How to Choose the Right Business Idea

How to choose the right idea for starting a business!

Why, good day old chap!

So you've come up with several great possible ideas to start a business, eh? Awesome!

And if you haven't, that's okay too! 

Because I've got a free workbook to walk you through exactly how to come up with a profitable business idea step-by-step. 

However, we're not just talking about ANY 'ol profitable business idea!


We're talking about coming up with a business idea that's not only profitable, but one that incorporates your unique talents, skills and passions too. :-)

To come up with your fabulous business idea, just grab the free workbook below!

So go on and fill out the workbook to come up with your a-mazing idea.

The workbook will also walk you through WHICH business idea to choose, but if you don't feel like going through the workbook then we'll talk a little bit about that here.

So now you might be wondering ... which idea do I choose?

Which one will make me money?

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that a business idea will make money, so make sure that the potential business you are wanting to start is something that you love!

Never go into business just to make money.

Sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? But if you don't love what you're starting and you are purely trying to just make money, it's going to be exhausting and miserable.

Starting a business is a LOT of work, so make sure that you effing love it!

Plus, people can tell when you're being fake and don't love what you're doing, and you will inevitably turn people off and not attract the kind of customers that you want.

So one more time, all together now: Make sure that you love it! 

Okay? Good!

Now. Back to what I was saying a moment ago before I got sidetracked; how do you know which idea to choose?

To figure out which idea would be best suited for a business for you to start, put each idea through ... the gauntlet. :::evil laugh::: Mwahhh hahahaha!

(Sounds a bit sinister doesn't it?)

For each fabulous business idea that you have, answer these 5 questions. If you answer NO to ANY of these questions, then cross that idea off your list because that means it failed to make it through the gauntlet.

All ideas ready?! Okay, go!

  1. Do you have the knowledge, ability and skills to provide that particular service or product? If no, are you willing to train to get them? (This might require a decent amount of time and / or money, depending on what you need to learn still!)
  2. Are you willing to spend a crap ton of your time and energy on this idea for the next 2 years? No, it might not take 2 years to get your business off the ground, but then again, it might. It might even take MORE than 2 years. Do you love it enough to stick it out?
  3. Is the idea that you're considering aligned with your passion and goal of having a one person, small or big huge business? (You need to decide on the scale of the business that you envision before starting one!)
  4. Is there a clear market of people already spending their hard earned moolah on this product or service? Don't make it harder on yourself by trying to reinvent the wheel with everything- make sure that there is a clear want or need first.
  5. Is this business idea something that aligns with your passions, skills and talents? Again, you will burn out very quickly if you don't truly love the purpose of your business! You idea should ideally incorporate your skills + talents.

Did any of your business ideas make it through the gauntlet successfully by getting a "yes" to each of the questions?

If so, congratulations!!! That is an excellent start. :-)

Now that you have a great idea that you love, time to get moving! 

Check out this post for a step-by-step on starting and growing your online business.

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