10 Reasons Why Your Blog or Online Business is Failing (And What To Do About it!)

10 Reasons Why Your Blog or Online Business is Failing (And What to Do About it!) | Wonderlass

Yo … are you ready for some real talk? Well buckle your star-studded seatbelt, because today that’s exactly what we’re gonna do! :P

I’ve technically been blogging for 10 years and now currently make 100% of my income from passive income in my online business, but it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows!

(You can read more about my story right here if you wanna!)

In fact, I blogged for a solid FIVE YEARS with very little growth and ZERO income coming in.

It wasn’t until I decided in January 2015 to make some key changes in my business that things REALLY started to happen! (In a GOOD way.)

And when I say "things," I mean that in less than 12 months my traffic grew by over 800%, my email subscribers grew from just 28 people to over 8,000 people and I went from making ZERO dollars in income to having my first $8,000+ dollar month and beyond.

Yes ... I FINALLY managed to go from FIVE YEARS of stagnant growth and ZERO income to successful, full-time business in less than 12 months. Halle-freak'in-lujah!

Want to learn about the specific changes that I made to get those results?

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But in order to turn my blog into a profitable online business, there were also some OTHER things that I was majorly sucking at that I had to fix first as well.

And if you’re anything like I was for several years, it’s quite possible that you are majorly sucking at a few things too.

(Hey, I did say that we were gonna have real talk today, didn’t I? Haha!)

Because if you’re guilty of just one of the things listed below, then that’s enough to greatly hurt the chances that your blog or online business will turn into something that will have the ability to give you financial freedom. 

Now just to clarify, you don't NEED to blog in order to have an online business. However, if you enjoy blogging for your business, it can be a great way to not only market your business, but to provide lots of free value to your audience. :-)

Like, I freaking love blogging, but it's not a 100% necessity. 

So with THAT being said, if you’re showing up in your business every day but are currently struggling to make any moo-lah from it, read on.

It’s time to get brutally honest with yourself so that you can actually address and fix the problem. Are you with me?! Are you ready to look the below issues straight in the face and tell them to go take a bloody hike?!  

Put your boxing gloves on, because it’s time to fight for your business! You DESERVE it, dammit!!!::: queue Rocky theme song:::

Here’s 10 reasons why your online business is failing (and what the heck you can actually DO about it!):


If you’re not ridiculously clear about the purpose of your business, then you are going to struggle with everything else on this list.

Why? Because everything that you create (your website design, blog posts, free content, paid content, etc.) should be created with your specific purpose in mind.

After all, you need to be doing something that people would be willing to PAY you for!

If you don’t know exactly what you’re trying to do and for who, then you’re gonna have a very hard time doing it. (And doing it WELL!)

Do ya feel me?

What to do about it?

You need to sit your butt down and get REALLY clear on WHAT it is that you do.

Like ... how SPECIFICALLY do you help people in your business?

Think about it this way: What is ONE specific thing that you do for ONE specific person?

Aaaaaand if you need extra help ...

You should watch the video below.


Perhaps you’re clear on your purpose, but it’s simply not a profitable purpose.

If you want to create a successful business, then the purpose of your business needs to provide mega value to other people- and they need to be willing to spend moo-lah on it.

Your purpose needs to solve some type of PROBLEM that people want solved.

For example, a few years ago, a big part of my blog used to be posts that simply shared what I was up to lately. I’d share tons of personal photos and recaps of “life lately” but guess what?

No one cared.

Well … I take that back! My family and friends enjoyed reading those posts, but that was about it, if I’m being honest.

In most cases, you can’t create a profitable business based off a purpose that is centered around you.

My blog (which I turned into an online business) started gaining traction when I made sure that my purpose (and all of my content) was focused on providing value to others.

(In my case specifically, helping creative entrepreneurs start and grow their own epic online businesses!)

Ideally, you want your purpose to not only provide mega value to others, but for it to be something that you’re really freak’in good at and passionate about!

So … what to do about it? 

Check out the free master class that I mentioned at the beginning of this post!

Because no money coming in = no business.


Yep, I totally was guilty of this one!

But first, if you’re wondering what the hell a niche is, it’s simply what you’re offering and to who. Like … a very specific who.

For example, if someone’s a wedding photographer they might simply say that they provide wedding photography when asked about what it is that they do. BUT if they’ve decided to focus in on a particular niche, their response might be something like, “I do creative wedding photography for offbeat brides.”

They are being extra specific about not only what they’re offering, but exactly who they’re offering it to.

The problem with being too broad with your niche is that when you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to NO ONE (at least not very well!)

