The Best Resources to Grow Your Blog + Business

A juicy list of the BEST resources to grow your blog and business!

Why, good day! :::said in an English accent:: Perhaps you might be interested in a delightful list of juicy blogging and business resources? If so, you're in luck!

I've got a lovely resource library that's chalk full of freebies; workbooks, checklists, stock photos, business plan templates and more! You can click below to sign up for free access if you wanna.

I also frequently get asked the question, "Hey! What do you use for -----" quite often, so I thought that putting together a list of all my favorite resources that I use to run my online business might be super helpful! A couple of these links are affiliate links (because that's how savvy business owners do it, yo!) however I ONLY recommend products that I actually use and LOVE to pieces.

So without further delay, here's a list chalk full of things for growing your blog and online business! 

Website + Blogging Tools

The Blog + Life Planner - A fun, colorful and quirky blog and life planner all-in-one created by yours truly! Plan all of your business, blog and life tasks all in the same place. If you want to set achievable goals, stay organized, create a business plan so you can create actionable steps to reach your goals and kick some major butt then this planner will be your new BFF!

SquareSpace - Is a great place to make a stellar looking website with less of a learning curve than customizing a site!

Leadpages - Leadpages is a drag and drop landing page creation website that syncs up with your e-mail auto responders (whoever you use for that!) You can make nifty thank-you pages, registration pages, video training pages, sales pages, different types of opt-in forms like pop-ups etc. The sky is the limit, really! I use it almost daily and LOVE IT.

Convertkit - This is who I use for my e-mail marketing and I'm in love with it. Everything is SO easy, including doing things like automation, creating awesome automation rules, online courses and tagging people in your list!

Drop Box - Perfect for storing and organizing screenshots and backing up your website, videos and blog posts! It's super important to back EVERYTHING up because crap happens. Computers die. And you don't want to lose everything that you have do you?! (Because that's totally happened to me before.) Back it up, yo!

Google Drive - (Free!) Google Drive does spreadsheets, Docs and surveys. I love it because I can start up a Doc on my computer and then go lounge in bed with Mr. Purrie and add more to it from my iPad or iPhone if I feel like it. Wanna know what else is awesome? On the iPhone you can actually speak into the app and it will type what you say! This works miracles when you want to get a head start on a blog post- you can just babble up a rough draft super quickly! It also syncs up with Google Drive on the computer so I can go on there and edit any typos and punctuation if needed. (And it probably will be needed!)

Membership Site + Course Delivery

Teachable - Create awesome, professional looking online courses! It's the platform that I use for all of my own courses, and I absolutely love it! 

Hosting + Domains

BlueHost - They're who I use for hosting my site, and so far I've been very happy with them! (My site has been down ZERO times.)

Godaddy - Where I purchase my domain names. (Fact; I collect domain names like some girls collect shoes!)

Visual + Social Media Marketing

Easy Webinar - I've heard it's super fun and easy to use, which is always a plus.

Webinar Jam - Another webinar platform, I've heard great things about it from lady entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo!

Hootesuite - I use the free version of this to automate my social media and it's a total time (and sanity) saver! I effing love it.

PDF Creation

Pages - This is what I use to create all my PDFs and it's easy to use!

In Design - Another great PDF creation option, this is perfect if you love to design in general because you can use it for lots of other stuff too!

Graphic Design + DYI Apps

Canva - (Free!) This is what I use to make all of my blog post cover images and images for social media! It's super fun. And addicting.

Pic Monkey - (Free!) This is like Canva and I've heard some wonderful things about it!

Design Seeds - (Free!) Need to create a color pallet for a design? This site is amazing to browse! (Plus you can create your own too!)

Creative Market - There are SO many goodies on this site- it's dangerous! Fonts, mockups, design elements ... it's like a toy store for creative entrepreneurs!

E-Commerce stuff

Paypal - Take payments, make payments and all that jazz. It's what I use!

Stripe - Another payment platform. I've heard wonderful things about it!

Square - Yep you guessed it- another payment platform!

Shopify - Another payment platform where you can also create a website. Perfect for people who plan on selling lots of things, like if you want an online retail store!

Etsy - A marketplace for you to sell your lovely goods! It's easy to join, easy to use and super cheap.

Send Owl - A place for you to sell directly to your customers. Plus, it's got cute owls all over it! Just say'in.

WooCommerce - Incase the cute owls didn't do it for you, here's another e-commerce site option.

Getting Connected with Your People

Google Hangouts - (Free!) Perfect for webinars and for doing screensharing with people. Also really good for doing techy trainings!

