27 Powerful Ways to Stand Out Online

27 Powerful ways to stand out online to get noticed, get more followers and engage your readers!

:::speaking in a cheesy infomercial voice:::

Are you frustrated because you feel like you're doing everything right, but STILL no one seems to notice you online? Are you befuddled because you feel like no one is really seeing you? Are you slightly embarrassed by the fact that you seem to get no interaction from your followers?

Are you wondering "HOW THE HECK can I stand out online?!?!"

If so, this post is for YOU!

Ehem. Okay I'll stop talking in the cheesy infomercial voice now, even though it's really amusing! Hehehe. Ehem!!!

Standing out in a day and age where EVERYONE seems to be starting a blog and/or online business might seem impossible. I totally get it! But trust me, it IS possible.

Not to toot my own brassy horn but, but I get lots of compliments about how I tend to stand out online. Compliments like, "I feel like I've looked through a million websites, and yours really stood out!" and "I love how personal and fun everything feels compared to so many other boring sites ..." and "I love your brand, it really stands out!"

Standing out is SO important, but I too have been in the place where I felt like no one noticed me. :::queue sad violin music:::

BUT. There are several things I've done this year that have made a HUGE difference! And basically, they all revolve around infusing your personality into everything.

Not only will doing these things help you to stand out in a sea of blogs and online businesses that all feel the same, but it will give you originality and allow you to connect with your followers on a deeper level. I'd say that's a double win.

And now behold, here's 27 powerful ways to stand out online: 

1. Be yourself.

I feel like so many people out there are really afraid to do the one thing that will always make them stand out; being themselves!

Do I need to remind you that YOU are the only YOU out there?

(Unless of course you've been cloned, in which case could you please send me a video of you and your clone together because that would be really interesting to see?!)

Embrace who you are. Show it. Your style, your personality, your quirks, your voice, your interests, your design preferences ... everything! The whole shabang.

You should infuse yourself into EVERYTHING in your online business!

Like your brand.

Which is why I created a free course to help you to exactly that. :-)

2. Do value-filled webinars for your audience

Call'em what you want. Live workshops, live classes, live trainings ... the fact remains:

Doing awesome, value-filled webinars for your audience are one of the BEST WAYS that you can stand out online.


Because there's a bazillion blogs and websites out there, but not NEARLY as many people are doing live webinars. And not only that, but you get the chance to truly show your personality by engaging with your audience!

Oh! AND, when you create high quality content for your audience, it stands out too. And guess what? Live webinars are high value, baby!

Want to stand out by doing a suh-weet, value-filled webinar?

Grab my free webinar crash course to get started!

It's a 1.5 hour workshop filled with info and even comes with a workbook, checklists and cheat sheets. Just click below to start standing out, buttercup!

3. Don't succumb to trends (unless you really DO love them!)

AND if they're in line with your purpose, ideal audience and brand.

Hey remember that spring when donuts became super trendy? Donuts got slapped on everything. Donut totes, donut tees, donut phrases, ("I donut care what you think), donut blog posts, donut DIY ... DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS!!!!

Now, I honestly love donuts because I find them both extremely tasty and super cute looking, so I succumbed to this trend lightly.

But my point here is, don't follow a trend simply because all the cool kids are doing it!

If you want to stand out, this means you don't necessarily WANT to be doing what everyone else is doing ... right? Riiiiiight?

Only succumb to trends that you truly, honestly LOVE. (And that align well with the purpose of your business and brand!)

4. Don't give up.

There are TONS of new blogs and online businesses that are being born every day, but do you know how many of these will fizzle out and give up pretty darn quickly?

LOTS of them.

Just because you're passionate about doing something doesn't mean that it will be easy! The people who really stand out are the people who push through the obstacles, evolve and grow. They REFUSE to give up. 

You need to be consistent and show up every day so that you can gain momentum.

Check out the video below that I did in my Facebook group recently because I cover 7 different tips to help you develop a successful entrepreneurial mindset!

(And be sure to subscribe to my channel for more suh-weet and helpful videos.) ;-)

I've also got a lovely little blog post on how to develop that super important dream chasing mindset, baby!

5. Share pretty graphics of your favorite quotes.

Find pretty graphics of your favorite quotes on places like Pinterest and share them with your followers! You can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... just make sure they aline with the overall vibe of your brand!

Behold, I do this regularly on my Facebook page:

15 Powerful ways to stand out online to get noticed, get more followers and engage your readers!

6. Show behind-the-scenes photos of your latest and greatest projects!

Everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes photo. It just makes a business feel more personal, ya know? It's like you are letting your followers into your secret world and it just feels relatable and kind of fascinating at the same time!

Like when I shared THIS behind-the-scenes photo of how I create and shoot my stock photos (totally ghetto style on my back porch!)

Oh and if you're curious as to how the finished photo turned out ... 

Speaking of stock photos ...

Would you like some free ones? Because I seriously love shooting them!

7. Have strong opinions.

Having a lukewarm opinion about something never stands out as much as some one who shares their thoughts and opinions with conviction. Whatever your stance is, stand by it baby!!!! Be strong, be passionate, be a doll and send me some cookies.