I remember when I was trying to do it all on my blog … I was writing posts about photography, storm chasing, DIY crafts, recipes, party ideas and personal “life updates” along with some business tips on the side. (Yes I know, completely random!)

The issues from that?

I had an extremely hard time developing a following because I was much too all over the place.

The people who came to my blog for storm chasing didn’t give a crap about my DIY stuff, and the people who came to my blog for recipes didn’t give a crap about my business stuff.

(Plus let’s face it, trying to do that many things was not only confusing to everyone, but was nearly impossible for me to do very well!)

The more specific you are with your niche, the tighter your focus will be and the more effectively you will be able to market to your people, provide them with amazing content and connect with them.

And the more SPECIFIC you get with your focus, the FASTER you will gain traction!

Again, you want to think of it this way: what is ONE specific result you can get for ONE specific person?

What to do about it?

Get clear on your specific and unique niche. 

Soooo yeah ...

Remember that FREE master class I mentioned above?


You know how important having a professional looking, well-branded, purpose driven website is? About as important as it is for me to have my bullet proof coffee first thing in the morning!!!

(Which is VERY IMPORTANT, in case you were wondering!) :P

Think of it this way …

if your website doesn’t look professional on a professional website platform, then it’s going to be very hard for others to take you seriously as a professional.

(Man, that’s a whole lotta “professional!”)

In order to develop trust with your people, attract the right type of people and establish yourself as an authority in your niche, you need a kick ass website.

One that looks professional, is easy to navigate and has a clear purpose (like we talked about in number one! And NO I’m not referring to pee. :P)

Sorry that just took a turn for the immature child in me. Ehem!

But if you want to create a profitable online business, then you need to make sure that you get serious about the foundation of it all; your website.

What to do about it? 

Move away from the free blogging + website  platforms and make sure that your website's purpose is clear immediately (we're talking within the first 3 seconds of landing on your site!), that the site looks professional and well designed, and that it's well branded so that you're attracting the right type of person.

And you can literally do this in a few days.

You don't need to (and shouldn't!) spend MONTHS trying to get the "perfect" website. 

Now adays there are TONS of resources + templates available so that you can have a professional looking, well-designed website up in a DAY.

(Like by using Squarespace, for example!)

Because in my free master class, I talk about one of the BIG mistakes that most struggling entrepreneurs make ...

Spending WAY too much time trying to create the "perfect" website.


Creating super sweet content like awesome blog posts is really fun, but if no one is seeing those super sweet, awesome blog posts then you are just wasting your time.

Unfortunately, being really good at marketing is an ESSENTIAL part of running a successful online business.

I mean after all … you need to actually get people to your site who are interested in what you have to offer if you want clients and customers right?

You can create the most amazing content there is, but if you lack in the marketing arena then that content is going to just be sitting in the corner all sad and dejected like an outcast at a high school prom.

(Wasn’t that a rather sad mental picture?)

But it IS sad!!! Creating tons of amazing content that will provide tons of value to other people and NOT having them see it and experience it is SAD.

(And it’s kind of bad for business, too.)

What to do about it?

Up your marketing game.

Pinterest is one area that I make sure to use strategically because it is, by far, my biggest source of traffic (and it's free!)

Here's a 2 resources to help you up your marketing game:

Email marketing, social media, Pinterest, your blog-  they all work together to create one gigantic marketing explosion! :::queue explosion sound:::


Ah yes, this is something that I failed at pretty dang hard for a long time.

Even though I had invested literally thousands of dollars into courses that were telling me I NEEDED an email list, I continued to stubbornly ignore it for way too long.

My thoughts sounded something like this ... 

“but, I don’t LIKE newsletters! They’re boring and I don’t want to create one!” “I have no idea how to do the tech side and I’m completely confused by opt-ins … what are those again?” “But but … even if I WERE to get people on my email list, I have no idea what the heck I’d actually send them!”

And on … and on. Sound familiar at all? :P

But when I decided to "get serious" about growing my online business, I knew it was time to stop making excuses and to start taking it seriously.

And it’s not enough to simply START your list, you need to focus on growing it with people who are actually engaged with your content and for using it to nurture the relationships you have with your people!

So don’t be in denial like I was and keep ignoring your email list! Mmmkay?

Pretty please.

And if you still need more convincing as to WHY you need a list, check out this blog post right here because I write about WHY you need one.

What to do about it? 

Focus on building your email list with people who are actually the RIGHT fit for your business and are engaged with your content. 

I've got a free training to walk you through it all right here. 


Alright so … if you’re not creating things that people actually either WANT or NEED, then you’re going to have a reeeeal hard time making enough sales!

