12 Ways to Get Inspired

Feeling stuck? Here's 12 ways to get inspired!

Last week my brain felt SUPER constipated. 

(Hey, it happens.)

Luckily, I don't think I'm alone! I'm pretty sure everyone has days where they feel uninspired, unmotivated or stuck in a rut. (Heck ... some of us go through days or even weeks of feeling like this!) So here are 12 tried and true brain constipation remedies that I have discovered over the years to get inspired, hope these help! 

1. Take small breaks.

For days when you might be feeling a bit burnt out or have been working so long and hard that you just can't seem to think straight anymore, taking a small 15 minute break can work wonders. Go for a short walk outside or just sit down with a book. Or just sit and think. Or maybe don't think ... depending what you're thinking about! (ie you don't want to use your break to think about more work.) If you can take little breaks every hour or two, even better!

2. Try working in a change of scenery.

Is there a local coffee shop where you can get some work done? Or a cute little tea joint? Some times a change in surroundings can help you to feel re-motivated. Especially if a delicious beverage is involved!

3. Doodle.

Don't think ... just doodle and see what comes out! You never know what will happen.

4. Get together with like-minded individuals.

Who inspires you? Who can you bounce ideas off of? Who can you create with? Or work with?

5. Go to your favorite book store, get a coffee or tea and just read for hours.

Magazines and books are great ways to find inspiration! This is one of my very favorite brain constipation remedies of all time. (I love to read blogs every morning for the same inspiration inducing effect.)

6. Go for a run.

It relieves stress, gets your blood flowing and helps to clear the mind!

7. Get together with a friend and watch a movie you've never seen before!

You never know what you might be inspired by ... a scene ... a particular line ... a character or maybe the music?

8. Watch the sunset.

We get so caught up in the tasks of our day-to-day lives that some times it's easy to forget about enjoying the little things. Watching a sunset is relaxing and calming, plus it's different every night!

9. Meditate for at least 5 minutes.

Sit or lay down, focus on deep breathing and just let your mind go blank! Do this for at least 5 minutes.

10. Get a new hair cut or style!

Yes, I realize this probably works best for girls and should be used sparingly (unless you prefer to have a new hair color every week.) But seriously, it's amazing how refreshed a new cut or color can make you feel!

11. Visit a new place.

I felt so inspired after my trip to Washington last fall! And this doesn't just mean far away vacations; drive off and take a day trip some where! Even just visiting a new local place can give inspiration. Visit a new coffee shop or restaurant and explore your city ... just go some where you've never gone to.

12. Discover new music.

I find music so inspiring! It's amazing the types of moods that certain music can invoke, but some times it's easy to get stuck in a music rut. Make it a point to discover a new song or artist every week- I love being able to do this for free via Spotify!

And there you have it! Are you feeling tired, uninspired or stuck in a rut on this hot Monday afternoon? Then try on one of these remedies and let me know how it works! And if you have any other "brain constipation" remedies that you've found useful, please feel free to share via the comments!

And if you want even MORE ideas, then you should totally check out these 15 tips for getting inspired! (I love talking about getting inspired, incase you couldn't tell.) :P 


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