How to Conquer Inspiration Overload in 3 Steps

How to conquer INSPIRATION OVERLOAD! (So you don't go crazy.)

I'm pretty sure we've all been there.

You know, The Black Hole of Inspiration.

That moment when you find your brain getting so saturated with inspiration from books, the internet, music, movies and :::insert your favorite inspirational source here::: that you realize you are completely overloaded. You're stalked up on inspiration for miles, but you're not actually getting anywhere. You're not creating anything yourself.

Yes, you might even feel a tad overwhelmed. 

Your brain is like a swirling galaxy of inspirational crap that's getting sucked into a black hole!!!! (That made perfect sense when I first wrote it out, I swear.)

So how can we avoid getting sucked over the Event Horizon and into The Black Hole of Inspiration? (aka getting so lost in every day inspiration that it becomes counterproductive?)

1. Create something before you consume something.

Getting inspired isn't the same thing as actually getting things done. (Even though you can some times feel productive looking at inspiration!) Before you jump onto Pinterest or grab a book and get all wigged out on inspiration, make sure that your work for the day is done. Create something first. Do your work first. THEN go crazy on soaking up inspiration.

Think of your work as dinner, and your inspiration consumption as dessert. If you only eat dessert every day, then you are going to get sick. And if you start your day with a bunch of dessert, you'll probably feel a tad queasy.

And that would be sad.

So eat dinner (do the work and create something,) first. Okay? Good.

2. Make an inspiration stash.

It can be kind of overwhelming every time you run into something inspirational that you want to read/look at because usually you feel so excited that you stop whatever you are doing and look at it right then and there. And THAT is a slippery slope my friends. THAT is the pull of the Black Hole. Especially if you haven't created something and haven't gotten your work for the day done.

Remember as a kid how you used to hoard your own candy stash in your nightstand drawer? No? Or perhaps even now you have a secret candy (or if you're like me,) chocolate stash?

Do that with your inspiration. Hoard it and stash it away, baby. Keep a stack of books for reading. Create a bookmark folder on your computer where you can bookmark places on the internet that inspire you and that you want to check out later. That way when you run into something online, you can simply bookmark it to your "inspiration folder" (aka your stash) and have it saved for later.

After you've eaten dinner.

3. And lastly, make lists.

Did something you saw/read/heard inspire you to want to do something? If so, what?

Write it down.

Make note of it in a notebook you keep nearby, or on a list you make on your phone.

Keep a list, and make sure that you are consistently looking through that list and checking things off. Remember, you want to create more than you are consuming. And if you're on Pinterest it's super easy to pin all sorts of inspiration and never actually do anything, which is why I wrote this post. So give it a read.

Speaking of inspiration overload, if you're having the opposite problem and are having problems GETTING inspired, be sure to check out this post on 15 tips to get inspired!

Do you have any tips that would be helpful? If so, do tell in the comments below!!!

(Seriously don't be shy.)