The Complete Online Business Roadmap (Free Goody!)

All of the steps to start and grow a profitable online business IN ORDER. | The Complete Online Business Roadmap | Wonderlass

You know what sounds really amazing right now?


Holy dump nuggets, I just want some creamy mint chip ice cream SO bad!!!!

Ehem. But that has absolutely nothing to do with today's post. 

Today I wanted to give you something that I spent 12 hours creating this past week:

The Online Business Roadmap.

Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like!

It's a 17 page PDF checklist with ALL of the steps for both starting AND growing your online business all written down IN ORDER so that you know exactly where to start and what to work on next in order to reach your big, hairy scary goals!

It even includes links to extra resources, freebies, my favorite business books and more.

Wooooo hoo!

And you can grab it right here for free-to-the-Z!

Basically, this is what I WISH I had back when I first started several years ago.

And when I sent a survey to my audience recently asking them what they wanted and needed, I got over 500 responses and everyone was saying the same darn things:

"I'm overwhelmed!" "I don't know where to start." "I don't know what to focus on first." "I just wish I had all of the steps written down in order!"

And voila; the Online Business Roadmap was born. :-)

Every step in the roadmap are all steps that I myself have actually taken over the last 2.5 years to build a $9k+ /month online business , and I've put them all into a simple checklist format!

(Because we all know that nothing is more fun and satisfying than checking things off of a lovely list right?!)

Wondering what type of things it includes or why the heck you should grab it?

1. It includes all of the steps for starting and growing your online business all written down in the ORDER that they should be performed.

Yes, the order is super important!

For example, if you try to launch a paid offering BEFORE you've built your business foundation (and also validated your idea), then it prooooobably isn't going to do so well. Or if you're spinning your wheels pinning content on Pinterest and using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site BEFORE you have a strong brand and CTA's, then you're prooooobably not going to see very good results.

Trust me my pretty little push pin, the order is important.

(Also, please forgive my extremely strange usage of the word "push pin" just now!)

2. You'll know exactly what to work on first (and what to work on next!)

If you haven't even STARTED your online business yet because you feel totally overwhelmed with where to start and what to do first, then this roadmap will be the perfect ... well ... roadmap for getting started!

And if you're currently in the midst of trying to grow your online business and reach your goals but are feeling frazzled about what the heck you should focus on next, then this will help with that too!

It contains all of the specific things that I've done myself that have really boosted my business, like doing high value workshops, giveaways, starting a Facebook group and more!

3. It'll help kick overwhelm and confusion to the curb so that you can be way more focused in growing your online business.

Instead of waking up every morning feeling completely frazzled about what you need to do or what you should focus on next, you'll be able to glance down at your handy online business roadmap checklist and see what's next on tap!

Instead of just guessing.

Or letting overwhelm keep you from moving forward.

Instead of trying to do ALL THE THINGS, you can focus on just ONE thing at a time, one step at a time.

Remember Bill Murray in the movie 'What About Bob?'

It's all about baby steps. 

Say it with me: BABY STEPS!!!

4. It includes handy resources that I personally love and use for starting and growing your online business.

Who else loves the word "resources?" Anyone? Just me?!

The word "resources" reminds me of Settlers of Catan, my favorite board game ever!!!!

Ehem getting sidetracked, sorry! But yes, the roadmap includes links to all of my favorite resources for things like email marketing, online course hosting platforms, website platforms, landing page platforms, places to create and buy graphics etc.

It's loaded with resources.

Kind of like how I wish I was loaded with ice cream right now. HEHE.

So grab your online business roadmap right here and get started!

(Yeah ... I came up with that killer dance move all by myself! I'm hoping that it will be a universal classic before long. Can you imagine an epic wedding reception filled with people all doing the psychotic swirl dance move on the dance floor?!)

And now ... I seriously MUST go hunt down some ice cream!

Let me know in the comments below if there are step(s) that you think are missing and would be ultra handy to have added.

Or let me know if you find it helpful!

OR let me know what you had for lunch today. That works too.