8 Ways You Can Make More Money In Your Business by Doing Webinars

8 Ways You Can Make More Money in Your Business by Doing Webinars | Learn all the ways that doing webinars can grow your business! | Wonderlass

Hey there buttercup! Know what I REALLY want today? Ice cream. But that's beside the point.

You may or may not have noticed, but lately I've become really passionate about webinars because they are great for a million reasons in addition to making money!

They are my new favorite.

However, lots of people think that you have to actually SELL something during the live event in order to make money!

Well ... I'm sorry to burst your rainbow colored bubble, but that is simply NOT true. There are lots of ways to make money with webinars without selling something during your presentation!

And guess what?

Today we're gonna talk about 8 ways that you can make more money in your business by doing webinars (and half of these ways involve selling nothing during your presentation!) 


Yep, this one is the most obvious. BUT we're going to cover it anyway because it's both obvious AND a great way to make money! Let me share a little story with you

:::pulls up chair and waits for you to sit down like a child at story time::: 

Earlier this year I was SO excited to release my second ever online course!

I poured myself into creating it (while in a coffee-induced frenzy, of course!), made a beautiful sales page, announced it to my e-mail list and .... crickets.

(Well, technically I made ONE sale from that e-mail, but basically crickets.)

That day I had the face of a stunned deer in headlights as I sat in shock over the fact that the sales weren't pouring in.

But then I thought about it. Well ... I wasn't really strategic in doing much of anything to launch and promote my course, so that makes sense.

Time to kick it up a notch, baby!

Finally, I decided to get over my fear of doing a live broadcast (and the tech!) and do a webinar. I was anxious and nervous to the point of being completely nauseated the night before, and I certainly wasn't planning on trying to sell anything.

But then I thought ... well damn ... I DID make this course, and people need to know about it dag nabbit!!!! 

So I mentioned my course at the end of the webinar. And guess what? I made over $2,000 that morning during the live event.

(And had almost 500 people sign up!)

So if you have something that you want to sell (a physical product, digital product like an online course or even a service), webinars are AMAZING for actually selling those things! 

AND they can keep on working for you and bringing in money, which brings me to ...


Yes, making sales during the actual live event is awesome.

But you know what's equally awesome?

Making sales AFTER the event by sending your registrants a limited time replay with a strong call to action to buy :::insert your amazing thing here!:::

This is especially great because a lot of people who register to attend won't actually be able to attend live.

(Because they're off doing more important things, like giving their cats endless amounts of undivided attention!!!!! No? Just me? Ehem.)

Like I was saying, you can make LOTS of money by sending out the recording replay for a limited amount of time and including a strong call to action. I've been super pleasantly surprised to see that sometimes you can even make MORE money after the live event than during! 


Yep, you can repackage your lovely webinar recording, add a few little bells and whistles and then sell it as a mini course!

Depending on the length of the training and how packed with info it is, you could sell it at anywhere from $30 - 97. (Or whatever you want, really.) We're talking passive income, baby!

You've already put in the work to create a valuable video training, why not make it available so that people can purchase it again and again ... and again?

(Well, obviously the same person wouldn't purchase it again and again, but you know what I mean!)


So remember how you can repackage and sell your adorable little webinar recording as a cute little intensive mini course?

Well, if you've got multiple webinar recordings around the same topic, then you could bundle them as precious triplets and sell them for even more!!!!

(I'm not sure where I'm going with this whole baby thing, sorry. My brother and his wife just had their first baby and so did several of my friends, so maybe I've got babies on the brain?)

ANYWAY. As I was saying. You can create a really valuable bundle of your recordings and sell them. Pretty nifty right?


Don't have multiple webinar recordings of your own to bundle together?


Because you can definitely bundle your webinar recording with OTHER people's webinar recordings to create a super epic bundle of different trainings!!!! (Did your mind just get blown a little? I know mine did!) 

But think about it. I mean seriously!

