5 Reasons to Send Snail Mail

Want to make some one's day? Want to wow a client? Send some good 'ol fashioned snail mail! Click through for a little inspiration.

In a world full of texts and e-mails, getting (and sending) some old fashioned snail mail can be a real treat! Don't agree? Well then it's time to convert you, hehe. :P Here's my 5 top reasons for sending snail mail:

1. It's fun!

You can get so much more creative with writing a card or letter then you can sending an e-mail or text. With snail mail you can really add some personal flare picking out a card or stationary, doodling, decorating the envelope, (or MAKING the envelope,) etc. Plus I love having an excuse to buy stickers now a days especially for snail mail purposes! You can use snail mail as an excuse to send out your own little works of art.

2. It's slow.

Today's world offers so much instant gratification that I think we've all become just a little ... ehem ... impatient. Writing snail mail is a great way to slow down and just appreciate the act of reaching out to some one else!

3. It's tangible.

Sure texts and e-mails can be nice, but I LOVE the tangibility of a hand written card or letter. It feels so much more personal being able to see the person's actual handwriting and to really hold it in your hands. Plus you can save the card/letter some where special, display it some where on the wall or put it in a scrapbook.

4. It takes more thought to write.

When you're writing an e-mail or a text message, it's really easy to just babble away without much thought because you can easily go back and edit your words afterwards. But when you're writing a handwritten letter, you really have to slow down and think about what you're saying because you can't just go back and delete it later or use spellcheck!

5. It's a great way to brighten some one's day unexpectedly!

As an adult, bills and junk mail fill our mail boxes. But just think of how special it is when you get an unexpected letter in the mail, especially for no reason! It's a great way to cheer some one up, offer encouragement, say hello ... you can literally send snail mail for ANY REASON.

Now that I've got you all inspired to send some snail mail, here's some MORE inspiration for all the pretty things you can do with the envelopes!