8 Tips to Take Your Business from Part-Time to Full-Time

8 Tips to Take Your Business from Part-Time to Full-Time | Wonderlass

Why, good day you creative bundle of joy!

People often ask me how I made the jump from working as an employee (at Starbucks!) to starting my own full-time business.

Basically, I started and worked my first business (a wedding photography business) full-time from 2010 - 2016 and then transitioned into working my online business full-time in 2016.

Want the full back story?

Sweet! You can read about my back story right here!

But basically, I've transitioned jobs now. TWICE.

Once in 2010 when I started my wedding photography business and then again in 2016 when I started working my online business full-time. 

Again, you can read the more lengthy back story right here.

So now let's talk about you! :-)

(Dammit I'm making myself hungry from my own photo! That cookie was a-mazing, incase you were wondering. And so was that fancy pants coffee drink!)

If you're wondering how to go from part-time to full-time in your business, here's 8 tips to take your business from part time to full-time! 


When I first started my photography business, I shot anything and everything; weddings, babies, families, seniors, maternity ... you name it and I shot it!

However, I very quickly figured out that my passion was weddings and working with adults, so I scrapped everything else and decided to focus on JUST weddings.

Then as time went on, I narrowed it down even farther.

I didn't want to cater to just ANY bride, I wanted to work with a specific TYPE of bride. My brides are creative, appreciate art, fun, colorful, a little offbeat and are laid back.

So I then completely rebuilt my website to appeal specifically to this type of bride!

I've done the same thing with my online business.

Trust me when I say that the more focused you can be with exactly who you're trying to serve in your business, the better.


Because the more clear you are on EXACTLY who they are, the better you will be able to connect + resonate with them, serve them and market to them.

So. If you're not 100% clear on who you'er serving,  what the heck do you DO?

Why, you should watch my short 8 minute video below so that you can discover (and find!) your ideal client and therefore make EVERYTHING in your business stronger.


Depending on what type of business you're starting or trying to run you may need a little or a lot of money to get started.

But as you're working on going full-time, you want to have as much money saved as possible!

Don't go into debt to start if you can.

When I started my photography business, I saved my money and bought equipment I could afford. Then I gradually added more equipment over the coming months/years as my business grew and made more money.

Make your starting  expenses as LOW as possible, but DON'T skimp on certain things like your website. Get your website looking AWESOME and get it done right!

A crappy, cheap looking website will be baaaaad.

If you want people to take you seriously as a professional, then your website NEEDS to look professional.

In fact, if you’d like a complete list of business investments that I believe are worthy of making (even BEFORE you’re actually making any money!) then check out this podcast episode right here.

In the episode I literally walk you through what to invest in first (AND next!) 😊


I introduced myself to a TON of other photographers and asked a TON of questions in the beginning. Like ... I was constantly asking questions!

Find people who are doing what you'd like to do (or something similar), and make friends with these people! Find a mentor. Get your work out there.

As an introvert, I have to work extra hard on the networking thing.

Focus on building relationships though and not just asking for favors from strangers, because that's a little awkward.

Networking can lead to referrals, collaborations, future opportunities and new friends! (And new friends are always a good thing!) 

Speaking of networking ... 

 You can join my free Facebook group for lady bosses right here!

My free Facebook group has currently got over 13,000 amazing creative womenpreneurs in it and it’s the perfect place for getting support, feedback, asking questions, collaborating and more. 😊


Going through dry spells and putting all of your eggs into one money basket can be stressful!

Try to think of multiple ways that you can make income (preferably passive income),  throughout the year, that way you aren't relying on just one thing.

Passive income is ideal because that way you're not trading dollars for time.

Because we only have so much time in the day, right?

For example, my income is made up of multiple income streams like my planners for bloggers and course creators and online courses!


As I mentioned above, when I was starting my wedding photography business I booked all of my first clients half way across the country via Facebook.

I had literally NO wedding photos to show, so I shared my personal work instead.

No one is going to know what you're up to if you don't share your stuff!

Be careful not to OVER share though. For example, if you use Instagram to promote your business, don't just blast your followers with a ton of sales-pitchy stuff.

Try to remember the 8/10 rule; for every 2 promotional post you put out there, post 8 things that are beneficial to your followers.  

Check out this post on 10 tips to promote yourself without being annoying!

Or …

Listen to my short + actionable podcast episode on how to get over your fear of selling. 😊

Being afraid to talk about your business and what you offer is one of the fastest ways for your business to NOT gain traction and be profitable.


If YOU don't value your time and talent, then why should anyone else?

With my wedding photography business, I gradually raised my prices over the first year of business with every single wedding that I shot.

I hate to break it to you, but you HAVE to pay yourself well for your time or you won't be in business for very long.

Pricing can be a total pain in the arse, but try to think about how much TIME you will put into what you're doing, figure out what you'd like to make per hour and charge accordingly.

Also don't forget that nearly 1/3 of what you make will be going to taxes!

(Yeah I know, a tad depressing.)

Wanna read more about how to price your stuff? Then check out this post!


Yes, this one is super important! 

I mean ... we ALL need revenue right? 

Because no revenue coming in = no business.

And if you'd like to learn about HOW you can do this so that you can start bringing in some (or more!) revenue in your online business, then you should most definitely check out the free master class that I have for you below.

I'm talking about this free master class right here!

Because when it comes to successfully growing an online business, there are  certain tasks that are much, much, MUCH more important than others!

Too many struggling entrepreneurs get stuck in the BUSY work instead of focusing on the tasks that will actually generate revenue, ya know?


Did you ever see Bill Murray in 'What About Bob?'

Yes, that clip is packed with some great information!

(I love that movie, haha.)

But seriously, you can sit around with a million ideas buzzing through your brain wondering if you'll ever be able to make your business full-time and get NOTHING done,  OR you can commit to tackling small, realistic, concrete steps towards building your business every day.

Take what feels overwhelming and break it down into SMALL STEPS.

You can do it!!!

Speaking of baby steps, if you’d like to get SPECIFIC action steps that you can take to grow your online business + up level your life, then be sure to check out my new podcast. 😊

Each episode is short + actionable and contains specific action steps for you to take at the end! 🎉

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8 Tips to Take Your Business from Part-Time to Full-Time | Wonderlass

I'm so passionate about entrepreneurship and for people being able to make a living doing what they love, so I hope you find my story and some of these tips helpful if you're trying to start your own full-time business! 

And now ... time for chocolate.