5 Ways to Eliminate Competition by Being Yourself

5 Ways to Eliminate the Competition by Being Yourself | Learn how to make your blog or online business stand out online | Wonderlass

Oh, hey there guys!

If only you could see how classy I look right now.

I am currently wearing colored socks with bears on them, brown leggings, a white nightgown, a black hoodie with the hood up ninja style (hey, it's cold in here!) and a zebra print Snuggie.

Yeah ... my dress code is the epitome of professional at the moment!

What are YOU wearing right now?

Wait never mind don't answer that!!!! That totally sounded like some creepy, perverted stalker and I am NOT a creepy, perverted stalker person!!! Can we just pretend like I didn't ask that?

Pretty please?


ANYWAY. As someone whose been working for herself full-time for over 7 years, I've learned lots of ways to stand out from the clutter and competition. You wanna know what I've done?

I have modeled my brand and business off of :::drum roll please::: myself!

Yep, I'm constantly thinking of ways that I can infuse myself into my brand to make it memorable, to connect with other people and to be different.

With the ten billion online businesses out there today standing out is more important than ever! 

So today I'm sharing five ways that you can eliminate the competition by being yourself!

Because being yourself is ALWAYS best.

(Pssssst, I created some free, spiffy worksheets to go along with this post to help you out, so click below if you'd like to grab them!)


Whose ready to listen to a broken record?!

(Are you waving your hand around in the air very wildly? I'll bet you are!)

But for REAL ... I've said it once (or ten times), and I'll say it again: there's only one YOU. And only YOU have the specific stories that have happened to YOU.

Yes, some of your stories might be similar to other people's stories- but they're not exactly the same.


You want to share personal stories throughout your content because not only will those stories differentiate you from others, but others will be able to relate to you on a personal level.

Sharing stories will allow others to connect with you!

For example, I could spew out lots of facts and statistics about why a particular acne relief product might be awesome, but what if I added a personal story to it about my own personal struggle with acne and the huge mental toll that it took on my life?

What do you think would be more effective:

Just the facts and statistics by themselves? OR the emotional story that probably thousands of other people can relate to with those facts? 

Share bits of your story whenever you can.

In your blog, when you are promoting products and services, in your emails, in your Facebook group etc.

For example, I always share personal bits in my free Facebook group for lady bosses!

Feel free to join us right here.

We have fun times together people ... fun times!


I've done this a few times over the past couple of years, and it has helped me SO much!

Some times it's a little hard to be objective about your own strongest, most awesome qualities and THAT'S why it's great to ask other people!

Plus, you'll probably start to notice some common qualities among the answers that you get.

For example, "funny", "brave", "creative" and "enthusiastic" were among the top 5 most common qualities that people used to describe me.

(I mean ... I never would have thought of myself as particularly brave, so the fact that lots of people saw that in me was quite interesting!)

The exercise was really helpful because I was then able to figure out specific ways to add these qualities into my brand and business! For example ...

  • Like into my writing. (I don't hold back when it comes to sharing funny and random thoughts and using exclamation points to convey my enthusiasm, haha!)

  • And my blog design. (I like to think that it's a bit creative and fun, maybe? Hopefully? Please say yes!!!! Hahah.)

  • And the freebies that I offer. (When creating them I always think, how can I make them fun AND creative?)

So now it's your turn!

Ask people what your 3 strongest, most awesome qualities are!

You can e-mail friends, family and coworkers and/or ask people on Facebook. (I did both!)

Once you have at least 15 different people answer, take note of any common qualities and write 'em down. Think about specific ways that you can add them into different aspects of your blog and business!

Oh and by the way, I've got a free course right here that will help you infuse your personality into your brand to make it one of a kind!


Do you want to sound like some boring, stale-like-yesterday's-bread person when you write? (Also I'm very amusing by that ridiculous description!) :P

I didn't think so.

When I write things like blog posts emails and social media posts, I literally just type as I would talk AND I type as though I'm talking to just ONE person!

(Like my best friend.)

Sometimes I picture that I'm talking to a make believe, curly, red haired Irish woman named Bitsy whose sitting on the other side of my computer. (Don't laugh- it totally helps!)

Some people panic when they sit down to write a blog post or email and it's like their brain suddenly becomes a constipated fart and they've forgotten how to speak correctly.

Well, forget how to speak "correctly."

Just speak like YOURSELF. Okay? DO IT!!!!

(I also wrote this post on how to use your voice to make your blog stand out!)


Yep, make a list of things that you love and find ways to incorporate them into your business! You know what I adore? 

Cats. Coffee. Color. Laughing. Zombies.

(For the record, I loved zombies way before they became a "thing!")

Because I'm aware of specific things that I love, I can find ways to incorporate them into my blog and business!

For example, I've used my love of color all throughout my brand and blog design.

I've taken my cat obsession and have sprinkled it into posts like 14 very important business lessons that I learned from my cat! 

I've even incorporated my love of doodling into my graphics (yes, the doodle graphics that you see here on my website and in my planners are my very own!)


Get my drift?

Make a list of things that you love and find ways to infuse them into your biz!


Are you aware of what you're truly good at?

No, not what you'd LIKE to be good at or what you THINK you should be good at.

I'm talking about what you are naturally and truly good at.

(Psssst, I've got a free workshop right here that'll walk you through how to leverage YOUR unique strengths + quirks to create an irresistible brand!)

For example, one of my natural strengths is being really positive and excited!

I try to let these things shine throughout my brand with my tone of voice, my brightly colored designs, my silly attitude, etc.

Another one of my strengths is organization, which is why I like to write organizational posts that will help people like an epic guide to creating the ultimate to-do list! 

Oh and it's why I also created the planners that I mentioned (and is pictured) above.

Are your wheels turning yet?

Are you getting pee-your-pants excited thinking about ways that you can stand out by infusing yourself into your blog and business?!?!?

(Speaking of standing out, you might also enjoy the post I did on 27 powerful ways to stand out online. Woo hoo!)

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5 Ways to Eliminate the Competition by Being Yourself | Learn how to make your blog or online business stand out online | Wonderlass

What is ONE thing that you're going to do THIS WEEK to put a little YOU into your brand? Hmmmmm?

And now :::suddenly starts talking in an old man voice with a british accent::: if you'll excuse me ... my hands are rather cold and I do believe that it's time for another cup of tea.