My 'Adventure Time' Themed Bullet Journal Setup

adventure time bullet journal.jpg

Um so ... I've recently come to the realization that I'm 100% obsessed with TWO things:

1.) Adventure Time (this show right here!
2.) Bullet journaling

Which is prooooobably why I decided to go with a colorful Adventure Time theme for my bullet journal setup for the month of May! 

I haven't shared much (i.e. ANY) of my new bullet journaling obsession yet here on this blog, but it's something that I got into about 2.5 months ago and ... well ...

Not to be dramatic but ... I don't think my life will ever be the same.

I even started an entire playlist on my Youtube channel for bullet journaling!

(So if you'd like to check out all of my bullet journaling videos then be sure to check out the link above. Doooooo it!)


(And let's face it, my life in general.)

And if you're not sure what the heck bullet journaling even IS ...

Then check out the original bullet journal website right here.

But BE WARNED ... if you like planning AND artsy fartsy stuff then you too might become completely obsessed like me!!!!

So don't say I didn't warn you. 

Anyway, I filmed a video showing my entire Adventure Time themed bullet journal set up, so you can just feast your beautiful 'lil eyes on this video right here if you'd like to see my creative process: 

I had a CRAP TON of fun with this theme and I hope you enjoy the video! 

Hopefully it'll inspire you with some ideas for your own bullet journal. 😊

And yes ... I'll probably do ANOTHER Adventure Time themed setup later this year so ... be on the lookout for that. Because as I said ... I'M OBSESSED!!!


Don't feel like watching a video?


1.) The May Cover page inspired by a quote from Jake, Lady Rainicorn and the little butterfly that steals the tart and says, "Laterz!"

adventure time bullet journal.jpg

(That whole butterfly stealing tart episode is one of my favorite episodes!)

2.) The monthly overview spread inspired by Gunter and the opening scene of the show with the clouds, rolling hills and mountains:

adventure time bullet journal.jpg

On the left I've got a space for listing out my top 3 goals for the month as well as a space for tracking all of the different platforms that I'd like to track my growth on!

(Ya know ... to make sure that my growth isn't stagnant.)

Or worse ... going backwards!

3.) The mood tracker and habit tracker spread inspired by Tree Trunks as the Crystal Queen and Jake in the colorful world of the Candy Kingdom:

adventure time bullet journal.jpg

This is the first mood tracker I've ever tried and I'm REALLY excited to see this giant cluster of crystals all filled out at the end of the month!

It's also my first time using individual trackers for all of my different habits.

So. I'm stoked.

4.) The 3 Goals for 90 Days spread with Finn, BMO and Lumpy Space Princess which was inspired by a spread from The 90 Day Goal Planner

adventure time bullet journal.jpg

On this spread I'll list out my top 3 goals for the next 90 days as well as my motivation behind them to keep me motivated and moving forward!

5. The Main Actions and Big Ideas spread which doesn't have any characters on it because at this point in setting up my bullet journal my wrist and fingers were too tired and were literally cramping (LOL):

adventure time bullet journal.jpg

This is where I'll list out the specific actions I need to take (along with the deadlines) for each of my 3 main goals!

And of course, the "Big Ideas" page is for a nice big brain dump.

(Sounds so appetizing, doesn't it?)

Also I DID go back in and add a little Shelby the worm the next day after my hand regained it's strength back:

MUCH cuter now, don't you think?

I'm mean ... who does't love a cute little pink talking worm that's full of wisdom!?!?!

6.) Aaaaand lastly, here's the first weekly spread for the month:

adventure time bullet journal 3.jpg

I've kept this spread pretty simple because this is the spread that I use the most and I tend to fill it up pretty quickly!

In the weekly boxes I'll write down all of the time sensitive stuff that HAS to get completed on particular days, and then I'll use my master check list areas below to list out all of my other work AND non-work related tasks.

On the left I've got a spot for my TOP 5 most important tasks (that way if my to-do list piles up like it usually does I'll know what to prioritize), and I've also got a reminder of the habits I'd like to keep up with on the right so that I remember to fill out my trackers.

And those cute little tear drop shapes that are in each of the weekly boxes?

Those are water trackers to make sure that I don't become a dehydrated mess like a shriveled up grape!

Aaaand if you enjoyed this little run through then don't forget to check out my April Plan With Me video to see my bullet journal setup for the month before!

I'm talking about this video right here.

(Yes that's a tornado. Because I'm obsessed with chasing tornadoes!!!)

My bullet journal is always trending towards my obsessions, have you noticed?

Do YOU bullet journal? What's YOUR monthly setup for the month like? Share it in the comments below!

And now ... 

Time to go open up my bullet journal to discover my to-do's for the day. BAM!!!