How I Schedule My Days for Maximum Productivity

My 5 step process for creating a schedule that maximizes my time, effort and growth | Learn exactly how to ditch overwhelm and get MORE done in LESS time! | Wonderlass

Guess what question I get asked the most frequently?

"Allison, how do you know the magical language of cats? You seem to attract literal hoards of cats so effortlessly!"

Just kidding.

Although I SHOULD get asked that question the most frequently because I am INDEED the cat whisperer! 😜

(In that particular photo I was majestically whispering my cat Mr. Purrie out of the bathtub in a near trance like state!)

But for reals, one of the main questions that I get asked LITERALLY every single week is, "How do you schedule your days to get everything done?!"

Email. Content scheduling and creation. Marketing and promotion. Managing FOUR Facebook groups. Administrative tasks. Customer support. Cat wrangling. There's a LOT of shiz to do.

And scheduling my days for maximum productivity and impact is essential.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I've managed to make scheduling into an actual art form over the years!

I've always been obsessed with planning. (Hell, I even designed a planner for online entrepreneurs!) In fact, the very FIRST business that I ever started was a wedding planning business back in 2008. Why? Because I LOVE TO PLAN THINGS.

And learning how to effectively manage my own schedule became a necessity when I started THIS online business back in 2015 while also running my full-time wedding photography business!

There was A LOT going on.

And even though now I just work in my online business full-time, there's STILL a lot that's constantly going on!

I mean ya'll ... I literally wear ALL of the hats.

(Please take a moment to picture me wearing a very tall stack of ridiculous looking hats for a second. Have you done that yet? Good!)

As a one woman show, I've HAD to learn how to properly schedule and plan otherwise I WOULD LITERALLY HAVE NO LIFE outside of work. AND my business also wouldn't grow nearly as much as it has without being meticulous about my planning and scheduling!

(By the way, I AM working on hiring help THIS YEAR.) 🎉

So due to popular request, I filmed a video detailing exactly how I create a schedule that maximizes my time, effort and growth and I've broken it all down into a simple 5 step process!

I even created some handy cheat sheets outlining the entire 5 step process to make everything easier to understand and so that you can use them as a quick reference when creating your own schedule.

I truly hope you find them helpful.

Or at least slightly entertaining! 😛

And now ... what's YOUR favorite method of scheduling? Let me know below, because I'm curious. Like a cat.