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10 Daily Habits That Better My Life + Business

Hey you lovely, creative unicorn, you! 🦄

I’m super excited to share with you the 10 daily habits I’ve put into practice that have positively impacted both my life and business. 🙌🏻

These 10 habits are things you can easily implement into your day, EVERY day. 🌈

After all … taking the time to better yourself day in and day out not only FEELS GOOD 🌟 but, it’ll have a big ole positive impact in your online biz!

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The Power of Play (& How it Can Grow Your Business)

Looking for ways to incorporate a little more fun into your online biz? You’re in luck because in this episode, I’m gonna share how playing more will actually help you grow your business more! 😊

Say what?! 🤯

That’s right!

Not only does it feel great to have fun, but having time to play allows you to be more productive, have more breakthroughs and get better results in your business. 🎉

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5 Must Have Productivity Apps for 2019

Oh man, I'm soooo excited to share with you my top 5 favorite apps that I use for boosting my productivity and focus! 🤗

With so many different tools and apps out there, it’s extremely easy to fall into the “shiny object syndrome” mindset. 🤩

You start with one great app and by the time you’ve got that one nailed down, BAM! Another tool comes across your path.

And then another …

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Is Your To-Do List Killing Your Progress?

Hey guess what?!

Today we're gonna talk about one of my favorite things: to-do lists!!! 📋

(Does anyone else get overly excited about to-do lists? ... Just me?)

I LOVE a good to-do list. To-do lists can be incredibly valuable when it comes to saving loads of time and making massive progress towards your goals! (Plus let's face it, it's also super satisfying to cross things off it!) 🖊

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3 Tips For Reaching Your Goals By The End of The Year

If you have 2019 goals that still haven’t been hit and you’re thinking that it’s just too late then FEAR NOT! This episode is for you, my bushy-tailed broccoli. 🥦

Today I’m sharing three tips that will help you reach those big, exciting goals by the end of the year. Guar. En. Teed. 🌟

It’s crazy to think that we’re already nearing Q4 of this year! Seriously … where did 2019 go? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hopefully you’ve got some CLEAR and SPECIFIC goals you’ve been working towards this year. After all, these goals should be the guiding light for literally everything you’re doing for your online biz! 💫

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3 Books That Changed My Life + Business

Looking to make a positive change with your online business? Then stay tuned my buttercup because this is an episode you’ll wanna give a listen to! 💕

Today I’m gonna share the top 3 books that have had the BIGGEST positive impact on both my life AND my business. 😊

And these aren’t just books that are really good or fun to read (although they ARE!) … these are books that created a REAL, TANGIBLE and LASTING impact for creative biz! 🌟

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