How to Use Your Voice to Make Your Blog Stand Out

You know what I think is super important in helping to set you apart from the rest?

Your voice.

I don't mean the way you sound when you talk, but the way you infuse your personality into your writing! I mean think about it, there's already a bazillion other blogs out there. There are already people who like what you like and do what you do, but no one else IS you. Some one can rip off your brand (there will always be copycats when you totally rock something!) but they can never rip off YOU because well ... they AREN'T you. 


(Unless they are some weird alien creature and take over your body like something reminiscent of 'Body Snatchers!')

Then that would just be really creepy.

Not only will infusing your personality into your writing help you to stand out and be original, but it will also help you to connect to your readers on a deeper level! Many times when I meet a client for the first time they'll be like, "I've been stalking your blog for awhile now and I feel like I know you already!" And I think that's a GOOD thing.

I don't consider myself a great writer. I make grammatical errors all the time. Hell, I'm constantly saying things that really don't make any sense!!!! But you know what? It's me. When I sit down to write a blog post, I quite literally type as I would talk.

The good, the weird and the ugly.

(Okay not really "ugly" I just wanted to rip off that movie title!)

But you know what I mean.

So in finding your own blogging voice, do these things ...

How do you want your readers to view your brand?

Funny? Professional? Sweet? Straight and to the point? Friendly? A hard ass? Once you figure that out, just sit down and write! Don't overthink it and don't be afraid of making mistakes or sounding "perfect." Perfect is pretty boring, to be honest. However, your brand should be a direct reflection of who you really are, so if you aren't normally witty with dry humor, don't try to write that way!

Write like you would talk to your best friend.

Go ahead, infuse some of that awesome personality into your writing. Have fun with it. You KNOW you want to! When I'm writing my blog posts (or really ANYTHING, for that matter), I pretend like my computer is my best friend and that I'm literally just talking to ONE person: my best friend.

Don't overthink.

Overthinking as you write is a surefire way to sound constipated and stiff! (Nice visual, eh? You're welcome!) But seriously, don't overthink. Especially when you are writing the first draft! Just sit down and let it flow out of your fingers- you can always revise things later. Which leads me to ...

Don't Forget to Check Your Spelling and Grammar.

Give your post a read over at least once (if not twice!) before posting. It's important to try and avoid spelling and grammatical errors in your typing, but also keep in mind that we ALL make them here and there. :)

Break your writing down into small, digestible paragraphs.

Don't forget to make your writing more tasty and easy to digest (errrr- I mean read!) by breaking your writing down into small, manageable paragraphs. Think of them as little bite sized treats ... they're much easier to eat and digest in small bites rather than stuffing the giant paragraph into your mouth all at once!

Make your writing stand out.

If you want to up the ante in your writing, download the handy checklist/worksheet that I created! It's got things for you to check and incorporate into your writing so that you can make sure you're using your voice, standing out and writing your copy in the most effective manner possible.

Speaking of making your writing stand out ...

If you want to make sure that your brand stands out too then be sure to enroll in my Strong Brand Mini Course (it's free!) It'll help you make sure that everything about your brand is strong, consistent and totally awesome.

Plus there's worksheets, video and slides. And we can get crazy and have fun together. Just say'in.

Okay the end bye! :::poof:::