How About 15 Free Styled Stock Photos?!

So ... you know that little video clip and GIF that's become kind of popular where it's making fun of Oprah giving away free stuff to the entire audience except that she's giving away BEES?

(Image found from right here.)


(It's actually pretty dang funny if you haven't watched it yet, hehehe.) ANYWAY, I finally got my first ever laptop the other day (woo hoo!) and one of the very first things that I thought of was, omg yaaaaay now I can take even MORE pretty styled stock photos using my laptop!

I've clearly got my priorities straight, people.

And then I thought, wouldn't it be fun if, in the spirit of Christmas, I gave away a bunch of FREE stock photos for people to use however they'd like in their blogs and businesses? 

And so ... because it's Christmas in a few days ...

EVERYONE'S GETTING FREE STOCK PHOTOS!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! Hahaha no but really, you are. Feel free to click the pink button below to grab 15 free stock photos that I shot just for you! (P.S. I'm a total sucker for pretty office supplies!)

Use them on your blogs, Instagram, or wherever else you'd like! Crop'em, add text ... ya know ... whatever! All I ask is that you don't take credit for shooting them and do not use them as downloads/for selling.

AND if you enjoy them, I'd feel super honored if you gave me a shout out or credit by linking to my blog or mentioning me on Instagram (@wonderlass) IF you want. :)

OH and the only other VERY IMPORTANT requirement for using these photos is that you watch the Oprah video above and picture stock photos flying around instead of bees.

So Merry Christmas (a tiny bit early) friends! I'm off to go eat some cookies.