5 Tips to Get Over Envy + Comparison

Check out these 5 tips for how to get over envy and comparison!

Oh why, hello there!

Would you like to, pardon my language, meet my 2 little shitty friends? 

Meet Comparison and Envy:

I proooobably don't need to introduce you, because you proooobably know them already!

In fact, they might be taking up some of your precious head space and mental energy RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Theodore Roosevelt was right when he said, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

Because it really is.

And envy? Doesn't feel very good either. (Don't be fooled by envy's cute, big eyes!!!!) Nothing sucks the joy out of creating when you are constantly comparing yourself to others. Thoughts like ... people are already doing the SAME thing as me, only BETTER!

Remember how happy you were with the way your job was going until you saw some one else have MORE success than you and then envy took over?


Ain't nobody got time for that!

In a world of constant visuals, social media and over-sharing, it's important to not get your creative juices and happiness sucked up by comparison and envy. So today I'm sharing 5 tips to kick comparison and envy in the butts!

1. Remember, people share through a filter.

You know those photo filters that can make even the most bland pictures look exciting?

Like ... how I could take a picture of a piece of poop on the sidewalk and then apply this amazing filter with rainbows all over it and it would suddenly look awesome?

(No but really, I don't actually take pictures of poop.)

ANYWAY! People CHOOSE what snippets of their life they want to share, and it's USUALLY the most inspiring and pretty parts.

Yes, a friend might post a photo of this awesome restaurant that they're eating at while on vacation, but what they won't post is a photo of the giant argument that took place shortly before arriving at the restaurant.

Get what I'm say'in? You can't compare your beginning to some one else's middle, or the seemingly "best" parts of their lives to your "worst" parts.

2. Allow yourself to just feel it.

Some feelings feel good, and other feelings feel not-so-good.

But some times when we focus on NOT feeling the not-so-good feelings, it actually allows those not-so-good feelings to stay with us longer.

As they say, "what you resist, persists."

So instead of trying to push aside what you're feeling, just FEEL it. OWN those feelings. Allow them to move through your body like little shockwaves baby!!!

Let those feelings come in, feel them and then let them get the hell out.

3. Turn envy and comparison into action.

Are you feeling a tad envious that some one is getting the results that you want?

Look at it this way; the fact that they're getting the results that YOU want means that it totally CAN be done! So give 'em props and go after what YOU want.

Also, if you feel envy looking at some one else, look for WHY.

It's usually pointing to an area in your life that you're not 100% happy with. Take a look at WHAT that is, and then take steps to change it.

4. No one can do it like you can.

I LOVE a good helping of mac'n'cheese some times when I go out to eat.

And you know what?

There are SEVERAL places in Kansas City that serve awesome mac'n'cheese! Do I like all of them? Yes. Would I be sad if one of those places decided to stop serving it? YES. Kansas City has lots of places that serve tasty mac'n'cheese!

My point being, that there are probably several (are a bazillion) people doing what you are doing, but NO ONE can do it exactly like you can. Because no one is YOU.

5. "Unfollow" people if you need to.

If you find yourself scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and coming across things that just give you a yucky feeling of comparison and envy over and over again, unfollow them.

It's okay. I'm not gonna lie, I HAVE done this before, and I probably WILL do it again.

If seeing some one else's work is constantly causing you to second guess yourself and doubt your own, just remove them from your feed. It's nothing personal, it's simply for your own sanity and creativity!

I hope these tips help!

Are there any particular things that you do to get over comparison and envy? Please share in the comments below!