6 Ways to Stop Interruptions When Working from Home

6 ways to stop interruptions while working from home!

Do you work from home but have issues with getting interrupted frequently?

Well then, this blog post is for you! So step right up, sunny! (I'm suddenly picturing myself as this old-fashioned carnival haggler, hahaha.) Ehem.

Here's 6 ways you can stop interruptions while working from home! 

1. Issue an annoyance alert.

Let people know your work schedule ahead of time and that you will be unresponsive for the next 3 hours (or however many you are working.)

And if people interrupt you, you will be unresponsive. You can be like, "I will be just a tad annoyed if you interrupt me when I'm working ... but I'll still love you!"

Gotta add in that last part about love, you know, just incase.

2. Close the door.

Sounds obvious but, if you leave the door to your workspace open then people (and pets!) are bound to come in and out.

Open doors are inviting, while closed doors say, "Yo, I'm busy. Do not disturb."

Hell, you can even get one of those little "Do not disturb" signs and hang it on the door knob and make it look all official and purdy!

3. Don't send mixed signals.

Don't tell people not to bother you while working and then 5 minutes later be like, "OMG you have to come watch this hilarious cat video right now!!!!" Because ... that's confusing.

So if you tell people that you're going into the work zone, then be sure to actually STAY in the work zone. Get my drift, yo?

4. Wear headphones.

I pretty much always do this if I have to take a bus or train and don't want to be disturbed! You can wear little earbuds or the big, ear covering ones.

Whatever type floats your boat, really.

But headphones are a great way of saying, "I cannot hear you, I cannot respond ... don't disturb me. Capiche?" :P

5. The Flow Clause.

If some one is respecting your wishes by not bothering you but then walks by your desk and sees you pining pretty images on Pinterest or watching Bad Lip Reading videos on Youtube, then you'll want to bring up ... :::cue dramatic music::: the Flow Clause.

As a creative person you have your own flow, and if you need a five minute break to watch your favorite hilarious video then so be it! Respect your flow, yo.

6. Get the hell out of dodge.

Some times you can't expect people to be quiet and not cause any interruptions.

That would be like showing up to a party and then sitting down at the party table and being like, "Don't interrupt me, I'm working!!!"

If this is the case, try taking your work to a local coffee shop or outside for the evening. (Bonus points because then you'll get a tasty beverage!)

I hope these tips help!

Especially if you are prone to distractions. :-)

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Speaking of interruptions ... Mr. Purrie is the neediest, brattiest, most attention-wanting cat ever.

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