3 Easy Ways to Give Value (& Gain Trust!) In Your Business

Oh heeeeeey there you little buttermilk biscuit! You're looking mighty fluffy and delicious today!

Sorry, with Thanksgiving being tomorrow I've got FOOD on the brain!!! Or more specifically ... rolls. ROLLS!!! SOFT BUTTERY ROLLS!!!! (Is anyone else totally obsessed with soft, luscious dinner rolls? I mean ... you CAN'T have Thanksgiving without amazing rolls. You just can't!!! Which makes me wonder ... what would be worse? A Thanksgiving dinner with hard, bland rolls or a Thanksgiving dinner with no rolls at all?

I've got BIG things on my mind today people ... BIG things. 

3 Easy ways to provide value (and gain trust!) in your business!

(These were the rolls from Thanksgiving last year ... OH THEY WERE AMAZING!!!)

Ehem!!! No but really. Today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to share 3 easy ways to give value (and gain trust!) in your blog and business. WHY might you want to give away free value, you might ask? (Other than the obvious reason- that it makes you totally AWESOME?) Giving away loads of free value to your audience is great because ...

  • It builds trust. (And trust is definitely necessary if you expect people to purchase things like services and products from you!)
  • It gives you the kind of reputation you want. (Hint: someone who is a generous expert in their field!)
  • It allows people to get a feel for the kind of great content you can provide them. (i.e. they're probably thinking that if your FREE content is super amazing, that your PAID content must be the ultimate bomb-diggity and they'll be more willing to purchase!)
  • It encourages social sharing. (Who DOESN'T want to spread the word about free, awesome content?)

Those are some good benefits, right? Almost as good as ... luscious dinner rolls, perhaps? (Ehem, sorry!) So if you're wanting to be seen as an expert in your field, gain trust with your audience and want to sell things, then you need to be giving people value! For free. And here's 3 easy ways to do that starting right now!

1. Share other people's helpful content.

Yes, writing your own amazing content is great! But let's face it, it can also be really time consuming. Sometimes, simply sharing a super helpful article that you found online (and crediting the author) can provide lots of value to the people you share it with and be deeply appreciated!

You can share helpful content on Facebook, (pssssst, have you seen this list of 45 free online classes that you can take before the end of the year?) Twitter, Instagram, etc. You could also do a blog post roundup of super awesome blog posts, like the post I did on the most helpful blog posts ever to grow your blog + business!

2. Do awesome, value-filled webinars.

While some people love writing, others don't. Other people prefer to just ... you know ... talk in person! Doing webinars isn't just super fun, they're also great for providing immense value to your audience as well as building trust! Why? Because being able to actually see, hear and interact with you live helps people get to know you on a deeper level and helps them to form a deeper connection. Plus, you can re-use your live webinar recordings to continue providing tons of value to your audience over and over! 

I've got a free webinar crash course for creatives filled with oodles of goodies like a 1.5 hour workshop and a goody bag with a workbook, checklists and cheat sheets to get you started! Time to make your debut, baby. ;-)

3. Host a free Q&A session.

Super easy! Set aside a small amount of time (30 minutes to an hour) to answer any questions that your audience might have! You could select a specific topic for your session (like "how to host a webinar" for example), or keep it open to general questions that people might like help with. Basically, pick a topic that you know would be SUPER HELPFUL for your audience and talk about that. You could host a Q&A session in your blog comments, in Google Hangouts, a Facebook group, a Twitter chat ... you get the idea!

I regularly go live in my free Facebook group for lady bosses right here to answer questions, chat and to try and be as helpful as I can!

These are totally doable and easy ways to give away free value, right?

So easy, a caveman could do it! (Anyone else remember those commercials? Hehehe.) But seriously. Focus on providing value for your people whenever you can! 

Speaking of freebies, click below if you'd like a free, lovely checklist for 25 ways you can give value to your audience to get your creative wheels turning!

What's your favorite way to provide free value for your audience?

And with that, I'm off to go spend a few days with family! (And to eat lots of rolls, of course.)