6 Reasons You Can Teach Something Even When People Can Find it Online for Free

Ever wonder why people would pay you to teach them information that they could probably find online for free? Here's 6 reasons why they WILL!

Why, 'ello there good chap! (Please picture me dressed as an old fashioned englishmen whose sucking on a golden strand of wheat.)

(Also, I have no idea why I want you to picture me dressed as an englishmen ... or a MAN for that matter ...)

ANYWAY! Do you ever wonder WHY people would want to pay you to teach them something when they could probably just find the information online for free?

It's a question I think a lot of people probably struggle with, and it's a very valid question! After all, you can find pretty much anything online these days right?

However, paying to take a course and surfing the internet for free are NOT created equal and here's why: 

1. Random information online is NOT the same thing as achieving results.

When people purchase a course or service from you, they're purchasing the results that you are going to help them achieve, rather than just sifting through a butt load of free information online.

For example, in a course everything is neatly structured to get you the best results possible vs just wading through the sea of information that's available online which really isn't structured to get you to a specific outcome!

Know what I'm say'in?

2. Information needs to be in the right order.

What if you gave a college student a text book for a specific class, only you ripped out all of the pages and then put them back in a completely random order? Now that would just be really confusing right?! 

Finding lots of great free information online is totally doable, but in order to have a really effective learning experience it needs to be in the right order.

I mean ... I could give you the numbers in my street address but if I didn't tell you what order the numbers went in you'd be driving all over the damn place trying to find me! When people pay for you to teach them something, they are paying you to take them on a delightful journey from start to finish in a very specific order.

(The order that will of course benefit them the most and get them their desired results in the fastest, most efficient way possible!)

3. There's nothing like the motivation and accountability that comes from a real person.

You know what I really love about my computer?

They way it motivates me to achieve my goals and really connects with me! When I don't feel like doing something, my computer tells me (in a very upbeat voice), how great I'll feel when I get something accomplished! When I'm feeling confused, my computer reaches out it's cold, metal hand and helps me in finding a solution.

Just kidding.

There's no butts about it (yes I realize I just said "BUTTS"), nothing beats the motivation and accountability that comes from an actual person who connects with you and who genuinely supports you!

That's why I offer a private support group for my course right here, so that I can hold my students accountable and give them the support that they need!

4. People don't always know what to look for.

How can some one know what fabulous free information to look up if they don't even know what to look for? I mean ... someone might want to start eating healthier, but they might not even think to look up "how to incorporate super foods into your every day meals." Hell ... they might not even know what super foods are!!! 

And that's where teaching from YOU comes in.

YOU have the ability to educate your client by filling in the missing pieces! You can give them information that they wouldn't have even THOUGHT to look up. BAM.

5. Sifting through free information online isn't always very convenient.

I mean ... spending countless hours scouring the internet for a bunch of random information from a bunch of different people who all have different opinions (and some with questionable creditability) is totally convenient right?! Yeah ... enough said.

The whole reason why I create step-by-step courses is to save people tons of time.

6. The free information online doesn't have YOUR unique spin on it.

Yeah that's right, it might sound corny but people need YOU! Your unique spin on things, your passion, your opinions and all of the personal stuff that only YOU can give to your clients. Free stuff is awesome, but it can't compete with the awesomeness that is YOU.

And guess what? 

People want to support people that they really love.

Sure, I could probably find the music of a local band for free online, but if it's a band who I really love I WANT to show my support by actually purchasing their songs!

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6 Reasons You Can Teach Something (Even When People Can Find it Online For Free) | Wonderlass

What do you think? Have you ever purchased a course before when you knew that you could probably find the info for free online? 

And now ... time to go dream about chasing tornadoes!