BLOG POST BEFORE + AFTER (A free printable checklist!)

Things to do before and after a blog post- A FREE printable checklist!

Okay people. The time has come ...


I get really excited about fun adult "homework," and I hope that you do too! :-)

When you put a little extra love, detail and attention into your blog posts, you're going to have better results in attracting the types of readers that you want.

(Speaking of attracting, did you see this post on how to attract your ideal reader?)

It's kinda easy to feel overwhelmed with what should go into each and every post and ... let's be honest ... it's kinda easy to forget too! So to help with that ...

Enter the before + after blog post checklist! 

Click below to download and print the checklist above and use it to make sure that you're doing everything you can to make each and every blog post extra awesome.

(Psssst don't forget that if you laminate this list you can use it over and over with a dry erase marker! I know ... did I just blow your mind with that suggestion?)

Just say'in.

Man ... checklists are SO great for conquering overwhelm with a list of actionable tasks all in one place. I mean ... right?!

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What do to Before and After Publishing a Blog Post (Plus A free printable checklist!)

I'm currently brainstorming up more of them so if you have any specific ideas on biz or blog checklists that would be helpful to you let me know!

And now ... time to give my cat Mr. Purrie some extra pett'ins.