How to Attract Your Dream Client in 6 Simple Steps

Having clients if you want to run a business is good. In fact, it's kinda necessary if you want to ... ya know ... STAY in business. :P 

But what if you're attracting the WRONG type of clients?

Working with people who don't understand your personality, don't value your talents and drain you emotionally is like laying a damp towel directly on top of a beautifully decorated cake- it covers up the beauty and makes a big mess of the frosting!

Okay maybe that was't the best metaphor ... basically what I'm saying is, attracting the WRONG type of client can be a real downer even if you LOVE your business!

So you might be wondering ... well then how the SAM HILL can I attract the RIGHT type of client?! Better yet, how can I attract my DREAM client?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. Buckle up your seatbelt buttercup, because here's how to attract your dream client in 6 simple steps! 

1. Figure out who your dream client is.

Alright you pretty little pink cupcake you, (no idea where that came from, sorry!) this might sound a bit obvious but it's also one of the first and most important steps in attracting your dream client!

You need to know exactly WHO you're trying to attract before you can attract them.

Oh!!!! Guess what? :::jumping up and down:::

I've got a free workshop that comes with a free dream customer avatar + worksheets to walk you through all of the most important questions that you NEED to know in your business. 

Step-by-step. Demographic by demographic. You = SUPER clear on your dream client.

2. Be yourself.

Want to attract people who actually enjoy your personality, share your passions and interests and just think that you're (in general) the bomb diggity?

Then you need to BE YOURSELF.


Share your real interests and passions, embrace and show your real quirks, tell your own unique story ... do ya feel me?

When I first started my wedding photography business in 2010 I wasn't quite sure WHO I was, to be honest! I hadn't taken the time to really explore what my passions were and as a result, my website looked very generic. It was attracting all different types of couples (usually the more traditional ones- and there's nothing wrong with traditional!)

However, after time passed and I discovered WHO I was and what I was all about, I realized that I wanted to work with more nontraditional, artsy, colorful, FUN couples!

Wanna learn how to discover YOUR natural strengths + passions and how you can infuse them into your business to make it truly one-of-a-kind? 

Then check out my free Irresistible Brand workshop. It's literally my favorite workshop that I've ever done to date! 

Plus it comes with worksheets and cheat sheets for implementing everything.

how to create an irresistible brand.jpg

EHEM Anyway! Back to what I was saying.

After I got clear on exactly who I was and the types of people that I wanted to work with, I rebranded everything to match my personality and the types of clients who I wanted to attract.

And it worked GREAT. Which leads me to ...

3. Create a Strong, Personality-Filled Brand (with your dream client in mind!)

Oh yes, having a strong brand that represents the true YOU is a MUST!

It's what will make you memorable and STAND OUT from the bazillion other blogs and websites out there!

Why? Because there's only ONE you. :-)

Plus, building a brand around your personality, passions, vision and dream client is what is going to attract the right type of people who you actually WANT to work with.

Your brand isn't just your logo and visual elements (like colors and fonts.)

It's YOU, and how people FEEL about you. It includes visual elements like your logo, fonts, colors etc. but it ALSO includes your vibe, your voice, your values, the experience that you give to clients, your copy etc.

It pretty much includes EVERYTHING you do in your business.

Remember the free workshop + worksheet bundle that I mentioned above?

Yeah, it'll help you with this. ☺️

4. Use specific words.

Which words would you use to describe your dream client?

Funky, colorful and spontaneous? Fun-loving, artsy and entertaining?

Think about the words that you'd use, my lovely little succulent red cherry tomatoes!!!

(Yes ... yes that just came out. There's nothing wrong with using "lovely little succulent red cherry tomatoes" as a term of endearment right?)

Once you come up with your descriptive words for your dream client, sprinkle them onto your website! And like ... everything else.

In your tagline. Your social media posts. Your emails. Get my drift?

You can even do this step for yourself too!

Pick out a couple really good words that describe you and sprinkle them in your bio, your about me ... basically wherever you want text and that would make sense!

Ohhhhh um ... remember that free workshop that I keep mentioning? 

Yeah ... it'll help you write better copy too. 

5. Be relatable.

Being relatable is all about building a connection and relationship with your people.

So for starters, avoid writing e-mails and things on your website in the third person.

When you write in the third person, YOU aren't actually talking- a voice whose talking ABOUT you is talking. It just sounds impersonal and disconnects you from the person that you're trying to connect with. And making a genuine connection is really important in being relatable and in attracting your dream client!

Speaking of connecting, if you're a lady boss feel free to connect with me more in my free Facebook  mastermind of Creative Superheroes!

I do weekly Facebook lives in the group and omg it's so much fun!

Another good way to be relatable? When you're writing a blog post or e-mail, even if it's going out to 10,000 people, write it like you're talking to ONE person only.

Preferably your best friend. 

For more on how to connect with your people in a genuine manner, click here!

6. Always have their needs and interests in mind before you do ANYTHING.

Before you write a blog post, before you post something on social media, before you write an e-mail to your subscribers, before you go to the bathroom (okay maybe not that last one), think about your dream client's needs and interests!

How would whatever you're about to do or post be helpful or interesting to them?

Why would they care about it? Does it give them any value or entertainment? If your answer is "uhhhhhh ..." then maybe you should just NOT.



Working with the RIGHT type of client really is the difference between a decent experience with a business that you love and a, OMG DO I REALLY GET TO DO THIS FOR A LIVING BECAUSE I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!! experience.

Are we feeling totally confident in being able to attract our dream clients yet?!

You can do it. I believe in you. :-)

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