to come after you.

6. Have a clean, organized work space.

Trying to get work done in disorganized clutter stresses me out like woah. A clean, simplified workspace really helps you focus! (I've got an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to creative work spaces if you need some inspiration!)

7. Schedule less, say "no" more.

If you're constantly scheduling more than you can handle, then you're always going to feel rushed and behind. And then when you DON'T get everything done? You might feel kinda crappy, too. And that's no good now is it?! Schedule LESS and get MORE done. Also, learn to say "no." If you're not setting boundaries than eventually your sanity will go out the window! For example, I will not schedule photography sessions on Sundays. In fact, I will not schedule work-related anything on Sundays. I've learned to say "no" to opportunities if they don't line up with my goals and/or if I don't have time.

8. Set up e-mail rules to keep your sanity.

Seriously. Do it. I check my e-mail twice a day: once in the morning and once in the late afternoon at the end of my workday. That's it. I don't keep my e-mail tab open on my computer and I don't get notifications on my phone. BEST BUSINESS DECISION EVER!!!! Well, one of them anyway.

9. Overestimate your time.

I'm kind of a perfectionist. Some times I can be a little slow in my work because I want to get it done perfectly, dag nabbit! Plus, unexpected things happen. Put a little cushion into your schedule to allow for these types of things. If you're scheduling yourself to drive some where that's 15 minutes away, give yourself 25 minutes. Traffic happens. Getting lost happens. Getting tickets happen. (That last one totally happened to me last week, ugh!!! Ehem.)

10. Don't blow yourself off!

You have to respect your time, your goals and your work. Ignore invitations and interruptions and take your own work and deadlines seriously! You're worth it. Your work is worth it. Your goals are worth it.

Speaking of goals, I created a suh-weet (and free!) goal setting workbook for you to help you a.) set some kick ass goals and b.) help you create actionable steps so that you can actually achieve them! Get it below, yo.

Are you feeling more productive yet?

Say yes. Say it out load to the computer screen!


Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful! I know that doing these things have really helped me over the last several years. What about you, got any tips that have helped YOU get more stuff done? Please share in the comments!

Cheers to getting lots of shiz done!