Why the Fuck Not Me? 8 Steps to developing a successful, dream chasing mindset!

Pardon the F word, but it's how I was feeling when I wrote the title.

I mean ... I just get really worked up about people going after their dreams, dag nabbit! And guess what?

As much as you might find the whole mindset thing to be a bit corny, developing the right mindset is an essential part of successfully chasing down (and getting) your dreams like a starry-eyed go getter!

Think about this for a moment ... do you ever see someone whose living the kind of life that you desire and feel a twinge of jealousy in your gut? Perhaps as you look at them happily living out their dream you feel a bit of resentment because you think to yourself ... why not me?

Yeah, that's right. Why the fuck NOT you?! 

(Psssst, that's one of the quirky and colorful planners that I designed especially for creative entrepreneurs, which you can check out right here!)

If there's one thing that's true about pursuing and living your dreams, it's that most people don't just get their dream life (or job) handed to them.

They don't just "get lucky."

They know what they want, they don't take "no" for an answer, they have faith and confidence that they WILL get what they want, and they go after it.


One of the biggest factors to chasing (and achieving!) your dreams successfully is your mindset, baby! A

nd lucky for you, you've got the power to control the thoughts that are swirling around inside your head.

So ... how the hell can you start thinking your way towards a successful mindset that will allow you to get what you're after? 

Get ready to start thinking your way to success because here's 8 steps to achieving that "I ain't gonna stop until my dream happens"attitude! 


So what dream DO you want to chase? What the eff do you actually want? 

What is feeding fire into your soul?! You can't chase a dream if you don't know what dream you're chasing. Think about what it is you actually WANT so that you can go after it!

Go and spend an afternoon at one of your favorite spots where you can get some quality thinking and dreaming done. (Like a lovely outdoor space or your favorite coffee shop!)

Brainstorm a business idea that you'd like to start, a blog that you'd love to get off the ground, a place you'd like to live etc. Picture yourself 5 years from now ... where would you like to be? What would you like to be doing?

The sky is the limit with your dream!

Once you figure out what you want, WRITE IT DOWN in a place that you can see daily. (And if one of your dreams is to create an awesome online business, then be sure to check out this detailed, step-by-step blog post right here!)


There's a saying that goes something like, 'positive things don't come from negative minds' (or something like that!)

So let go of the jealousy, hatred, resentment and any other negative emotions that you might feel towards others.

After all, just because they're successfully living their dream doesn't mean that you can't do it too!

Instead, view others living their dream as proof that it CAN happen. And it can happen for YOU, too. (Check out this post on how to get over envy and comparison!)

And for Pete's sake, don't let FEAR steal your thunder!

Fear probably keeps people from doing things more than anything else. Show it whose boss, baby! 

Check out this post on how to conquer fear and go after your dream!


The people who achieve their dreams are the people who refuse to give up and let fear hold them back. They move forward because they won't take failure as an option!

When something doesn't go their way, they figure out another way. When they run into a problem, they figure out a solution. When they get kicked down, they get back up!

Many of the most successful people endured tons of fails, obstacles and hardships before they achieved their dreams.

Be relentless and don't take "no" for an  answer!

When I first started my photography business 7+ years ago, I didn't give myself a comfortable backup plan- I went for it knowing that "failure" wasn't an option! I had no choice but to make my business work or I'd be broke. Thankfully, not having a fallback option lit a fire underneath my butt like no other and I went straight into working my business full time!

(You can read more about how I started my business full-time right here if you'd like!)


You may have heard the term "living as if" before.

You might also be rolling your eyes at this one (like I used to!)

But this pretty much means that you should LIVE and THINK as though you've already achieved what it is that you're after! In other words, fake it til you make it, baby!

For example, do you want to achieve financial freedom and make 200k in the next 2 years?

Act and think as though the money is literally ready and waiting to be wired directly into your bank account in 2 years! Visualize yourself ALREADY with the money.

Allow yourself to feel that relief and excitement!

Yep, go ahead and plan that vacation you've always wanted to take. (P.S. I highly recommend reading 'Think and Grow Rich' because it's freak'in awesome.

Don't be put off by the slightly douchey sounding title like I was for a long time! Hahaha.)


Ohhhh yeah. It's time to sound like a bonafide crazy person by talking out loud to yourself! Say the specific dream you want to chase out loud to yourself on the regular.

As in, on a daily basis! Is your dream to create and run your own business? Pick out a date that you'd like that to happen by and say it to yourself daily.

For example, "By July 1st, 2016 I WILL be running my own business and kicking ass!!!" Feel cheesy? Who cares. Say it multiple times a dayout loud and say it with conviction, baby!

If you lack the confidence in chasing your dreams right now, saying it out load with FEELING and CONVICTION will help! If you say it enough to yourself, eventually your mind will begin to believe it. Corny? Perhaps a little. True? Hellz yes!


Yes, you've got permission to be totally obsessed with the dream that you have!

Think about it. Dream about it. Feel it. Want it. Lust for it.

Let it fill your thoughts and spill out into your actions! Speaking of actions, you're definitely going to want to set some goals along with actionable steps to achieve those goals.

Check out this super detailed post on goal setting! 

Oh and just one more thing ...

 you might also enjoy this post on 7 tips for following through!


Yes, we're visual creatures.

If I told you that I've currently got a fluffy gray cat on my lap whose wearing a pink bow tie and a monocle, I bet you anything that you just pictured that in your mind!

(And admit it, it's a pretty darn CUTE picture, isn't it?!)

But seriously. It's amazing what you can manifest when you can actually SEE the things that you want on a daily basis!

Do you dream of working from home as a writer and having a totally amazing at home office complete with a massage table and hot tub?

Find pictures of those things and put it on your vision board. Get crafty, get crazy and make yourself an old school vision board with the things that you want!

(And hang your vision board some where that you'll see it on a daily basis!) Pinterest is also a great place to create a digital vision board, if that's your cup of tea.

how to develope an entrepreneurial mindset.jpg

Guess whose vision board that is? Yep, it's mine! :-)


It's kind of crazy how much the thoughts of others can influence our own mindset if we hang out with these people on a regular basis!

If you surround yourself with negative, pessimistic people then guess what? Your thoughts are probably gonna veer into the negative, pessimistic direction. You know what THAT means?

Yeah that's right. Surround yourself with positive, optimistic, DREAM CHASING ASS KICKERS and be amazed at the good influence they will have on your mind!

I've got a lovely Facebook group for ladypreneurs for this very thing, just click right here if you'd like to join forces with us!

If you've got a dream that you'd like to chase then these 8 tips for developing a successful mindset should be put into practice as regularly as you drink your morning, afternoon and evening coffee! (Too much coffee? Pssssh, nonsense!)

Speaking of mindset, I recently did a video on how you can develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which I believe is absolutely crucial to success. (P.S. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you'd like to see more videos for entrepreneurs!)

Are you feeling unstoppable now?

I hope so!!! Because you can do it.

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Now go forth and think like the dream chasing, ass kicker that you are!!!

Do it.

Do it now.