15 Tips for Getting Inspired

Feeling stuck? Here's 15 tips for getting super inspired!

Do you ever feel totally poopy and uninspired? (Yes, I just said "poopy.") Well my friend, here's 15 tips for getting super inspired!

1. Change your attitude.

It's easy to feel inspired during specific times or events in our lives. Maybe it's during a big creative conference that you're attending or it's the day of the half marathon you're running … most likely when you're doing these "bigger" things you are feeling pretty inspired. But those things don't happen every day. Most days it's just … well … everyday things that happen. Try and take the same attitude that you have during those bigger moments and apply it to the little every day things. For example, if your dream is to write a book don't just say "Oh, I'll wait until I score a book deal with a publisher to write it!" No. Start now. Get excited NOW. Set goals for yourself every day to get that book deal. Write. Every. Day.

2. Choose it.

Let's face it, some days (or even weeks,) just stink. Like dirty laundry. Some days, we just don't FEEL inspired. Maybe you just went through a break-up, or perhaps the weather is just dreary and making you feel unmotivated. In times like these, you might actually have to go looking for inspiration because it's not always going to find you. You have the power to press on and to defeat your unmotivated-ness.

3. Make goals and actually do them!

It's easy to get inspired and to sit down and make a lofty list of goals that you'd like to accomplish. But unfortunately it's also easy to do absolutely NOTHING about the list you just made. Change that. Create specific, concrete steps to actually achieve your goals. I wrote an entire post on goal setting, so you should read it.

4. Don't wait until later.

I used to be the queen of waiting until later. I would put my happiness and goals on hold ALL the time. I'd say things like, "one day when I have a house, THEN I'll decorate and make my space look cute." Or, "One day when I am 20 pounds lighter, THEN I will put effort into looking and feeling great." Whatever your own perceived limitations are, don't wait for life to present you with the perfect moment because it probably never will. Find a way to get past your limitations to start doing what you want RIGHT NOW.

5. Give yourself a change of scenery.

If you work from the same space every single day, try going to a different location. Switch things up a bit! If you never go exploring to discover new places, go exploring!!! Giving yourself a change in scenery and discovering a new spot can be so refreshing and inspiring. Even if you've already been to the location before, it can still yield fresh inspiration.

Some places to consider going to and exploring could be: a coffee shop (bonus points if it's a joint you've never been to before,) the farmer's market, the library, a hike in the country, (or even a DRIVE in the country!), a local flea market (I love shopping to get inspired,) a museum, the bookstore (I love sitting in Barnes'N'Noble for hours reading books and getting inspired!) and going for a walk in an area you've never walked in before.

6. Refresh your workspace.

Make sure the space you work in (if you can,) is a place that inspires you. Clean, organized and preferably decorated in a matter that makes you happy to be there every day!

7. Pinterest.

Pinterest is of course a great place to go to in order to get some inspiration, but just be careful not to get sucked into the black hole!!! You know … that moment when you realize you've been doing nothing but pinning for hours and you don't actually take action and DO anything. I wrote an entire post about ways to actually put your Pinterest pins to action, so hop on over here if you want to read it.

8. Go out and exercise!

I almost never feel "inspired" to exercise, but I always feel so much more refreshed when I do! So get your body moving. It'll release those feel good hormones and get your blood pumping!

9. Listen to music that inspires you.

I LOVE music. Create a playlist of music that inspires you. In fact, create different inspirational playlists! A kick-ass work-out music playlist, a cleaning your house playlist, a working playlist, etc. Also discovering new music can be super inspirational and I love to do that on Spotify!

10. Do something spontaneous.

Feeling unmotivated and uninspired? Break out of your routine!!! Even if just for a day. Take a spur of the moment day trip, randomly drop in on a friend or take yourself out to breakfast instead of eating from home. Or go visit a local nursery to browse all the pretty flowers and plants! And don't forget the ADORABLE SUCCULENTS!!!!

11. Focus on what you're feeling, not what you aren't.

When you are feeling extra "blah," tired and flat and begin to feel frustrated because you're thinking that you should be feeling passionate and inspired, you'll feel even worse. Try to accept how you're actually feeling, it's okay. Inspiration comes and goes in cycles, and we all go through those icky periods. It's easy for me to over think and freak out when I'm not feeling motivated and inspired, and I'm beginning to learn that I feel much better when I just accept the reality and make the most of how I'm ACTUALLY feeling.

12. Take time to dream, and then talk about it!

Allow yourself to just sit down and dream without limitations!!! Grab a notebook and just start filling it with dreams- both big and small. Go crazy. And then … TALK about them with some one! Share some of your dreams with a close friend. Talking about them makes them more real because you are actually putting them out there. (Psssst, I wrote this blog post on how you can develop a successful, dream chasing mindset right here!)

13. Take note of the next time you are inspired.

The next time some one or something inspires you, write it down! Was it a friend who lost 20 pounds by changing their lifestyle habits? A song that touched you? Some one's personal success? My brother recently ran a full marathon and it totally inspired me to train for a half marathon!

14. Pay it forward.

The next time some one inspires you- tell them! Most likely you telling them this will help to further inspire the person who inspired you in the first place! It'll feel good for them, and good for you.

15. Take that inspiring act and apply it to yourself.

If a specific act has inspired you, take that act and apply it to yourself by aligning it with your own personal business or life vision. When you are inspired, TAKE ACTION.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful! I know they've certainly helped me during "blah" periods. What inspires YOU? Do you have any tricks for getting through uninspiring days? Please share in the comments below because I'd love to hear them.