25 Ways to Have a Kick-Ass Day

25 Ways to Have a Kick-Ass Day

I love finding little things to incorporate into my day to make it extra awesome!

Whether you're having a horrible, terrible not-so-good day or just want to take your already awesome day to the next level, here's 25 ways to have a kick-ass day!

1. Start the morning right!

Get up with enough time to have some time to yourself.

Drinking your coffee (or your preferred beverage,) reading blogs (or whatever you prefer to read,) etc. Get up so that you have at least a good 20-30 un-rushed minutes to yourself.

Speaking of hvaing awesome mornings, I wrote an entire post on how to create healthy morning habits!

2. Snuggle your pet.

I don't know about you, but no day is complete unless I shower Mr. Purrie with tons of affection! Plus it's been proven that purring kitties lower your blood pressure. So devote a bit of snuggle time to your cat, dog, reptile or whatever type of pet that you have!

3. Relax.

Have you been running yourself a bit ragged? If so perhaps a nice bubble bath is in order! Take the time for something ultra relaxing. A bath, a nap, a nice long Netflix session ... whatever brings you to your inner Zen.

4. Create a fun to-do list.

You know me, I LOVE making lists and checking things off! Why not make a list of fun things that you'd like to do or try, and check one of the items off today?

5. Pick a dream.

Let's kick this list making thing up a notch. Why not pick a dream that you have and then spend some time creating some actionable steps to achieve it? After all, dreams don't work unless YOU do!

6. Write some snail mail.

I've gotten back into the habit of writing people snail mail just because and I LOVE it.

It's relaxing and fun, plus it's also thoughtful and productive! And it gives me an excuse to play with stickers and washi tape. AND it will hopefully brighten some one else's day. It's an all around win!

I wrote this post on WHY snail mail is awesome + lots of inspiration!

7. Enjoy the now.

Stop and smell the roses, as they say! Take a moment to just slow down and appreciate what is going on around you. Enjoy the little things.

8. Let your inner weirdo out.

Yeah that's right, time to get weird baby! Pretend that you're hosting a cooking show as you're making lunch, sing in the shower, dance in your living room, laugh your head off for no reason. How about you get together with some friends and just be weird together for no reason?

9. Go to the movies alone.

I really like going to an early matinee at the theatre by myself and getting a box of Junior Mints, it's like a guilty pleasure. Plus a lot of times I'll have the entire theatre to myself ... which is pretty cool.

10. Do something nice for some one else.

It will give you instant feel good feelings, I promise! What could you do to totally make someone else's day?

11. Go for a walk.

Walks can be SO relaxing plus getting some fresh air is always a good idea! Maybe you could even pick a new part of town that you haven't explored yet to make it extra exciting ...

12. Eat something yummy.

I don't know about you, but I kind of like food. Kick the day's awesomeness up by indulging in something you love! Sour Patch kids, chocolate and baked goods are my guilty pleasures. (Dang I have a lot of guilty pleasures don't I? Hahaha.) It doesn't have to necessarily be junk food either. Maybe your idea of the perfect indulgence is a fruit salad!

13. Do something good for yourself.

What is one thing that you can do today to improve your quality of life? Perhaps it's starting a new fitness regime. Perhaps it's signing up to run your first race! Maybe it's committing to wake up 20 minutes earlier to have "you" time. Focus on starting at least ONE thing today!

14. Laugh.

Laughing is the BEST. Watch a funny movie, go on YouTube, look at hilarious photos, get together with a friend and do something silly ... whatever gets your laughing motor going!

15. Unplug for the day.

Or at least part of it. It's something most people don't do often enough! Turn off your phone, get off the internet and live like you did in the olden days before everything became so digital. Have coffee with a friend without looking at your phone, CALL a family member, do something fun outside.

16. Try something new.

Is there a local place that you've been meaning to visit? A restaurant, coffee shop or museum? Go exploring! Is there a class you've been wanting to try? Sign up! Try something new and expand your experiences.

17. Look through old photos.

Preferably with an old friend who can laugh and reminisce with you!

18. Pump up your vocabulary!

Take a peek at the Urban Dictionary and find some new and totally ridiculous words to add to your vocabulary!

19. Bake some really cute cookies.

Maybe in the shape of kitties? And then give them away! (After eating a couple yourself, of course.)

20. Reach out to people who inspire you but who don't know you exist.

It'll probably make their day!

21. Put together a care package for a friend.

This is similar to writing some snail mail only it's a box filled with cute/awesome/thoughtful/fun stuff!!! Think how happy you would make some one by surprising them with a care package in the mail!

22. Plan a party.

I LOVE planning parties. Better yet, plan a party with a fun theme that gets you really excited! (I've got an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to planning awesome parties if you need inspiration!)

23. Create yourself a new music playlist.

Discovering new music is awesome! Get some new tunes to help you relax/get pumped/excited/happy ... you know ... whatever you're in the mood to feel!

24. Try cooking a new recipe.

Whether you're a seasoned cook or can hardly make Ramen Noodles, challenge yourself by attempting to cook a delicious new recipe! Hopefully you will be rewarded with an amazing meal and if it doesn't turn out ... then treat yourself to going out to eat!!! Win win.

25. Make a to-do list for tomorrow.

This way you can end your amazing day with peace of mind not worrying about everything that needs to get done tomorrow.

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25 Ways to Have a Kick-Ass Day

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