5 Ways to Turn Your Followers into Fans (and why you need them!)

5 Ways to Turn Your Followers into Fans | Wonderlass

Alright guys, can we have some real talk today?

Good. I like to do real talk in ALL of my blog posts because if you're not doing real talk, then what's the bloody point right? EXACTLY! (Do you like how I'm just answering on your behalf? Hahaha.)


I already babbled passionately about the importance of getting the RIGHT type of traffic versus just getting "traffic" right here, but I wanted to talk about it just a little more because I think it's SUPER important and doesn't get talked about enough!

So many people are so concerned with the numbers (omg I need to get 10,000 subscribers as fast as possible! Omg, I only got 1,000 pageviews today!) that they ignore an equally important part of the equation;

turning those numbers into engaged fans. 

Because you know what I believe?

I believe that 50 super engaged fans on your e-mail list is way better than 5,000 people who don’t give a poop! (I wanted to say “shit” but I censored myself … even though I technically just uncensored myself just now by saying it!) Ehem.


WHY do I believe this, you might be wondering?

(And even if you’re NOT wondering, I’m going to tell you anyway.)

Because in order to successfully sell things to people online, your people need to TRUST you (and probably actually like you, too.) And if you’re in a niche where other people are selling similar things (which you probably are), then your people need to choose you.

They need to think that you’re the bestest, most cool and totally AWESOME person there is and that there’s no one else from whom they’d rather learn from, buy from etc. They are an engaged fan and even though there are tons of other options out there, they choose YOU!

Because they think you are the coolest. Get my drift?

"Because in order to successfully sell things to people online, your people need to TRUST you (and probably actually like you, too.)"

So yes, you do need traffic and e-mail subscribers.

But in order to build a successful online business that you can truly be proud of, you can’t forget the equally important part that you must also be turning those followers into raving FANS, baby! Forget numbers. 

I mean, you want your fans jumping up and down in an absolute crazed frenzy about all of your content as they throw colorful confetti all over the place! (Okay maybe not that drastic, but it IS kind of a hilarious mental picture isn't it?

Actually, I'd be totally okay with people throwing confetti in my honor.)  

So what are some of the must-have benefits of having engaged fans rather than just "ho-hum" followers?

1. People who become true fans spread the word about you and your business like wildfire.

You know what I think is still the BEST form of advertising? A raving testimonial from someone who is so excited about what you have to offer that they can't help but talk about you to their friends! Word of mouth is a VERY powerful thing, and is something you definitely want in order to have a successful online business!

2. You can make sales from a small e-mail list of engaged fans- MORE than you would with a gigantic list of “ho-hum” followers!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop worrying about constantly having to grow your e-mail list by gigantic proportions and actually make sales from the smaller list that you already have? (Not that anything is wrong with a big e-mail list, having a big e-mail list is awesome if they are engaged fans!) But if the people on your list don’t like you and/or trust you, they will not buy from you. Period, yo! When you have engaged fans on your e-mail list who love you and your content, they will be WAY more likely to purchase!

3. Having true fans make all of the so-called "competition" irrelevant.

I'm going to guess that there are proooobably other people in your niche doing or selling similar things, at least in most cases!

BUT one of the greatest benefits of having truly engaged FANS over ho-hum followers is that it makes your competition irrelevant because your fans want YOU. They have fallen in love with YOUR personality and YOUR story and there's no one else from whom they'd rather learn from/buy from/work with! Even though there's probably lots of other options, they choose you because they just really freak'in like you! 

So ... if you haven't heard me say it enough yet (pshhhh, you KNOW I love sounding like a broken record!) having engaged fans is really important to building a profitable online business. Now, I'll bet that you're pretty much dying to read about some of the ways that you can turn your followers into fans right? :P

Let’s talk about five ways that you can begin to turn your followers into fans!

1. Make it about them, not you.

Anytime that you do anything in your business, you need to have your ideal client in mind! Designing your website? Make sure that your brand and design is tailored to who you want to attract (aka your ideal client!) Writing a blog post? Make sure that you are writing it with them in mind!

Even if you're sharing a personal story, you need to make it relevant to your ideal client in some way (whether it's something they can connect to, a lesson that they can learn, something entertaining, etc.)

Not sure who your ideal client is? Check out this post! 

2. You need to develop a relationship with them and gain their trust.

Yep, this one takes a little bit of time but it is absolutely essential! Would you want to buy something from someone that you didn't trust? Probably not.

You need to be truly engaging with your followers on social media, on your blog and in your e-mail sequences!

One of my absolute favorite ways to connect with my audience (and to develop trust by providing shiz tons of free value), is by doing kick butt webinars! Plus, they're super fun.

If you'd like to better connect with your audience, gain their trust and be ultra awesome, then you should plan a value-filled webinar!

And if you need help, I've got a free webinar crash course to get you started.

We're talking a 1.5 hour workshop that's filled with info and also comes with a workbook, checklists and cheat sheets! Just click below, yo.

3. Deliver the WOW factor. 

You've probably experienced it at some point in your life ... can you think of a moment where you were totally blown away by someone?

Perhaps it was a business that went above and beyond in their customer service? Maybe it was a person that delivered an unexpected (yet totally awesome) surprise? I challenge you to look for ways that you can go above and beyond in your business and to SURPRISE your followers (in a good way!) Seriously, have fun with this one.

Think to yourself, if I were them ... what could I do that would blow their minds?

4. Be yourself. Yep, really.

If you want TRUE fans, then you have to be your TRUE self, baby! The more you can show your personality in every aspect of your business, the better! Share your stories, show your quirks, be vulnerable and be relatable. No one likes a seemingly perfect robot! People become fans when they can connect with you, relate to you and feel like they are a part of something with you.

If you wanna check out some more ideas on how to inject more of yourself into your business, check out this post on 5 ways to eliminate competition by being yourself!

5. Anticipate their needs.

You know what people love? Mind readers!!!! (No, I'm not a mind reader.) And even if you're not technically a mind reader either, you can still anticipate the needs and wants of your ideal clients to help turn them into fans!

For example, when I ran my wedding photography business, when I booked a wedding, I anticipated what my brides and grooms might need over the following months leading up to their wedding day by sending them info-packed e-mails before they ever ask me for anything. I anticipated the questions that they probably had and answered them in my e-mails BEFORE they ever needed to ask.

SO, my dear pink-footed platypus, how could YOU anticipate your followers needs to turn them into fans?

Ya'll ... this is a subject that I'm super passionate about!

One of the best parts about running an online business is developing real relationships with your followers. Your followers aren't just numbers, they are PEOPLE with their own hopes, dreams and fears! Treat them as such and you'll be well on your way to turning them into fans.

I pinky promise.

Can ya feel me? Can I get an AMEN?!?!?! Thank you.

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5 Ways to Turn Your Followers into Fans | Wonderlass

What do you think? Do you agree that a small list of engaged fans is better than a gigantic list of people who just feel "meh" about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

And now ... it's time to binge watch some show on HGTV about home renovations. Because I'm totally obsessed.