Like … you know how hard it would be to build a 1,200 foot skyscraper out of wooden rainbow-colored  building blocks by yourself?

That hard.

It’s not enough to create awesome things, you need to create awesome things that people either FOR SURE need or want.

That’s why number one, two and three on this list are so important! You can’t create amazing offerings if you don’t know exactly WHAT your purpose is and also WHO exactly they’re for.

And not only that, but there needs to be a for sure need for what you create.

What to do about it? 

You need to get clear on your purpose and people first so that you know exactly WHAT to create and for WHO. You need to not only get into the head of your ideal client, you need to be straight up asking people what they want and need!

You need to be going to places where they hang out online so that you can see what they need help with and want.

You need to get to know your audience and LISTEN to what they are saying!

Not to sound like a broken record or anything but ...

This free master class right here might help you. 


If you’re kill’in it at number 7 and are creating things that people in your niche either for sure want or need, then you’ve gotta make sure that you’re creating clear paths to those things so that people can find them!

We’re talking lots of paths.

Most people aren’t going to take the time to search for your stuff, so it’s your job to make sure that they are finding what you want them to find!

As much fun as treasure hunts are, most people won’t want to make a treasure hunt out of your content.

Unless of course that treasure hunt is filled with golden chocolate eggs, in which case that would be both tasty and beneficial for the wallet!

What to do about it?

Look at your website's homepage and ask yourself, is it super obvious and easy to find my paid content from here? Better yet, is it super easy and obvious to find the awesome FREE stuff that leads to my paid content?

Am I creating paths for this on my website? On my social media? In my emails?

I talk about the 3 numbers that I focus on that get my 95% of my business results in the free master class that I keep mentioning right here!


Speaking of creating paths to lead people to your paid content, you also need to make most of those paths filled with free, super awesome value-filled content!

If you’re not giving away lots of amazing content for free, then you’re going to have a hard time developing the trust that’s completely necessary with the people that you’re trying to sell your suh-weet offerings to.

Plus, creating awesome free content to lead people to your paid content also gives you the opportunity to not only provide value, but to educate people as to WHY they might need your thing in the first place.

Makes sense right?!

Would you want to purchase an ultra pricey chocolate covered marshmallow online from some stranger that you didn’t trust without tasting it first? Probably not.

(Also … I’m not sure who actually buys ultra pricey chocolate covered marshmallows online, but you get the idea!)

What to do about it?

You need to create some awesome, free content that's directly related to the topic of your paid content. So if you have 3 different paid offerings, you need to create some awesome, free content for each one!

Your free content should not only educate people about your paid content, but it should give them real value so that you can help develop trust and WOW them, baby!

Are you currently creating content with no STRATEGY behind it? 

Then don't forget to sign up for the free master class!


Alright so picture this with me …

there’s a super fluffy, grey colored cat with a pink nose that really wants to build his own cat clothing store down the block. But everyday when this super fluffy, grey colored cat with a pink nose wakes up, most of the time he just sleeps.

And eats.

And takes poops.

On a daily basis, he’s actually doing very little to make his super swanky clothing store for cats a reality! 

He’ll dream about it on a daily basis, but he only takes an actual step towards his goal every now and then (and half the time it’s not even in the right direction!)

Do you think that this super fluffy, grey colored cat with the pink nose will successfully build and run his own cat clothing store anytime soon?

Probably not. (Okay, that was a slightly silly analogy, but you get the point!)

If you want to create an amazing online business that actually makes you money, then you need to have a STRATEGIC plan, show up every day and take action.


Even when you’re feeling scared. Or doubtful. Or uninspired. Or confused. Or tired.

What to do about it?

You need to create a step-by-step roadmap for getting the specific RESULTS that you want in your business as quickly as possible! 

Especially if you're a frazzled, overwhelmed creative.

Having a strategic roadmap will allow you to save TONS of time while growing your business much, MUCH faster.

(Instead of wasting time in an overwhelmed, unfocused frenzy!)

Ready to create YOUR roadmap?

Then check out the free master class that I keep mentioning!

Alright, how are you feeling?!

:::rubs your shoulders and gives you a bottle of water like a boxing coach::: Did you find something on this list that you need to fix?

The best part about being honest with yourself and identifying what you need to work on is that you can then actually DO something about it.

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10 Reasons Why Your Blog or Online Business is Failing (And What to Do About it!) | Wonderlass

Is there something in particular on this list that you need help with or have questions about? Let me know below, yo!

And now, it's time to go make another cup of coffee and binge on some creepy zombie shows on Netflix! :P