5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Start Getting More Blog Traffic Tomorrow!

5 Things you can do TODAY to start getting more blog traffic TOMORROW!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? NEXT WEEK, ya'll! Where the sam hill did the time go? Where did the YEAR go?! Where did my PANTS go?!?!? (Ehem ... does anyone else have a pants-losing problem when working from home? No? Just me? ... Awkward.)

Anyway! With Thanksgiving being next week, it might as well be Christmas at that rate which means that the year is almost over. And wouldn't it be great if you could end it with a BANG? I mean ... I know that it's nice to start the New Year strong with new goals and resolutions, but why not get a head start and go out strong so that you're totally ready for some serious ass whooping in 2016?

I'm talking about growing your blog and business. Today. Right now.

This year has been a year of tremendous growth for my blog. Last January it was purely a personal blog where I posted everything from recipes to DIY to party planning to personal stuff. It wasn't until February that I decided to make growing my blog a priority and when I re-launched it last March it has grown over 1,000% since! Yes, getting real growth can take time and requires focus.

BUT. There are things that you can do RIGHT NOW to start growing your blog immediately. Plant the seed today for the start of lots of vibrant blog growth tomorrow!!!!

(Yes that sounded totally corny but whatever, it's true.) So I'm gonna share five things you can do TODAY to start getting more blog traffic tomorrow!

1. Write a business plan.

If you've gone through my posts or have been reading my blog for awhile, you've probably heard me blather about the importance of creating a business plan for your blog (and business!) already. But seriously ya'll, this one is SO IMPORTANT for growth.

Creating a plan is how you turn your goals and dreams into a reality- it's your literal road map to success! It breaks a goal like, "get more blog traffic" down into actionable steps that you can put into motion to see change. So create one if you don't have one already- DO IT NOW!!!! (I wrote a nice juicy post on HOW to write your business plan- including a free editable template- right here!)

2. Create some Pinterest-friendly blog post image templates.

If you don't have awesome Pinterest-friendly photos for sharing your posts on Pinterest with, you are missing out on MEGA opportunities for increasing your blog's traffic. So today, spend some time creating a couple templates that you can easily modify and use for future posts! (I like to create mine over at Canva where they have pre-made layouts and the perfect dimensions already figured out, but I've also heard good things about PicMonkey too!)

When making your templates you want to create images that will stand out on Pinterest so you MIGHT wanna do the following ... (aka be sure to do these things!!!):

If you want more delightful Pinterest tips, be sure to check out the free, action step filled workshop that I created just for you! 


3. Spiffy up your Pinterest profile and join at least 2 group boards.

Pinterest has been huge for increasing my blog's traffic, so take some time today for getting your Pinterest profile in tip top shape! Make sure your profile photo fits with your brand and looks awesome, add descriptive keywords to your profile name, verify your website URL, make sure your boards look well branded and have QUALITY pins, etc.

Also, go ahead and join at least 2 group boards where you can start pinning your blog's content with your newly created blog post image templates! (For more help on ramping up your Pinterest game, check out these 28 Pinterest tips!)

5 Things you can do TODAY to start getting more blog traffic TOMORROW!

4. Create an editorial calendar for next month.

What's that 'ol saying ... content is king? Or something like that? But it truly is! To really grow your blog's traffic, (traffic that will keep coming back!) you need to create quality, original content.

So today, sit down and create your editorial calendar for next month. Make sure that the blog posts you pencil in on the calendar cater towards your ideal reader and are inline with your blog and brand's purpose!

Oh, and make sure that you are actually EXCITED about writing them. After all, writing about stuff that makes you want to curl up in a corner while sucking your thumb is just NO fun at all. (If you need some inspiration, check out this post on how to never run out of ideas for awesome blog content!)

5. Schedule 3+ Growth-Related tasks in your planner.

You are doing AWESOME!!! Have you done those 4 juicy things yet? (Don't skip 'em, they're super important!) The final thing that you're going to do today to prime your blog for more growth TOMORROW is to schedule at least 3 growth-related tasks into your planner for this week. A few easy ideas to schedule in to grow your blog + online biz include:

  • Brainstorm something free and awesome that you can make to give to your readers (a guide, an e-book, a video, a fun template for something, etc.)
  • Comment on 5 blogs you enjoy reading (spread the comment love, baby!)
  • Create a really value-filled email to send out to your subscribers, and point them to one of your best, most AMAZING blog posts!
  • Pin your newly created, Pinterest-friendly photos to your newly joined group boards!
  • Reach out to a fellow blogger that you admire about doing a guest post!
  • Watch the From Blog to Business workshop below and grab the workbook (for free) and start implementing all of the steps that I give you inside it!

Get specific steps to implement in order to get more traffic and grow your audience & email list with the epicness that is the free workshop + workbook combo!

Um ... I worked really hard on this workshop to make it super amazing and it's filled with specific action steps that you can take right now, so be sure to watch it below!

Get the idea? Good! You've totally got this. And if you're feeling super ambitious, go ahead and schedule in some growth-related tasks for next week too! Do you have any wonderful ideas on growing your blog's traffic that is simple enough to do in just one day? DO share!

And now the time has come for me to work more! However, I REALLY want a peppermint white mocha from Starbucks like ... BAD.

It's all I can think about it.

The creamy, minty, white chocolatey goodness flowing down my throat like a glorious warm waterfall of happiness!!!!!