Who else in your industry does webinars? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could combine forces (and talents) by offering people tons of value by giving them different types of trainings from different teachers?

And not only that, but you'd be getting your name out in front of tons of new people since each person would likely be promoting the bundle to his or her audience!

(Did your mind just blow again? Even just a little? Man, all this mind blowing is kinda painful!)


Ah yes, picture Scrooge McDuck diving off his little diving board into a vault that's filled with webinar recordings!!!! 

(That would actually probably be MORE painful than diving into gold coins since the webinar recordings are digital so he'd technically be diving into concrete! Ehem ... not a child of the 80's who watched Duck Tales? Sorry!)

BUT. Like I was saying before I got sidetracked by Duck Tales ...

You could create a password protected page (aka "vault") on your site where you house all of your webinar recordings and offer a paid membership for access!

You could do a one-time payment for access or low monthly payments to always have access to the most current recordings ... get creative!


I personally love doing this one! You can add value to a current course by adding a webinar recording as a bonus, OR you can create urgency when you're trying to sell something by offering your webinar recording as a limited time bonus!

Sometimes people need an extra kick in the pants (or twenty) before finally making the decision to buy, and offering a juicy bonus is often a GREAT kick in the pants! 

(Also, I don't recommend actually kicking people in the pants. That would be painful for them, and unprofessional for you!) :P


Oh yes, I love doing this one too!

Not only can you use your webinar recordings as highly valuable content upgrades to grow your e-mail list, but they can also act as mini sales funnels to sell your stuff while you're off sleeping or buying ice cream!

(Can you tell what I have on the brain?) 

Let me show you what I mean ... 

I currently offer some of my favorite webinar recordings for free replay here on my website! However, people have to click the pretty pink button to get on my e-mail list before the page with the recording is sent to them for viewing ... 

Once they sign up with their name and e-mail, they get e-mailed the link to view the webinar replay video (woo hoo!)

AND, because I sold my course at the end of this particular webinar, they will be hearing my "pitch" at the end. (I've always hated that word!)

But yeah, they'll have just watched a value-packed free video where I mention my course at the end with a call to action button underneath (which takes them to the course sales page.) 

And guess what? I didn't have to do a single thing! (Other than actually making the webinar and setting it up, obviously.)

I mean ... people are literally watching my webinars and purchasing my courses and I don't have to do anything else.

SO my dear pea pod, as you can see there are LOTS of ways to make money with webinars (where you don't even have to actually sell anything during the event!)

Because I get it, trying to sell something during a live broadcast (or in general) can be totally terrifying. About as terrifying as being covered in spiders.

Did I ever tell you my Mary Kay story?

Here it is: When I was 18 years old, I loved makeup and giving people makeovers, so a family friend paid for me to become a Mary Kay consultant and also paid for all of my start-up product. However, I was so terrified of trying to sell stuff that I never sold a single thing. EVER.

I would literally throw a Mary Kay party, do a bunch of makeovers, and then instead of being like, "So, would anyone like to order anything today?" I'd be like, "Well that was fun! K bye!!!!

Hahahaha. Ohhhhh boy. 

Tak action:

Wanna be awesome, grow your audience and make more money in your business by trying a webinar? Because I've created a delightful little free webinar crash course to get you started! 

It's a 1.5 hour long workshop with a goody bag that includes a workbook, checklists and cheat sheets! (You know, all of the juicy good stuff.) 

And perhaps most importantly, it'll walk you through exactly how to plan out your first profitable webinar. Woo hoo!

I swear, once you do your first webinar you'll want to do MORE of them! :D

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8 Ways You Can Make More Money in Your Business by Doing Webinars | Learn all the ways that doing webinars can grow your business! | Wonderlass

What do you think? Have you tried doing any of these ways to make money? Got another creative idea on how to use webinars? Or maybe you're too scared to try doing a webinar? Let me know below, yo!

Have you tried any of these 8 ways for making some moo-lah? What's worked best for you? Would would you LIKE to try? Get the party stared and comment below, yo! 

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