7 Tips to Follow Through and make things happen!

Want to learn how to actually get stuff done? Check out these 7 tips for following through to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Ever have that moment when you start a new project that you're super excited about and you're feeling super inspired and then … as the days/weeks/months go by you find that you've suddenly lost your steam?

Project? What project? Oh yeah … meh … I'll finish it later. Maybe.

Yes, I'm pretty sure this happens to all of us on occasion.

Right? Right?!? Tell me I'm not alone!

I LOVE being my own boss. But as a small business owner, it's really important that I follow through with things. I mean, who else is gonna give me that kick in the pants to follow through and get things done? Mr Purrie? I don't think so!!! And the ability to follow through and finish what you start isn't just an important skill to have as a business owner, it's an important life skill to have in general!

It's a learned habit, and a great one to have!

SO. Here's a few tips I've found helpful to help me follow through ...

1. Be accountable to some one.

If you keep your new goal/project a secret, then that means no one will know when you secretly don't finish it. And that would be sad! So as soon as you have a brilliant new idea and have decided to start something new, alert the masses!!! Tell your friends. Tell your followers. Tell your cat.

Tell the voices talking inside your head. All of them.

This way, if you don't follow through you will end up looking like a total douche. And no one wants to look like a douche! (Psssst, speaking of being accountable, I've got the perfect place for you to do that! My free Facebook group for lady bosses right here. Join usssss!)

2. Reignite the flame.

Remember how inspired and excited you were when you first started? Where did that passion go?! It's time to get it back. Look at the bigger picture of what you are doing and envision the end result. Imagine how happy you will be when you finish! Still not feeling inspired? Read your favorite blogs, grab an inspiring book, go take a class or attend a conference and talk with like-minded, passionate individuals who can cheer you on! 

(Need a virtual kick in the pants for getting some inspiration? Check out the post I wrote on 15 tips to get inspired!)

3. Realize it's NOT going to be all sunshine and rainbows!

Let's face it- some times following through on things isn't easy. Creating something, making a life change and doing anything important can be really HARD WORK. There will probably be blood, sweat and tears at some point! Maybe even cursing. Maybe your eyes will even start swirling with those little psychedelic crazy swirls like in the cartoons!!! Be aware of this going in and keep on PUSHING FOWARD. Because it will feel SO GOOD when you finish.

(Check out this post on how to conquer fear and go after your dreams!)

4. Do the little things.

Because following through is a habit, it's important not to ignore following through in your little, every day tasks. The little, every day things will help get this habit ingrained into every fiber of your being!!!!!! (Yes, that's a little dramatic.) Do you have the habit of starting 5 e-mails at once? Don't. Do ONE e-mail at a time in full completion. Paying the bills? Pay them ALL at once. Don't save the rest for later! Do small, every day tasks in full completion.

5. Prioritize.

How important is it to you? Are you taking steps toward achieving it every single day? We're all given 24 hours in a day, and it's amazing what you can accomplish with a little passion and focus! Create a to-do list at the beginning of each day (or the day before,) and include a step you must do in order to make some progress. Put it at the top of the list. No Netflix binging, floating around on Pinterest or lolly gagging (where the heck did that term come from anyway?!) until it is complete! And this step brings me too ...

6. Measure your progress.

Make a big, fat to-do list of all the things you need to do in order to accomplish your project/goal from start to finish. Now … start checking off all the tasks that you have completed. It feels SO good.

(I swear checking things off a to-do list is one of the best feelings ever. How many of you put "take a shower" on your daily to-do list just so that you can check it off? Anyone? Anyone?!) (Ehem ... but I wrote a juicy blog post on how to create the ultimate to-do list that you might find helpful right here!)

7. Start ONE thing at a time.

Ya know, it's a bit hard to get things done when you've just committed yourself to finishing ten billion projects at the same time. Focus on ONE thing at a time, complete it from start to finish, and THEN move onto the next.

Oh! Guess what?! I've got an epic workshop called the Productivity Party if you'd like to save time, be more productive and to create a solid action plan to grow your blog or online business. You can check it out right here!

I hope that you find some of these tips to be helpful! Do you have any tips on what works for you for following through on things? I'd love to hear! Please share it (or them!) in the comments below!