(Sorry that last bit just kind of came out because I'm really hungry right now.)

8. Share your story.

No one else has lived your life and has the exact same experiences that you have!

How can you share your story to relate to your followers? You can share it in your about page, your bio, your blog posts ... get creative!

For example, part of my story is that I love running. Here I am about to die at the end of a super hilly and hot half marathon!

I also share some of my story on my about page.

9. Show some casual, fun photos of yourself and your business.

Along those same lines, share some fun photos of the face of your blog or online business: YOU! (Just don't overdo this because an abundance of too many selfies gets old really quick.) Also feel free to share photos of your business mates (if you have any!)

These can be photos of you working, of you out and about doing random things ... get creative! (Great for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!)

Behold, me drinking coffee:

15 Powerful ways to stand out online to get noticed, get more followers and engage your readers!

(Okay let's be honest ... do I or do I NOT look kind of like a turtle in this pic?) Hahaha!

10. Focus on one little thing and do it REALLY well.

People who stand out don't spread themselves thin by trying to do it all.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase that goes something like, "try to please everybody and you'll end up pleasing nobody" before! But you know what? It's true!!! The more that you can FOCUS on one particular thing and get really specific, the better.

A really great example of this is Dana of The Minimalist Baker. (Who I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing last year!)

She focuses on creating vegan friendly recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl to prepare and that take 30 minutes or less to make. SUPER specific right? Her blog's popularity exploded VERY quickly, and I believe it's in part because she's so focused on one particular mission and she does it super well.

Behold, the photo that I took of Dana and her husband being super adorable: 

11. Find out what everyone else is doing (and then do it differently!)

There's a book I really enjoyed reading called 'The Blue Ocean Strategy' which provides countless examples of successful businesses that have gained popularity and success by looking at everything their competitors were doing and then finding a way to do it differently.

(I totally recommend this book for your reading pleasure, by the way!)

Take a moment to really study what your "competition" is doing and find a way to go in the opposite direction or to make it better!

I've also got this post on how to be original and not a copycat, incase you want to make sure that you are being unique in everything that you do.

12. Truly care about your people.

I can't tell you how many times I have felt let down by businesses or brands that I really admired because I ended up feeling like they didn't actually care about me in the end.

Crappy customer services, a bad overall experience, ignored e-mails, ignored calls, stale responses ... :::sniffle::: all of those things make me sad.

Go above and beyond when it comes to your followers and clients- find ways to show them that you care! Give them a great experience, provide them with free (and super awesome) content, engage with them, surprise them in unexpected and kind ways, make them feel understood.

Showing true caring really does stand out SO much in a sea of automated, impersonal brands. I love engaging with and helping the creative ladies in my Facebook group, feel free to join us if you'd like!

(Plus, I do live weekly broadcasts called 'Coffee Talks' in the group every single week covering topics to help people build a profitable blog, and they're loads of fun!)

13. Give people a sneak peek at you "after hours."

What's something fun/funny/entertaining that you could share with your followers of you off the clock? Binging your guilty pleasure on Netflix with a pint of Ben and Jerrys in your lap? You with mega bed head in the morning? Again ... get creative! (Perfect for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!)

Behold, me playing pinball at my favorite pinball joint (I like to call my pinball breaks "lunch breaks," hehehe):

15 Powerful ways to stand out online to get noticed, get more followers and engage your readers!

(You get bonus points if you know what movie the floating Elton John head refers to!)

14. Ask your followers engaging questions.

What's an interesting question related to your industry that you could ask your followers? What's a total off-topic but still great question that you could ask your followers? If you want people to engage with you, give them a reason to!

Get my drift?

(You might enjoy the post I wrote on 10 ways to engage your blog's readers!)

15. Share quality, original content that's super useful and amazing!

When people find something truly useful and super awesome they will want to share it.

Like ... there's a particular dessert here in KC that I'm obsessed with. I babble to people about it constantly and tell them that you have to go try it right now!!! (The restaurant is McCoys and the dessert is the bread pudding, incase you were wondering.)

You want to focus on creating quality, original content, baby!

(For more info on writing kick butt content, check out this post on how to never run out of ideas for awesome content!)

16. Under promise and over deliver.

This is a motto that I learned and implemented into my photography business very early on! Always try and give people more than they would expect from you.

For example, I'd always tell my wedding photography clients that they will have their gallery of images ready in 4 - 6 weeks after their wedding when in reality I would always try and deliver them in HALF the time!

This not only makes my clients SUPER excited, but it also makes it so that I have exceeded their expectations.

Think of what a let down it would be if I promised the images in 2 weeks but ended up running behind and getting them the images in 4 weeks! (Because life and business happen.)

See what I'm say'in? Always look for ways that you can over deliver, add extra value and go the extra mile!

17. Share a snapshot of your snazzy workspace.

I'm kind of obsessed with seeing people's workspaces.

(In fact I've got an entire board on Pinterest that's dedicated to people's creative workspaces!)

Share with your followers a picture of where the magic happens, baby! (Excellent for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!)

