How to un-FUNK Yourself (When You’re In a Funk!)

How to un-FUNK Yourself (When You’re In a Funk!)

#033: How to un-FUNK Yourself (When You’re In a Funk!)

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Have you ever been (or are you currently) in a complete and utter FUNK when it comes to your online biz?

If you need a virtual kick in the pants to help you get out of it, then give this episode a listen RIGHT now! 👊🏻

Today, I’m gonna talk about how to un-FUNK yourself when you’re in a funk. ☁️

We’ve all experienced one of those pesky funks at one time or another … that period of time when you just aren’t feeling like your usual, butt-kicking, creative superhero self. Maybe you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated, or perhaps you aren’t feeling as confident as you normally do! And it may be for no apparent reason at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s so easy for those negative thoughts to creep into your mind like a brain-eating zombie; you’re on a roll, you’re feeling great and are on top of the world and then suddenly BAM!!!

The funk zombie attacks and before you know it, you’re turning into a zombie yourself (*queue the blood-curdling horror movie scream*).

And by the way…I’ve always had a thing for zombies (long before they were popular), so I KNOW a zombie when I see one! 🧟‍♀️😂


So luckily for you, as a (self-proclaimed) zombie and funk crushing expert, in this episode I have 3 things that you can use to banish that funk before it totally spirals out of control so that you can get back to your butt-kicking and confident self! 🌈


Stay tuned until the very end of this episode for your SPECIFIC action step that you can take right now to un-funk yourself (or prevent a future funk) in order to stay on track track to crush those biz goals BABY! 🎉


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