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The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Beautifully Styled Blog Photos

Hey guess what guess what?!?!? I'm super excited about today's blog post!

In fact, I haven't been this excited since last Monday when I got my hands on a delectable french toast cupcake!!! If you've been either reading or stalking my blog for awhile then you're probably familiar with the fact that I own my own photography business and I'm therefore very passionate about photography!

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8 Tips for Shooting in Low Light

Ah yes, shooting in low light. Something that can be terribly frustrating if you don't understand how to make the most of the situation! (And even when you DO know how to handle it, it can STILL be frustrating some times!) I remember the queasy knots in my stomach during the first SUPER DARK wedding reception that I shot when I first started shooting weddings- it wasn't a good feeling. But because I come across all types of less-than-stellar lighting situations as a wedding photographer, I've had to learn how to make low light situations my bitch.

Yeah, I said it. My bitch.

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How I Learned Photography (And How You Can Too!)

Oh why, helloooo there!

Incase it's not obvious, I've always loved taking photos and documenting life. Since I own my own wedding photography business, I often get asked how I learned photography. So today I thought I'd share my journey-incase it might help you learn too!

Growing up, I carried a disposable camera with me every where I went so that I could snap photos to put in my scrapbook! Eventually around high school I graduated to a more sophisticated, $100-something dollar point-and-shoot camera. (Ha!)

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How to Get (And Photograph) Genuine Laughter

One of the most frequent comments that I get about my wedding photography is, "everyone always looks like they are having so much fun!" which is usually then followed by the question, "How do you get people to laugh?"

Well now ... that's a good question! Laughing and goofing around with others comes very naturally to me, so some times I forget that it might not come very naturally to other photographers. However it's extremely important to be able to make the people you are photographing comfortable enough to laugh, so here's a few tips on how to do just that! 

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9 Tips to Make People Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Don't you just love it when a giant lens is pointed right at your face?!?!? And you can hear the shutter clicking?!?!?! And you feel super self-conscious?!?!?!

Actually, you probably DON'T love that.

One of the most important things about taking good pictures of people is the ability to make people comfortable in front of the camera. If they feel awkward, they will look awkward in the photos. And that's no good now, is it? 

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