5 Ways to Overcome Blogging Burnout

5 Ways to overcome blogging burnout like a rock star!

Feeling utterly and completely burnt out.

The inspiration has run dry, the motivation has drained and the thought of writing one more blog post makes you want to curl up on the couch while eating copious amounts of delicious foods as you binge watch something fabulous on Neflix! 

Many of us have been there. I know I have!

Many times.

Blogging burnout is a poopy feeling.

Up until a few months ago, the last 2 years were particularly hard for me blog-wise. I lacked direction and focus, I was trying to do too many things, I felt lost and wasn't enjoying blogging much anymore.

It felt forced and I was feeling SOOOO uninspired. It was one enormous case of blogger burnout!

I wanted to throw in the towel.

My utterly sweat-soaked, stinky towel.

Thankfully, I didn't! I made it through the rain.

(Yes, that was a Barry Manilow reference.)

(I totally had a thing for Barry Manilow when I was in high school.)


What was I saying? Oh yes, I made it through the rain my enormous bout of blogging burnout. So if you're feeling burnt out, you can make it through too!

Here are 5 ways to overcome the dreaded blogging burnout:

1. Refocus.

This is huuuuge for me! One of the biggest culprits that causes my burnouts is lack of focus, or focusing on the wrong things.

Maybe you're trying to do so many things that you can't focus on any one thing and do it well, (I've been there), or perhaps the stress of knowing that you want to post every single day is keeping you from showing up in the first place (I've been there too!)

Or maybe you ARE working hard and being consistent, but the passion you once felt for your blog is sadly not there anymore. (Yep you guessed it, I've been there as well!)

Here's 4 ways to help you refocus:

1. Keep a list of your main goals around at all times. Yes, these are super important to have and you should keep them in site at all times!

(And if you don't have any written down, it's time to change that!)

What are you trying to achieve with your blog? What is it's reason for being?

Keep them within site ... on your wall, on your desk, on your desktop, on the first page of your planner ... some where that you can be reminded of them easily.

For example, I created a vision board for myself which I keep next to my desk!

(Speaking of goals, you might enjoy The Ultimate Goal Guide post I wrote!)

2. Make sure your posts are in line with your goals. Perhaps your goal is to provide design resources for creative entrepreneurs and yet you find yourself sharing recipes, DIYS and things that have nothing to do with your goal.

While going outside of the box is okay, if you are consistently posting outside of what the purpose of your blog is, your focus is likely going to get quite muddied.

3. Evaluate your blog and create new goals each month. What worked during the past month? What did you enjoy doing the most? What posts did your readers enjoy the most? What would you like to do differently? What new goals would you like to reach and how can you achieve them?

4. Find a like-minded creative to be your personal cheerleader. Having people to support and encourage you can be huge! Is there a blogger in your city that you can connect with in person? (Over delicious coffee?!) What about online? Have you tried reaching out to any bloggers whose blogs you enjoy? You can share goals with them and help to hold each other accountable!

I've got a free Facebook group for lady bosses, join us right here!

We're tons of fun, please you can get feedback, support, accountability and more.

5 Ways to Overcome Blogging Burnout!

2. Refresh things.

Perhaps you ARE focused and you just need to give something a little freshening up!

You know how little things like adding some fresh flowers to the table can make a difference in how a space feels? Well, little fresher-uppers for your blog and business can do the same thing!

Here are 4 areas that you can consider freshening up ...

1. Your work space. Do you have a little space at home dedicated to work? (Because you totally should!) I freshened up my little work space a couple months ago and I instantly felt more excited to work every day!

What can you do with your space that will inspire you to work more? Make an inspiration board? Get some fresh flowers? Buy some pretty new office supplies?

Here's a peek at my own little colorful workspace ...

(Oh and by the way, I've got a board on Pinterest dedicated to pretty work spaces to get your creativity flowing!)

2. Your schedule. Is your schedule causing you stress? Is it filling you with gahhhhhh moments?Take a minute or two to figure out why.

Is it because you're trying to post every single day and the pressure is killing your creativity? Is it because you're trying to stick to a rigid editorial calendar that leaves no room for new post ideas that some times happen on a whim? Is it because of the 5 million to-do lists that you are unable to complete each week?

Figure out what it is, and make the necessary adjustments.

3. Your features. Are you writing any features that you once enjoyed back in the day but no longer enjoy now? Are you writing a feature out of pure obligation and habit? Are you writing a feature because you feel it's the "cool" thing to do?

If any of your features are leaving you feeling uninspired, consider putting a new spin on it or cutting it out all together.

4. Your photography. I'm obsessed with photography (obviously!) and have always considered my blog mostly a visual one. However with my recent refocus on helping creative entrepreneurs start + grow their businesses, I've been writing a lot more than I'm used too! Now my posts are much less photo-driven and much more text-driven.

But changing things up every now and then helps to keep things fresh!

Can you put MORE photos into your blog? Try a new style of photography? New editing techniques? If you don't currently take your own photos, perhaps you could venture into the world of learning how to take your own?

Need help taking better photos? I've got lots of photography how-to posts right here!

3. Cut out the crap.

A lot of times I feel uninspired and burnt out because of particular areas of my work that are causing me to slow down.

Are there any particular areas in your work that are draining your time and creativity? (Because that ain't no good!)

For example, I used to have "DIY" as one of the main categories on my blog. At first I really enjoyed trying to do DIY posts ... until I didn't. I was forcing myself to try and come up with DIY ideas that I didn't really enjoy posting about and creating those posts was like pulling teeth!

So like a dentist, I FINALLY pulled the rotten tooth DIY from my main categories and stopped creating that content and guess what? I felt a million times better!

Plus, once I got focused on my purpose (helping creative entrepreneurs start and grow profitable online businesses), DIY no longer fit with that purpose.

4. Make "you time."

A lot of times burnout can simply happen as the result of too much work and not nearly enough "you" time! Your mental and physical health is important.

Set goals each week that are purely for your own happiness and try to stick to them!

Maybe you'd like to keep Sundays completely work free. Perhaps you'd like to stick to finishing work at 5pm every day. Maybe you want to spend at least 1 hour a day showering your cat with your complete attention and praise!!! (Hey, I don't judge.) What can you do on a daily/weekly basis that will make you get that warm fuzzy feeling?

For example, my "me time" includes sewing fun Adventure Time crafts!

I wrote an entire post on 25 ways to have a kick-ass day to get your ideas flowing!

5. Keep learning.

Some times all you need is to get a little inspired (again!)

For me, learning is one of my favorite ways to do this. Reading my favorite blogs, taking a new class, joining a new Facebook group and going to Barnes'N'Noble and browsing the books for hours are some of my favorite ways to do this! Making learning a continual part of being a blogger or online business owner will not only help you get better, but it'll help you grow too!

Speaking of learning, I've got several free courses for you right here. :-)

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What about you, have you experienced the dreaded blogger's burnout? How did you overcome it?

And now if you'll excuse me, my kitty Mr. Purrie is currently freaking out that he's not getting any attention.