My Facebook Group for Lady Bosses - It's really important to have a support system as you work to kick ass online! Join my free group for support, tips, networking, feedback and more. (Plus we're all super fun and supportive, I promise!) :P

Skype - (Free Skype to Skype calling) Great for connecting with clients and team members around the globe! You can see each other on each other's devices ... hehehe. (I don't know why I find that funny!)

Google Voice - (Free!) Don't want to give your phone number out to prospects or random people? Calls still go to your phone but the number is “masked”. Perfect!

Jing - For Mac or PC, this is great for screenshots and making short little videos to show someone something or stuff you might not be able to explain over an email!

Periscope - It's a relatively new app that allows you to do live broadcasting! It's actually pretty nifty and super easy to use. (P.S. find me on there: @wonderlass)

Video Marketing Tools

Camtasia - I use this program to record my online courses. It records you, your screen and is really easy to use! Screenflow - A-mazing! I was using iMovie for video editing for the longest time and it made me wanna scream at my computer screen on a constant basis! ScreenFlow is simple and easy to use. Bam. I know you can also use it to record your screen while you're making training videos for things like courses, webinars and hangouts- something I'm excited to try in the coming weeks!

Your smart phone - Don't laugh! Both the iPhone and Android take pretty great video if you have good lighting, a tripod and a microphone.

Canon 6D - This is one of the cameras that I use for most of my photos and I love it! It also does really well in low light situations. Another less expensive option would be the Canon Rebel T3i which I've heard a lot of good things about from lots of different bloggers!

Google Hangouts - (Free!) Perfect for doing video interviews with other experts in your industry! They also post straight to your YouTube channel, which is pretty nifty if I do say so myself!

Vimeo - Vimeo Pro can be used for video “storage” as well as a host for any video courses that you might want to create! Plus, the videos play in 1080 HD so they are nice and clear. Suh-weet.

Dropbox - As I already mentioned above, it's perfect for storing and organizing screenshots and backing up your website, videos and blog posts! It's super important to back EVERYTHING up because crap happens. Computers die. And you don't want to lose everything that you have do you?! Back it up, yo!

Organizational tools

Wunderlist - (Free!) You KNOW I love a good to-do list! You can create lists, reminders, etc. and access them from ANY device. Plus you can also share/collaborate with others. AND ... it makes a satisfying "ding" sound every time you check off an item! (Ah, the sound of sweet satisfaction!)

Evernote - (Free!) Okay ... I'm kind of obsessed with this one too! You can record ideas, write up blogposts in the "notes" section, make checklists, set reminders, share content ... the possibilities are endless for using it to grow your business! If you search "Evernote Scott" on YouTube he's got several free trainings on using Evernote for business.

Asana - (Free!) A super sweet project management system! It’s great for when you have a lot of projects to get done and perfect for “assigning” tasks to virtual assistants and team members.

Google Calendar - (Free!) Just login to your Gmail account and Google search “Google Calendar” and you’ll find it there. Super easy to use. You can make a “public” shareable calendar (which is great for sharing with other people) or use it for personal use. Use it to set up appointments and follow-ups PLUS you can color code everything! Color coding is the BEST. You can also have it set to send reminders to your phone and to do pop-up reminders on your computer. You can even have it send you an email to remind you of a special appointment! Syncs up with iCal on your computer or iPhone. So yeah ... it's pretty juicy!

Google Drive - (Free!) Just like I said above, Google Drive does spreadsheets, Docs and surveys. But I won't repeat myself on this one since I've already babbled about it once!

My Blog + Life Planner - If you want a fun, colorful, tangible planner in this digital age (like I do!) definitely check this baby out! I had so much fun creating a planner that is great for planning your life, business AND blog all in the same place! Plus it's filled with quirky doodles, just say'in.


My Strong Brand Mini Course - (Free!) Having a strong brand is key to standing out in the overcrowded world that is the internet. Enroll in this course if you'd like to make sure that your brand is strong, consistent and totally awesome!

From Side Hustle to Success - Learn the EXACT strategies I've used for my blog and social media to get the growth and engagement I needed in order to make my blog and business my full-time job! (Which I freaking LOVE.)

Creative Live - (Free when watching live broadcast!) - This site is AMAZING. There are crap tons of courses to choose from, and if you watch them LIVE while they are being broadcast they are FREE.

You've reached the end of the list- whew! That was a doozy. But a HELPUL doozy it was!

(Okay now I'm starting to sound like Yoda or something ...)

Ehem! If you've got any blogging or business resources that have changed your life that aren't included on this list, feel free to drop me a line below in the comments. Is there a resource on this list that is your favorite? (p.s. Be sure to check out this post for specific ways to grow your blog's readership- I've grown mine by over 800% in the past 5 months!)

And now, time for some quality cat-petting time.