Speaking of workspaces ... here's a snippet of my own workspace! :-)

15 Powerful ways to stand out online to get noticed, get more followers and engage your readers!

18. Get involved with online communities.

Time to get out there and network! Think of it as simply making online blog and business friends if that makes it easier.

THE most important thing is building meaningful, genuine relationships!

Look for groups on Facebook related to your niche and industry and get involved. Actually post stuff, ask questions and share things!

I already mentioned it once but who cares ... 

I've got a Facebook group for creative ladypreneurs - join ussssssss!

(That was said in a creepy demon voice, by the way.) 

19. Share amazing testimonials.

This one is a GREAT way to stand out online!

Especially if you are trying to sell a product or service. (In fact I'd say some raving testimonials are a MUST if you're trying to sell anything!)

Testimonials provide credibility and help people to trust you when they likely have never met you before.

For example, if you check out the sales page for one of my courses, you'll see lots of testimonials throughout the entire thing:

20. Keep your website up to date.

Do you tweet on Twitter like 10 times a day and update your Facebook on the regular but neglect to consistently update your website? SHAME ON YOU!!!!

(That really wasn't as mean is it sounded.)

But for real, don't forget to keep your website up to date! Post consistently, check to make sure everything works, audit your posts and bring in new goodies and content!

21. Offer a super valuable freebie and send value-filled emails to your email subscribers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, (sounding like a broken record- oh yeah!)

If you want to build a profitable blog or online business, then you NEED to not only grow your email list, but you need to actually provide value and build relationships with your subscribers so that you can make sales.

And if reading that made your head explode a little, don't worry! :-)

I've created the free Ignite Your List challenge to walk you through it step-by-step.

The challenge has a 4 part video masterclass series, specific action steps and extra bonus content all delivered straight to your inbox, baby! It'll walk you through how to do things like ...

  • How to create the perfect freebie to attract the RIGHT people to your business (and straight onto your email list!) ;-) AND it'll provide insane value too.
  • The fastest ways to get traffic to your freebie (without using paid ads. BOOM!)
  • What to actually send your subscribers to build relationships and make sales

If you want other people to give you comment love, reach out and comment on some one else's content. The more love you give, the more you will receive! PLUS other commenters will see you and some of them will probably click on you to check out your site! (This happens to me all the time.)

22. Actually interact with people on your social media accounts.

Make sure to engage with people on your social media accounts! On places like Facebook, Instagram, etc. take the time to respond to comments and to also comment on the content of others.

You don't have to spend all day doing this- in fact it would be best NOT to get sucked into the black hole that is social media browsing! But set a time limit of 5 - 15 minutes each day for this very thing.

(Speaking of social media black holes, you might enjoy this post on 10 tips to avoid social media burnout!)

Behold, here I am actually responding to the comments on Instagram account (also I can't stop saying "behold"):

15 Powerful ways to stand out online to get noticed, get more followers and engage your readers!

23. Truly engage with people in your online forum, if you have one.

You know what really ticks me off?

People who start online forums (such as groups on Facebook), and then don't actually interact with the people who join!

(Or they very rarely make a peep.)

Having an online forum is a great idea, but make sure that you are actually interacting with your people. They are joining YOUR group after all, make them feel cared for!

24. Be positive.

Be a sparkly, colorful unicorn that poops rainbows in a world filled with negativity and bad things! Do you ever get depressed like I do when you scroll through Facebook and see nothing but sad articles, hate-filled comments and whiny status updates?

Blegh!!! Yuck.

It sounds cheesy but find ways to brighten some one's day and make them smile!  

Send a reader a care package. Give someone a genuine compliment. Send a client a hand-written note just because. E-mail your followers a hilarious e-card (omg these ones are hilarious!)

25. Talk in YOUR OWN voice, not some stale business voice.

Talking in someone else's voice is just weird and creepy.

So don't do it, mmmkay? Just BE YOURSELF!

I wrote an entire post about using your voice right here!

So read it. Read it NOW!!! (Sorry, I'm getting bossy.)

(Or at least, once you finished reading this blog post, hehehe.)

26. Create a stellar, personality-filled brand presence online.


Having a strong and SUPER AWESOME BRAND will make you stand out like nobody's business.

(Literally, ha!)

To make sure YOUR brand is strong + consistent, you should totes (yes I just said "totes"), enroll in my Strong Brand mini course.

The only thing it will cost you is your time. :-)

27. Share the awesome content of other people that you admire.

Sharing is caring, yo.

Too many people get sucked up into the "if I share other people's content, no one will notice ME!!!" belief. Nope, it's not true.

Plus you never know, the person whose content you're sharing might take notice and thank you for it! OR they might share something of yours in return. ;-)

Speaking of sharing the awesome content of others ... did you find this post helpful? If so, make my day by sharing it on Pinterest! :D

Like ... I will give you a virtual cup of your favorite beverage if you share this post.

To share on Pinterest, just hover over the photo below and click on the little "P!" 

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And that's it!

And now, have you tried anything on this list? Is there anything I could ADD to this list to make it extra helpful? DO share below!

What are you having for dinner? (Totally off-topic but hey I'm SUPER hungry right now and have a one track mind!!!)