Fun Freebie: Blog Planning Sheet!

Hey guys heeeeeey! Guess what?!

It's the perfect day to give away a fun freebie!!!

I am ALL about strategic planning and goal setting (it's so much fun!) PLUS those are also a key to running a successful online business.

Sooooo with that in mind, today I'm giving ya'll a blog planner sheet that you can print off and use for planning out your weekly blog posts!

(Be honest ... dId you just wet yourself from excitement?)

Ehem. Anyway! How should you use it, you might be wondering?

Take a moment either a week or two before (that's what I do,) or at the beginning of each week to plan your blog post schedule, and then check off each social media platform when you share your posts on each one so that you don't forget to share all the awesome content that you just worked so hard to create!

Because you need to remember to spend just as much time promoting all of your awesome content as you do creating it so that people actually SEE it, after all.

Plus this sheet has donuts on it ... so. Ya know. They make planning extra fun. :P

You can also use it to write down ideas for future posts, brainstorm old content that you might be able to link to in your current posts, record ideas for promoting your posts and write down any notes about sponsored content that you might have!

Just grab it below and start blog planning like a fiend! :P

Are you feeling all pumped and prepped for some planning now?!

You should be. :D

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(Okay that might not actually be true, but I would if I could!)

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And that's it for today! Short and sweet.

And smiley.