How to Create an Authentic Brand
That Sells

5 steps to create a brand that will grow your tribe
& allow you to make more sales!


Oh heeeey! It's Allison from 😄  

This 1.5 hour workshop is packed with actionable content and is totes for you if ...

  • You struggle with imposter syndrome or consistently worry about all of the "competition" in your industry.
  • You want to attract MORE of the RIGHT people to your business with your brand. 
  • You want a brand that both looks AND feels amazing! 👌🏻
  • Your brand feels generic, boring or like a watered down version of yourself. (Boooo.)
  • You want to learn how to write more powerful copy so that you can make more sales (yessss!)

To download the free branding roadmap, just click here.
To download the consistency checklist, just click here.

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The doors to 'Be Your Own Brand' are NOW OPEN until August 30th! 🎉
Grab it before it closes- it won't be open again until 2018. 

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