Fun Freebie: Blog Maintenance Checklist

A FREE blog maintenance checklist printable to keep your blog looking, running and doing GREAT!

Why good morning you lovely people!

You know what would make your day extra awesome?

A printable blog maintenance checklist!

I know I know, that's EXACTLY what you were thinking right?! 

The second I decided to "get serious" about blogging I realized that there is sooooo much more to blogging than simply banging out posts.

There's the need for a business plan, editorial calendar, social media promotion strategies, blog maintenance and the list goes on and on!

And on.

So today I'm here to help you with the "blog maintenance" part.

You can click below if you'd like to download the checklist to help keep you on top of your daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks!

And you know what would be extra spiffy?

Laminating this list so that you can simply use a marker and use it over and over again! And AGAIN. And again ...

Help save the trees, ya'll.

Speaking of trees, the downside to living on my street is that my car always has to be parked underneath a tree and therefore it gets covered in bird poop on a daily basis throughout the spring and summer.


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Sharing is caring, ya'll 

Plus I'd be super appreciative of that kind 'lil gesture! :-)

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Fun Freebie: Blog Maintenance Checklist | Everything you need to do in order to keep your blog + website functioning correctly! | Wonderlass

And on that note ...

Time to go obsessively pet my kitty MR. PURRIE!!!