The Life Planner for Online Course Creators is Here!

Um ... guess what?!

I created a colorful, quirky life planner just for online course creators and I'm just a TAD excited about it! (Yes, "a tad" is a complete understatement. Bahaha!)

It's available in TWO different cover options; Unicorn Fabulous (ha!) or Whimsical Watercolor Peonies ... (the content inside is identical- the only difference is the cover!)

Last year I created the Blog + Life Planner especially for bloggers and online business owners, after I began creating and selling online courses this year, I decided that I needed to make one especially for course creators too. :D

This planner is a place where you can plan out all of your fun life stuff AND your course creation / strategy stuff. Life to-do's, business to-do's, course launch strategy stuff ... yep there's room for it all, baby!

This planner is 8x10, 226 pages for the entire year and full color!

Because life is better in color, don't you think?

Oh! And it's also dateless so that you can start using it during any time of the year without wasting any pages (because buying dated planners and then having to waste pages is a huge pet peeve of mine!)

Want a little peek at what's inside? Let's do it! :D

At the beginning, there's a place where you can make your personal bucket list goals AND your business bucket list goals. (Because who doesn't love making a good 'ol bucket list?!)

There's also several pages dedicated to creating your business plan (so that you can conquer the world with your online courses, of course!) ...

... And for getting clear on your ideal client.

There's also an annual launch strategy section where you can see an overview of the year and plan out the number of launches you want to do, your email subscriber goals as well as your income goals!

In addition to a yearly overview to plan out your launches and related goals, there's also a launch income calendar section where you can plan, in detail, your revenue goals (and how you'll reach them!) for each launch ...

At the beginning of each month, there's a monthly overview calendar where you can see the big picture for that month, pencil in personal tasks AND set some goals!

There's also a 2nd overview calendar for each month just for writing down your launch and / or evergreen strategy (and all tasks related to it!)

Then for each week, there's space for personal to-do's, business to-do's, goals & reminders, email marketing ideas and of course space for whatever else the heck you want! :-)

And finally, at the end of each month there's a place to record income goals / expenses as well as some questions to help you set goals for the following month!  

Oh yes, and there's definitely plenty of places to write random notes or draw random doodles!

And the entire thing is filled with colorful doodles by yours truly. :-)

Yes, one of the pages has the "F" word on it- if you're offended by it then it's probably not the planner for you! :-) 

I hope you love the planner as much as I do! I initially created it for myself because I needed a place to write down all of my course + launch goals, but I figured that there are probably other people who would enjoy using it too.

If you'd like to order one (it ships to pretty much anywhere internationally), you can do that buy clicking on one of the pink buttons below!

And YAY because people all around the world are loving it, which is amazing!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions feel free to ask 'em below. And if you purchase the planner, I'd love for you to share it on social media with the hashtag: #wonderlassplanner (I get SUPER excited when I see photos of it in use!) :D