How To Create Blog Post Titles That Stand Out (+ FREE CHEAT SHEETS!)

How to create catchy blog post titles that stand out! (Plus a FREE printable cheat sheets!)

You wanna know how I created the title for this blog post? By using the handy cheat sheet below, of course!!!

No but seriously, creating a blog post title that stands out is a super, duper important part of blogging! I mean ... if you're spending lots of time creating quality content in your posts then don't you want to grab as many people's attention as possible?

I'll assume you said "yes."

Having a clear and awesome title for your blog post can make or break whether or not some one chooses to read it. For example, I could write the most in-depth, fabulous post about how to start your own business in one week but if I chose "How to Get it Done, Yo" as the title do you think many people would read it? It's not even clear on WHAT you'd be learning to get done!


I really enjoyed this list of ways to create catchy blog post titles by Elle & Co and absolutely loved the clever templates that Pauline made, so I thought it would be fun to come up with tons more different blog post title ideas and make them into printable cheat sheets! These are the things to consider when coming up with your ultra snazzy blog post titles to grab people's attention and draw them into reading what you've created: 

1. Search the title you're thinking of using on Google first!

Today there's a billion and one blogs, and so the chances of some one else having a title similar to one that you're thinking of using is pretty decent! Why not try doing a quick Google search first to see if there are already any popular posts out there with the same (or extremely similar) titles?

2. Then write your blog post title.

Once you've checked Google, start your blog post by typing in your title! This way you've got a solid reference point for your content to relate back to as you're writing it to keep yourself on track. Know what I'm say'in doll face? :::said in a 50's Greaser voice:::

(Sorry I have no idea where that came from!)

3. Keep your ideal readers in mind.

Who are you trying to appeal to? What would grab their attention? What are they interested in? Always keep your ideal reader in mind when writing a blog post! What would get them really freak'in excited?! (Speaking of ideal readers, feel free to check out this post on how to attract your ideal reader!)

4. Use Numbers to Grab People's Attention.

I don't know why, but there's something about using a number at the start of a headline that really gets my attention! Maybe it's because I know how much of something I'm about to get? Maybe it's because numbers insinuate some type of list? (And I'm obsessed with lists!!!) Maybe it's because I know exactly how far that particular post will drag on for? Use a number when appropriate. Do it.

5. Make your readers an offer they can't refuse.

:::said in the Godfather voice::: EHEM! By this I mean, what information can you promise you readers in the blog post title that will benefit them? Whether it be helpful, instructional or entertaining, what promise can you make in the title and then deliver on within your post?

6. Use strong, catchy words.

Sprinkle your title with strong words to move people into taking action and reading your post! Looking up synonyms for commonly used words can be a great way to find something more unique. (Especially when you love a particular strong word ... like ... I MIGHT be a tad guilty of using the word "awesome" every 2 seconds.)

7. Make it short and sweet.

Google cuts off titles that are longer than 70 characters so try not to blab too much in your blog post title, okay? Be as descriptive and precise as you can using as few words as possible.

8. Create subtitles to make reading easier.

If you can't get what you want to say across in the title alone, then create subtitles which you can use throughout to outline your blog post and also to break it into smaller sections. Plus let's face it, lots of people enjoy simply scanning blog posts for specific points and information that they're interested in rather than reading it- so help them out with a few subtitles!

9. Don't do false advertising.

This soooounds obvious but ... don't create a title unless your content truly goes with it. You don't want to be known as the sleazy salesman type who wears an ugly orange polyester suit that makes promises on something he can't deliver right? I thought so.

10. What would grab YOUR attention?

Pay attention to the types of blog post titles that grab YOUR attention! What kind of titles are you drawn to and why? What makes your hand quiver with excitement as you click through to read the article?

11. Create titles with the end result in mind.

This ties a little bit into number 5, but think about what specifically the reader will get after reading your post. Will it be knowledge on how to do a particular thing? (Like knowing how to use Mail Chimp, for example?) Will a problem they have be solved? Will they know how to create the world's biggest laser? (Said in the voice of Dr. Evil, of course!)

12. Be Brutally Honest.

In the same way that you don't want to be dishonest in your title, some times it works really well to be brutally honest in your blog post title!

For example, my blog post 'How to Work on Your Creative Business When You're Depressed As Fuck' is one of my most-read posts to date, and the title is brutally honest! It's literally what came out of my mouth when I thought of the idea. (I almost scrapped the "F" word but decided to go with it since it described exactly how I was feeling at the time!)

13. Ask for Opinions.

If you're stumped between a few title options and aren't sure which one sounds the most attention-getting, why not go straight to the source and ask people what they think? You can easily ask your friends on Facebook and/or your ideal readers! (Hint: you can usually find your ideal readers within Facebook groups!)

And now my friends, behold this handy set of cheat sheets to really get your creative juices flowing (simply click below to gett'em!)

Aaaaand that's all I've got for today you delightful people. Mr. Purrie is currently napping on the floor and I think I might follow his lead ...