How to Brainstorm a Business Idea (+ a FREE Workbook!)

How to brainstorm a business idea (plus a FREE worksheet!)

Guess what? I just spilled coffee all over myself, but that has nothing to do with today's post.

(Hehehe. Actually, it was kind of painful. lol!) 

ANYWAY, have you always wanted to start your own business but you don't know what kind of business to start? Or maybe you need an idea?

(Or have too many ideas?)

 Perhaps you can't think of any good ideas and your brain feels like a rusty, cobweb-covered wheel that makes horrible squeaky sounds every time you try to think of a business concept?

(Please take a moment to envision your brain filled with cobweb-covered, rusty wheels.)

Thank you.

Have you envisioned that yet? Perfect! Moving on.

I've got a free workbook that will walk you through how to come up with an idea for your business step-by-step, and it'll even get you clear on WHO your business is for!

Yes, its pretty damn exciting stuff.

Just grab it below to get started!

It's time to get those creative juices flowing by sitting down for a good old fashioned brain storming session with the workbook above!

Now don't panic- I've got you covered with some questions to get those brain wheels de-rusted and turning like never before! The workbook literally walks you through step-by-step.

Be sure to turn off any distractions while you brainstorm.

Go to a quiet place, put your phone away, shut off Facebook, etc. Oh and be sure to grab your favorite beverage!!!! (Because having your favorite beverage near always helps.)

By the end of the workbook you'll have brainstormed a business idea that's not only likely to be profitable, but that also incorporates your unique passions and talents. 

And what should you do AFTER you're done with the workbook?

Well ... if you want to create a profitable online-based business then ...

You should most definitely check out this blog post right here.

Oh yes, you're gonna leave the blog post with tons of action steps to implement, so get ready to take action, baby! Remember- you have to actually take action to make shiz happen!

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I'm sure there's lots of other people out there who would like to brainstorm too. :-)

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How to Brainstorm a Business Idea (+ a FREE Workbook!) | Wonderlass

Do you have any tips for coming up with great new business ideas?

Feel free to share in the comments below!