18 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out


Aaaalright you lovely person you, today we're gonna explore more on one of my favorite topics ev-ah: BRANDING.

I already shared with you 10 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Brand, but what are some things that you can do to really kick it up a notch? You know, to make your brand stand out above the rest? Well, let's take a look shall we?! 

Here's 18 things you can do to make your brand stand out! 

1. Enroll in my Strong Brand Mini Course for Free.

So um ... I have a free course right here that will help your brand! 

If you haven't taken it yet, it'll help make sure that your brand is consistent, clear and totally awesome AND it'll also help you to infuse your unique personality into your brand so that it's one of a kind and STANDS OUT.

(Sounds like fun, no? I swear it is!) :-)

2. Use your personal quirks to your advantage.

What is it about you that makes you different? What are your quirks? Find ways to incorporate them into your brand!

For example, back when I ran my photography business I incorporated my childlike, whimsical attitude on life directly into all of my things!

And I've infused my silly sense of humor into my writing style here on this blog.

3. Pay attention to detail.

Paying attention to all the little details that often get overlooked is a GREAT way to make your brand stand out. Things like the way you dress, your website, your social media presence, how you respond to e-mails etc should ALL reflect your unique brand!

4. Tell your story.

Your story is what makes you unique because NO ONE has the exact same story! Plus, sharing your story helps others to connect with you better, which is really important online.

Share your story and how it has inspired you to do what you are doing.

I've shared my story right here and I've explained how it's lead me to where I am!

5. Make sure your brand is cohesive.

I blathered about the importance of this one already!

Like in this 10 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass brand blog post. 

You have GOT to use the same colors, logos, fonts, etc on EVERYTHING.

And if you're not sure whether or not your brand is cohesive and strong then you need to enroll in my free course.

6. If you blog, create an archive page.

Some times it's kinda easy to forget that many times, some one will be visiting your blog or website for the FIRST time. All of those millions of posts that you've already written?

Gone like the wind baby!

Well ... not TECHNICALLY gone, but new readers will have to do a crap ton of scrolling to see all of your older posts and let's face it ... they're probably NOT going to do that.

Make it easy for new readers to see ALL of your content easily by creating archives!

You could even create a "Start Here" page for first time visitors where you suggest different links to your favorite posts!

For example, all of my pages are archived. When some one clicks on the category "Biz Tips & Tricks" from the menu, you will be shown all my posts in one easy glance!

Also if you read my little "about me" page, you'll notice that I share not only WHAT my blog is about, but I share suggested links as well!

7. Create a challenge.

Creating a challenge for your clients and followers to participate in is a great way to spread the word and connect with your audience!

For example, I've got a free challenge to help you master your email marketing.

Woo to the Hoo!

It's called the Ignite Your List challenge and it’s got a 4 part video masterclass series, specific action steps and extra bonus content all delivered straight to your inbox.

It'll walk you through exactly how to do important things like ...

  • How to create the perfect freebie to attract the RIGHT people to your business (and straight onto your email list!) ;-)
  • The fastest ways to get traffic to your freebie (without using paid ads. BOOM!)
  • What to actually send your subscribers to build relationships and make sales

Want to up your email marketing game? Then grab it below!

8. Create a client experience workflow.

Having a kick-ass brand requires you to give each and every client a kick-ass experience! Make sure you stay consistent by not skipping any steps by taking the time to create a client workflow sheet. From that very first e-mail to that very last thank-you note, record each and every step you will go through with each client.

In fact don't do this workflow thing with JUST clients; create a workflow for each major business aspect that you have! This includes your blog post process, photo editing process, etc.

9. Audit your products and services.

The more focused you can be, the better.

You might have TONS of different passions and interests and be tempted to dabble in all of them, but the result will most likely be something that is watered down and blah.

Focus on the products and/or services you are MOST passionate about and work on being really strong in those areas of expertise. (I've always thought that the word "expertise" is kind of hilarious! Not really sure why ... but I almost ALWAYS wanna say it with a British accent!)

Remember that free course I mentioned? It'll help you with this!

10. Add a personalized touch.

How can you add personal touches to your brand?

From hand written notes and thank-yous to interacting with people on social media, a good personal touch goes a long way!

For example, you could contact past clients just to say "hello!"

11. Be Consistent.

Strong brands are always consistent!

(But you already knew that, right?)

But this doesn't just apply to using the same colors, fonts, graphics etc. across all platforms ... it also applies to things such as your voice! You don't want to have a goofy and light-hearted tone in one place and then a stern and serious tone another.

This will make you look as though you have two personalities! Which ... ya know ... if you have two or more personalities that's all fine and dandy but decide which personality you will be using to represent your brand. :P

(Psssst, you should definitely check out the Strong Brand Mini Course, I mentioned.)

12. Figure out what others are doing in your field and then do it differently.

Put your personal twist on everything, baby.

13. Do Webinars.

You know whose blogging these days?


You know whose doing webinars these days? NOT everybody.

Webinars are absolutely a-mazing for making your brand stand out because ...

a.) not everyone's doing them, and b.) people get to experience your unique personality first-hand by seeing your face and hearing your voice! They are the bomb diggity for truly standing out and connecting with your audience.

And guess what? :::starts jumping up and down excitedly:::

I've got a free webinar crash course for creatives to get you started! It's a 1.5 hour workshop packed with info and it comes with a goody bag that contains a workbook, checklists and cheat sheets! 

14. Check your online presence.

Is it consistent? Are you using the same color, fonts and graphics across everything?

Is your brand statement on everything? Are you posting content that is relevant and fun for your followers and clients? (Psssst, perhaps it's time to do a good 'ol brand audit! Have I said that enough yet?)

15. Make social media your b*tch.

Social media gets OVERWHELMING. (Speaking of which, I wrote this post on 10 ways to avoid social media burnout!) So start by choosing WHAT social media channels you'd like to conquer (and no, you don't have to do them all!)

Even just focusing on 1 or 2 platforms and really kicking butt on them is better than spreading yourself thin across multiple ones.

Ideally you will choose the platform(s) that you decide to used based on where your ideal client hangs out the most. And once you choose your platform(s), take some time to really master each one!

I wrote an entire post on growing your Instagram right here! 

(Instagram and Pinterest are the two platforms that I have decided to focus my efforts on ... you'll notice that if you go to my Twitter it's just plain sad, hahaha.)

16. Check your brand regularly (ideally at least once a year!)

You know what's completely normal? Growing, changing and evolving. And just as YOU do those things, it's important that your brand grows with you. :-)

So at least once a year, take some time to make sure that all of your content and branding are on point with both you and your goals.

17. Gather awesome reviews and testimonials!

This goes without saying, but word-of-mouth is REALLY powerful.

Make sure you are reaching out to past clients for rave reviews that you can share with the world! Post them on your website, your blog, wherever they are relevant.

18. Under promise and over deliver.

It is ALWAYS better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around!

For example, when I used to run my photography business, if I planned to have a client's photo session images ready and delivered in TWO weeks, then I would tell them FOUR weeks. This way they were SUPER excited when the images were ready in half the time I promised. And, if something came up and it took me an extra week to deliver the images, then I'd STILL be delivering them sooner than expected!

I hope you find some of these tips useful!

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Are there any particular things that you've tried that have really made a difference in your brand? Do you have any questions related to branding?

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