I know that starting, growing and nurturing your email list can seem totally overwhelming! Especially if you're starting from scratch. (Because guess what? I started from scratch too!)

In fact, I put off starting my list for forever, and then once I DID start it I struggled for nearly two years to grow it past just 28 subscribers. But then I finally discovered exactly how to ignite my list and managed to grow it to over
14,000 people in less than 12 months without any paid ads! And you can do it, too.

What you'll learn in this FREE challenge:

  • How to create the perfect freebie that will attract the right people to your business (and straight onto your list!)
  • How to promote your freebie organically without having to use a bunch of paid advertising (save some money, yo!)
  • The fastest ways to drive traffic to your shiny new freebie
  • What the heck to actually send your subscribers to provide value & build relationships that lead to more sales.
  • How to use your email list to grow your business!

People are taking the challenge and getting results within DAYS.

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