11 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Like a Boss


Oh Instagram, I love you. You're full of pretty visuals and you're so much fun to look at! I could scroll through your feed for ages and ages ...


I have a thing for Instagram. Can you tell?! Hahaha! But seriously, Instagram is currently the fastest growing social platform with over 300 million brands and consumers in it's ranks. For business owners and bloggers Instagram is the perfect way to engage with followers and share your stuff! And as some one who wants to have a totally unique and bad-ass business, it's important to make sure that you're doing what you can to use this platform to it's full potential! So here are 11 ways to grow your Instagram account and really kick it up a notch! 

1. Use the same high quality, personality-filled profile picture across all your social media accounts.

I babble about consistency constantly in my latest course. Why? Because strong brands are consistent! Help people recognize you by creating consistency! Have a similar photo (or better yet, the SAME photo), as your profile picture on all your accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Make sure that it's clear and something that is consistent with the vibe of your brand! Don't be afraid to really let loose and show your personality.

2. Make your username similar to your business name so it will be easy for people to find you in search results.

I recently changed my handle on Twitter because back when I first joined, I joined as "BeansVooMama." (Inside joke!) Unfortunately, "BeansVooMama" had absolutely nothing to do with my business name (or business, for that matter!) and came across as a bit confusing to most people. If your business name is not yet taken, I'd recommend using it!

3. Explain your business and purpose for being on Instagram with a tagline.

You should have a mission statement and tagline for your business, so why not further brand yourself by letting people know what you are all about on Instagram? (Bonus points if you include this mission statement or tagline across all your social media accounts!)

Check out Sam Ushiro's Instagram account, this girl has got it going on! Yes, her account is what I aspire to! Notice the fun profile photo, the fact that her username is the same as her website and that she includes what she's all about in the bio!

4. Engage with your followers.

Don't be a hermit; engage with others! Respond to comments on your photos, comment on other Instagram user's photos and find new people to follow each week. I make it a point to expand my circle by following at least 5 new people each week. Look for users that share your passions, inspire you and people that would be your ideal client! Follow them and take a moment to like and comment on a few of their photos.

5. Post better pictures.

The dark, grainy snap that you took of last night's meal? Proooobably not the best thing to post. Make use of natural light and post photos that are clear! Edit and crop your photos to kick them up a notch. Currently my favorite app to edit all of my photos on is A Color Story- it's freak'in awesome. Some of my favorite iPhone apps for this are A Beautiful Mess and Afterlight!

Want some pretty pictures for free that you can use on your Instagram and in your blog + biz? You can click the pink button below if you'd like to grab 15 free stock photos that I shot with my own 2 hands! :-)

6. Develop a consistent style.

Think of your Instagram feed as a portfolio for your brand. What words would describe your brand? Fun? Colorful? Minimalistic? Classy? Quirky? Before you post a photo, think about whether or not the photo you are posting is in line with your brand. Even better if you can post photos containing your brand colors on a regular basis!

Back to my Instagram crush Sam's photos. Notice how she's got a very clear and consistent style throughout! In addition to all the lovely pinks, yellows and whites her posts ALWAYS make me ravenous for donuts.

7. Vary the types of photos that you post.

I'll bet you are either guilty of or know of at least one person that will post a billion photos of their pet or the meal they just ate ... all in a row! As much as I'm sure you love your baby ... resist the urge to post 5 photos of him/her in a row. Instead, pick and post the very best one! Also make sure to have variety in your photos. Ideas for variety would include:

  • Fun, personal images
  • Business related images
  • Photos that are relevant to your brand and potential customers
  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Photos that tell a story

8. Have some photos on hand for days where you have nothing to post.

I bet you're thinking that some bloggers and creatives must have this picture-perfect life where every day is "Instagram Worthy." But uhhhh, no. (At least, not me! Haha.) Believe it or not, there are some days when I'm inside my apartment all day long with nothing that I feel is very pretty or interesting enough to post. And when that happens ... I turn to the stash of images I have ready to go on my phone! Spend an hour or so picking out some images from your personal archives/blog/portfolio to have on hand for days when you feel like you have nothing to post!

9. Don't over post.

Speaking of posting, it's important to not OVER post. I'd say that posting 1-3 times a day is pretty ideal, and even taking a day completely off from Instagram here and there won't hurt you either.

10. Collaborate with other Instagrammers.

Is there a brand or fellow creative that you could collaborate with? Perhaps you could host a giveaway or start a challenge together! I recently did my first collaboration with my other Instagram crush Katie where we pick a new color each week and challenge people to take photos inspired by that particular color and share them using the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithcolor, it's been so much fun!

11. Use hashtags.

I'm not gonna lie, up until about a year ago I refused to use hashtags. For some reason they made me feel corny and embarrassed, and I thought they were really silly and annoying. But if you're trying to use your Instagram for business, using them is a MUST. Hashtags automatically publicize your photos and make them searchable to the millions of Instagram users out there! Embrace'em, baby! Use ones that are relevant to what you are posting. Some of my favorite hashtags include:

#ABMlifeiscolorful - The gals over at A Beautiful Mess created this one. Use it on photos that really have lots of fun and color!

#thatsdarling - Created by Darling Magazine, this hashtag celebrates the darling little life moments. You can really get creative with this one because the possibilities are endless!

#ihavethisthingwithcolor - This is the hashtag that myself and two other ladies started for the challenge pictured above! We love to choose a color each week that will inspire our photos and we share them with this hashtag! (Pssssst, you should totally join in. It's really fun!)

#mybeautifulmess Another one created by the A Beautiful Mess gals! This one is especially good for showing your beautiful messes: creative projects, crafts, DIYS ... you get the idea!

Want to kick your social media strategy up a notch?

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What about you? Have you tried anything in particular that has helped to grow your Instagram account? Do share, my dearest! And if you'd like to find me in the Instagram world, you can do so right here.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm having a massive craving for some Sour Patch Kids, which MUST be quenched.