14 Very Important Business Lessons That I Learned From My Cat

I'll bet you think you can't learn valuable business lessons from a cat now don't you?

Well, my cat Mr. Purrie would beg to differ!

He is simply chalk full of LOADS of very important business lessons! And today is your lucky day. You know why? Because he's going to teach you his business-savvy ways! Wanna become a better business owner? Then get ready to get schooled by a cat!

Behold, here's 14 very important business lessons that I've learned from my cat:

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

1. Be loyal.

This is one of the best qualities you can have as a strong business owner and brand! Mr. Purrie is incredibly loyal and always shows it by sitting at my feet. As the weeks, months and years go by it's extremely important to be loyal to your clients, followers and to yourself! You need to be faithful by staying true to your brand's goals, commitments and to the overall experience that you provide.

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

2. Think outside of the box.

Oh yesssss, Mr. Purrie LOVES boxes! In order to be truly successful and stand out, you'll need to learn to think differently than everyone else. You'll need to come up with solutions for unexpected problems, learn to differentiate yourself from others, figure out ways to grow consistently, come up with new ideas to break through periods where you feel totally uninspired ... yep ... thinking outside of that cardboard box is invaluable!

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14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

3. Be patient.

Mr. Purrie will spend hours and some times days literally staring at the same bird if he has to in order to get it! So take a lesson from Mr. Purrie here- being patient as a business owner is a necessity!

For most people, growth and tremendous success isn't going to happen over night. For some it will take months or even many years! The important thing is that you are patient. Hell, it took me a good FIVE years before I saw any real growth with this here blog!

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14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

4. Have a plan.

Even Mr. Purrie has a plan to achieve his goal of becoming an internet celebrity! If my CAT has a plan, then I think YOU should probably also have one for your business.

Wouldn't you agree? Having a plan will help you achieve your goals with actionable steps and give you a road map of where you need to go to make big things happen!

So you should definitely check out this post on how to create a business plan!

(It also includes a free editable template to make it nice and easy- eeeeasy like Sunday morning!)

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

5. Keep your eye on the prize.

You know what makes Mr. Purrie a fabulous hunter that gets what he wants? He keeps his eyes on the prize, baby! And you need to do the same with your business.

When things get hard, you're facing tough hurdles and are feeling burnt out and uninspired, you need to FOCUS on the end goal that you have in mind. Remember WHY you started your business or blog in the first place!

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14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

6. Use a comfy chair.

Mr. Purrie knows the importance of using a comfy chair ... do you? (Although I'm sure your butt and back already know how important this one is!) Seriously ya'll ... when you spend HOURS ON END at your computer working, a super comfortable chair makes a HUGE difference. It's the difference between bliss and misery, really.

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

7. Get plenty of sleep.

Oh man does Mr. Purrie LOVE SLEEP!!! I'm sure you don't really need me to blather to you about all of the reasons why sleep is so important for your health and sanity, right? Let's just say that over-working 24/7  does NOT make you better.

Eventually, your health or sanity (or BOTH) will give. Getting enough sleep on the regular is essential for increased productivity and a healthy mindset!

(And if you want to really kick it up a notch, check out this post on 10 tips to create healthy morning habits!)

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

8. Make time to play.

You know what Jack says ... all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!! :::queue horror music as Jack Nicholson axes his way through the door in a blood thirsty rage::: BAHHHH hahahaha!!!! Ehem. Where was I?

Oh yes, the importance of taking time to PLAY. Mr. Purrie takes time to play like 50 times a day! And if you don't have the time to play 50 times a day, make sure that you are carving out at least 30 minutes a day to do something that you love that's NOT work related.

(For some fun ideas check out 25 ways to have a kick-ass day!)

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

9. Take time to reflect.

Oh yesh, Mr. Purrie thoroughly enjoys being all pensive as he looks out the window!

(And yes I definitely meant to type "yesh" instead of "yes" ... that's how I say it in my cat voice!) One of the best things that you can do for your business is take time to reflect on it regularly.

Think about past business mistakes and how you can learn from them as well as what has and hasn't worked for you. How can you grow? How can you do things differently? Don't forget to also think about all of the accomplishments that you've made and how far you've come!

(Speaking of reflecting and making mistakes, check out this post for 5 tips for dealing with failure if you wanna!)

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

10. Be persistent.

Omg, Mr. Purrie is the most persistent cat ever when he wants food and attention. And you know what? His persistence usually pays off! (Here he is pictured "leading" me into the kitchen so I can refill his already full food dish.)

Having the quality of persistence is absolutely vital for making it in the long haul! Do you have a dream to eventually work with a particular brand? Work hard and be persistent. Do you want to really improve? Work hard and be persistent. Persistence pays off, baby!

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

11. Be curious.

Mr. Purrie would just like me to say that curiosity NEVER killed the cat! Being curious is what will spur you forth into trying new things, exploring and learning.

And you know what all of those things are necessary for? Growth. And you know what growth is necessary for? Real success. Never stop being curious!

Speaking of learning, I have tons of free courses for you to learn from!

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

12. Speak up and use YOUR voice.

Mr. Purrie is definitely NOT afraid to use his voice ... in fact ... he quite often sings "the song of his people" at all hours of the day and night! But you know what? He's not afraid to be heard, and you shouldn't either! Using your own voice is a huge part in differentiating yourself from other blogs and businesses.

(Psssst, check out this post on how to use your voice to make your blog stand out if you feel so inclined!)

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

13. Be silly.

Mr. Purrie looooooves getting silly with a bunch of styrofoam peanuts! Now this might sound silly but ... being silly every now and then is important! While you of course want to take your business seriously, you need to also remember to not take everything TOO seriously all of the time. Lighten up every now and then for eff's sake! Just BE SILLY!!!! 

14 Very important business lessons that I learned from my cat!

14. Some times you might feel like an outsider.

Doesn't Mr. Purrie look so sad and pathetic in this photo? Poor guy!!! (Don't feel TOO sorry for him though, in reality he was stuck outside on the screened in porch on a beautiful day for all of like ... 15 minutes.)

As a creative entrepreneur with lots of goals and dreams, there will probably be times where you might feel like no one truly understands you or supports you. 

Maybe there will also be times when you feel like no one notices you and pays you much attention? These things will probably happen and when they do, just keep going. 

Get a support system in place! (Psssst, if you're looking for things like support you should join me in my free Facebook group for lady bosses, we're pretty awesome!)

A close friend or family member that supports your goals is great. If you don't have anyone that you know personally, join a supportive online community of like-minded individuals! You can find tons of groups on Facebook and those are a great way to make new friends.

Isn't Mr. Purrie an excellent teacher?! He continues to give me valuable business lessons on the regular!

Like right now for instance, he his napping. And ... and ... :::yawn::: I think that's what I'm gonna go do now. You know ... so that I can be much more productive tomorrow.

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And now ... cat nap time.