Welcome, You Creative Unicorn!

... What’s that you say?

You want to wake up every morning actually feeling EXCITED about going to work?

You're totally over that sickly feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you get home from work and can only enjoy a few short hours of the day before you're already dreading going back to work the next?

You're tired of dying a little more inside with every hour that you have to spend at a job you hate? 

Yep, I've been there too.

And guess what?! You've come to the right place. ☺️

This colorful corner of the internet is for people who are ready to go after a life and business that they love.

Because you know what I believe?

That life is too damn short to spend so many hours working a job that leaves you feeling like an empty shell.

Life should be largely FULFILLING and FUN. 

I think that everyone is born with unique gifts, talents and quirks, and that those
should be celebrated and shared with the world.

And I sure as hell believe that everyone deserves to wake up to a job that fulfills and excites them!

And I believe that YOU deserve that, too. 

But creating an online business can be hard. Maybe you ...

Don't even know where to start. You're all like ... "what?! How?!"

Need a roadmap because you're totally overwhelmed with where to start or what to work on next!

Feel alone and need like-minded people to support you and show you how to up-level your life and business.

Are highly creative and filled with ideas but need the systems and strategies to run a successful business. 

SO my delightful little bushy-tailed broccoli,

Whether you're a complete newbie in the world
of online business or have been at it for years, I'm here to teach you in a way that's simple, fun and effective.

You're here to grow an online business, and I'm here to make the journey easier and more entertaining.  

 And my personal mission, this site and my community are dedicated to making that happen.

Scroll down and let's get to know each other!

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Oh heeeey! I'm Allison.

I consistently use super random terms of endearment, (I mean hello, I just called you a " delightful little
bushy-tailed broccoli" already!) and throughout the years, people have consistently asked me,
"are you drunk?" when in fact I have NOT been drunk, I just like to be silly, talk in random accents and have fun!

Because I believe that life, learning and business should be super fun, dag nabbit!!!!

(I also get excited a lot.)

I'm the founder of Wonderlass, a colorful little corner of the internet that's
dedicated to helping people start and grow profitable online businesses that they love so that
they can have the fun, freedom and fulfillment that they deserve. 

So how the heck did helping creative entrepreneurs
kick butt online become my thing?

Well … the day that I turned 16 and got my first job (as a waitress at Steak'N'Shake!) I vowed that one day,
I would be my own boss and start my own business. Why? Because I remember having a near panic attack when I realized that some random person was now in control of my schedule.

And I was simply too much of a control freak to let someone else be in charge of my schedule! :P (Yep, it's true.)

So 3 months after graduating from college, I decided to first go after my dreams of being an actress and moved from my home in Missouri out to Hollywood (which was cray-zay!) where I lived for 5 years.

(True story, I cried my eyes out in sheer panic the very first time that I had to drive on the freeway! Yes,
it was eight lanes worth of sheer terror.)

While I was living in Hollywood doing the acting thing, I started my first blog in 2006 as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. I also soon realized that living in Los Angeles was crazy expensive and that I needed a way to make some extra money (in addition to the two jobs I was already working!)

I decided that NOW was the perfect time to start a business!

I had been passionate about planning parties and weddings growing up, so I decided to get certified as a bonafied wedding planner and in 2008, I got my very first business website up (it looked horrible, by the way)
and I was officially in business! 

After months of being an intern for a local wedding planner and spending countless hours getting my business ready I finally planned my very first wedding for a client and ...

I hated it.

Welp, back to the ol' drawing board! 

Then in 2009 I got married. (No longer married, by the way!) But at my wedding, I couldn't help but notice how much fun my two wedding photographers were having! Plus, I loved the images that they shot.

And then a couple weeks after my wedding it hit me: I would start my own wedding photography business! I mean I loved weddings (obviously), and I had always been obsessed with taking photos and scrapbooking! It felt like the perfect fit.

I ended up moving back to Missouri (Kansas City, to be exact!) at the beginning of 2010
and I hit the ground running! It was time to make shiz happen.

 I immediately bought my first "real" camera, started my website (my business was called Allison Wonderland Photographie) and began booking wedding clients right off the bat (even though all I had to show in my portfolio were random personal photos!)


I went full-time right out of the gate and I freak’in loved it.

Having a job that I loved totally changed the quality of my life FOR THE BETTER.

But after a few years of running my wedding photography business, I realized that a.) I had fallen
in love with the business and blogging side of things, b.) People were always asking me business-related questions and c.) I wanted everyone to experience the joy of having a job that they absolutely loved!

So in 2015, I decided to start transitioning out of my wedding photography business and into creating an online business where I could focus on helping others do what they love.

I took down the personal blog that I had been blogging on for the past 9 years and gave it a complete overhaul! I spent countless hours and late nights working at my computer (much to the dismay of my kitty Mr. Purrie, who wasn't getting NEARLY enough attention!)

And a few months later, 'Wonderlass' was officially born! 

However, starting an online business wasn't easy. I've had to consistently push through many meltdown moments, random crying fits, feelings of doubt, being scared crapless that I might fail and much more.

And that brings me to today!

I officially shot my very last wedding in 2016 and now spend my time building a community of entrepreneurs
and creating value-filled blog posts, epic live workshops and online courses to help you be your own boss and finally get the freedom, fun and fulfillment that you crave in life more than a chocolate covered cupcake! 

(Seriously, those chocolate covered cupcake cravings can be intense.)

So how can YOU get started?! Scroll down to see ...

ZOMBIE work.jpg

Choose your path and get going ...

(And be careful of the zombies!!!)

I've got shiz tons of resources to get you started and I'm ridiculously excited to help you along in your journey!
It's my goal to support you and help you accelerate your online business growth so that you can start seeing results and have a profitable online business that you absolutely LOVE as fast as possible.


Creating a business is HARD WORK. It requires you to consistently show up and take action (even when you feel scared or doubtful!) And it requires you to step outside of your comfort zone (because that's where REAL growth happens!)
Is it easy? NOPE. But is it 100% worth it? Oh HELLZ YES.


This crazy online business journey requires like-minded people for support, feedback, brainstorming and more!
Join me plus thousands of creative women for the journey!

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