Welcome, You Creative Unicorn!

... What’s that you say?

You’re a motivated entrepreneur who wants to create an online business that you freak'in love?

Wow. Well then you’re totally in the right place! :-)

This colorful corner of the internet is for people who are ready to go after a life and business that they love.

Perhaps you’re sick of dreading going to work every day and are tired of living by someone else’s schedule? Maybe you want to spend your time doing something that actually fulfills you and that you’re super passionate about? 

Awesome. You are definitely in the right place.

But going after your dreams can be hard. Maybe you ...

  • Don't even know where to start. You're all like ... "what?! How?!"
  • Feel totally overwhelmed with not only what you need to do, but how to actually do it.
  • Feel alone and need like-minded people to support you and show you how to up-level your life and business.
  • Are highly creative and filled with ideas but need the systems and strategies to run a successful business. 
  • Are struggling to grow your audience and email list with people who truly love what you have to offer.
  • Need help bringing YOU and your amazing personality into your brand to make it one of a kind.

Whether you're a complete newbie in the world of online business or have been at it for years, I'm here to help you reach the BIG awesome goals that you have for your online biz! (Ya know, the ones that you're afraid to say out loud.)

 And my personal mission, this site and my community are dedicated to making that happen.

Here's the deal. I believe that:

  • We all have unique talents, quirks and personalities that should be embraced.
  • You deserve to have a job that lights you up and gives you the freedom to enjoy life the way you want to.
  • You ARE capable, you just need the right tools, systems and strategies to make it happen. (And lots of passion!) ;-)
  • You should DREAM BIG. This life isn't a dress rehearsal, it's the real deal, baby. Make it count!
  • Vague, sugar-coated strategies that beat around the bush are bull crap. 
  • We should embrace where we're at right now and have fun with the process and the journey!
  • Coming together to learn, grow and share is totally where it's at.
  • Oh and cats, coffee and pretending to talk in random accents are essentials for everyday life! (Anyone? Just me?)

So how the heck did helping bloggers and creative entrepreneurs kick butt online become my thing?

Well … the day I turned 16 and got my first job (as a waitress at Steak'N'Shake!) I vowed that one day, I would be my own boss and start my own business. Why? Because I was simply too much of a control freak to let someone else be in charge of my schedule! :P (Yep, it's true.)

After graduating from college and trying my luck at being an actress in Hollywood for five years, (yep, totally did that. Ha!) I started my first blog in 2006 and finally took my passion for photography and started my own wedding photography business in 2010 which ... awesomely enough ... I was able to work full-time from the very beginning!

And I freak’in loved it.

But after a FEW years OF running my wedding photography business, I realized that a.) I had fallen in love with the business and blogging side of things and b.) I wanted everyone to experience the joy of having a business that they absolutely loved!

So in 2015 I officially transitioned from my wedding photography business to running my own full-time online business (Wonderlass) so that I could help as many creative entrepreneurs as possible start and grow businesses that they were excited to wake up to every day. I'm tell'n you, the quality of life goes WAY up when you actually love your job.

And so here I am.

Creating value-filled blog posts, epic live workshops, community, courses and more to help you (along with literally thousands of others) be the boss that you want to be and to get the freedom, fun and fulfillment that you crave in life more than a chocolate covered cupcake!

(Seriously, those chocolate covered cupcake cravings can be intense.)

Ready to take charge of your life and to create an online business that you absolutely freak'in love? 

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Ready to create a profitable online biz that you love? Let’s do it!!! (I get excited often, just FYI.) Thanks for being here!

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