How to Create the Perfect Freebie to Grow Your Email List

Exactly How to Create the Perfect Freebie to Grow Your Email List | Wonderlass

Alright um ... I'm pretty darn excited today!

And no, it's not because I just discovered how to make delicious "nice cream" (aka ice cream) out of frozen bananas and almond milk! (Although I AM pretty excited about that, not gonna lie.)

It's because I am going to show you exactly how to create the perfect freebie to attract the RIGHT people to your business and grow your email list!

(Admit it, you just felt a tingle of excitement in your belly didn't you?)

But for real. 

And not only that, I'm also going to show you exactly how to get traffic to your freebie once it's created (without paid ads) and what the heck to actually SEND your list of subscribers to build relationships, provide value and make sales!

Wooooo hooooo!


In other words, right now I'm gonna show you exactly how to master the hell out of your email marketing step-by-step. 

Honestly, I put off starting my own email list FOR YEARS because they very thought of it completely overwhelmed me, and then when I finally DID start it I struggled to grow it past just 28 subscribers for almost two years.

(Yes I know, that's a long time to be stuck at 28 people. Doh!)

But when I decided to really get serious about growing my online business, I knew that I needed to finally focus on growing my dang email list!

I then got extra determined and focused tons of my energy into my list building efforts, and in less than 12 months I managed to grow my list to over 14,000 engaged people (without using paid ads!) I mean ... hot damn.

And how did I start my massive email list growth?

By creating the perfect freebie to attract the RIGHT people to my list, of course! :P

That's why I created this free challenge to show you exactly how to do it, too.

Because if you want to grow a profitable blog or online business, then you NEED to pay attention to your biggest asset: your email list.

:::kneels down before you on the ground while speaking in a British accent::: Don't be like me and put off starting and growing your email list for YEARS, I beg of you!!!!

Trust me when I say that you NEED an email list, and that you NEED to focus on growing it like yesterday.

And I've got a free 4 part video masterclass, specific action steps and tons of bonus content to help you do exactly that in a way that's simple and easy to understand!

And just incase you're thinking, "eh ... I don't really NEED to start or grow my email list at the moment ..." here's why you DO:

  • Your email list is the ONE direct connection with your audience that you have control over. For instance ... think about how often social media rules and algorithms are always changing! Hell ... Facebook could decided to close up shop TOMORROW if it wanted to. (Not likely, but you get my point!) 
  • People are WAY more likely to see your email than your social media post.
  • Emails are great for developing trust and connection with your audience, which are essential things if you want to sell anything online!
  • Emails are personal (which helps with that whole trust and connection thing that I mentioned above!) Because even though you might technically be writing an email to literally thousands of people, you can (and should) write it as though you're speaking to just ONE person.
  • Emails are a great way to provide free value (which is essential for building trust.)
  • Emails are the perfect way to announce things like time sensitive events, launches, special promotions and more.
  • With email you can send surveys to your audience, which is like GOLD when you are trying to decide what types of content (both free and paid) to create.
  • I COULD go on, but just trust me. Mmmmmkay? 

So if you're feeling overwhelmed and confused when it comes to starting and/or growing your email list and clueless on what to actually SEND your subscribers...

 Then this free info-packed Ignite Your List Challenge is for you. :-)

Tons of people have been enjoying it and making shiz happen, which is awesome!

Ignite Your List Challenge 2.jpg

If we can do it, then you can totally do it too. :-)

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Exactly How to Create the Perfect Freebie to Grow Your Email List | Wonderlass

And now, it's time to go make that "nice cream" I was talking about earlier! :P

Have YOU done the challenge? I'd love to know what you think below!