Oh heeeey! It's Allison from Wonderlass.com 😄  

Are you ready to learn about 30 simple tweaks and strategies that you can use to increase your revenue?! 🎉 Well buckle your star studded seatbelt, because that's exactly what this training is all about. 👊🏻

Feel free to try and do as many of these as you can during the year to maximize your growth (and your profit!) 👌🏻
Each tweak + strategy covered also includes the estimated amount of time that it should take
to put it into action to help you plan things out!

And lastly, don't forget to download your handy checklist below the video and to check out the extra tools + resources that are mentioned in the video! 😊 👇🏻

Pssst, don't forget to download your handy checklist by clicking right here! (And remember, put it in a place where you can easily see it on the regular! Like on your desktop or in an easy to access drawer at your desk.) 👌🏻


  • Mentioned in thing #3: The free courses that I have available on my website
     are right here if you'd like to check any of them out!
  • Mentioned in thing #6: Creative Market (aka "the black hole of awesome-ness!")
  • Mentioned in thing #11: I love to use Zendesk to put a live chat on my sales pages!
    (They also have a free 2 week trial. Woo!)
  • Mentioned in thing #12: I super love to use PROOF on my best landing pages
    and on my sales pages during big promotions!
  • Mentioned in thing #16 and #17: I use Teachable to host all of my online courses (and to easily create those checkout pages with the testimonials + benefits and to create one-click upsells!)
  • Mentioned in thing #19: You can use a service like SamCart to send time sensitive discounts
    to your new customers. Woo!
  • Mentioned in thing #22: I freak'in LOVE using Deadline Funnel in all of my evergreen sales funnels to give people genuine urgency to take action! The DAY I signed up for Deadline Funnel, it legit paid for itself in the first 24 hours.
  • Mentioned in thing #24: here's the handy tools + resources page on my website!
  • Mentioned in thing #26: if you'd like to learn more about email marketing,
    you can check out the free thing that I have right here!
  • Mentioned in thing #27: I love and use Squarespace for my website. LOVE them.
  • Mentioned in thing #29 and #30: if you'd like to learn how to put on a value-packed webinar,
    you can check out my free Webinar Crash Course right here.

And yes, some of those links are affiliate links. 😊

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